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Benefits of Twitter for Business: How Brands Benefit From X


March 4, 2024 | 11 min read

It is unsurprising to learn that almost everyone is now on X, formerly called Twitter. The platform is exciting and entertaining, and no one wants to miss out. However, you have also noticed the presence of many brands and businesses investing in the platform. So, what are the benefits of Twitter for business? 

Every important business is on Twitter. Interestingly, they’re not only on the platform but also strive to establish a good social media presence. They invest many resources on Twitter, but to what end? This article will explore the benefits of using Twitter for your business, highlighting why you should join the trend.

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What Are the Benefits of Using Twitter for Business?

There are numerous benefits to using X for business. The benefits range from increased visibility to improved customer interactions. That is why many businesses and brands invest a lot in the platform. 

Twitter is not just a platform for social interactions. It is an active site for business promotion and marketing. A small business can make a name and expand its reach with the right strategy on X. If you’re still wondering about the benefits of using Twitter for business, this section outlines some key benefits in detail. 

Below are four key benefits businesses derive from a rich and active Twitter presence: 

1. Improved Visibility and Brand Recognition

Running a business entails providing a good or service to willing buyers and consumers. So, your business is only active when people demand your product. However, they can only demand a product they know exists, and that is where Twitter comes in. 

Left in your store or office, only a few people will know about your product. However, Twitter helps to give your product and business wider visibility. Many people are on Twitter, and your brand can reach them with the right strategy. 

While the marketing field is uneven in real-time, Twitter levels the online marketing field. On X, all businesses follow the same rules and guidelines and have similar limitations. Additionally, the same audience is available to all. So, Twitter gives even small businesses a better opportunity to compete with established ones. 

Brands who utilize this opportunity with the right strategies can make for themselves a name that builds the business. With proper guidance, you can utilize all the opportunities to manage your brand’s reputation on Twitter.

2. Enhanced Communication and Customer Interactions 

The customer is the most important feature of a business after the product or service. Thus, many businesses invest a lot to attract and retain loyal customers. With social media platforms like Twitter, you can enjoy more seamless interactions. 

Businesses can communicate product improvements and new designs to a wider audience in shorter periods. Similarly, customers can report feedback for immediate responses through Twitter. 

Many companies find Twitter an effective medium for customer support interactions. Customers can easily reach the brand online through this platform. Here, they can make inquiries and receive immediate support and proper guidance. Such timely and satisfactory support impresses customers and fosters brand loyalty.

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3. Better Advertisement of Products and Services

Social media is far more effective for advertising products than traditional media, and many businesses recognize this. Social platforms like Twitter, now X, help brands reach more people at lesser costs.

For example, making and sharing an ad video on Twitter is cheaper than on television. That is also true even when subscribing to a paid ad campaign on X. Moreover, your ad will reach more organic and active users on social media than regular media. 

Additionally, social media provides numerous ways to advertise your business to appeal to different people. You can even use Twitter influencer marketing to reach and attract people who rely on social proof. 

4. Increased Website Traffic and Sales Conversion

A good marketing strategy on Twitter can generate several leads and turn many into successful conversions. However, some of these conversions would lead your potential customers to your website, increasing its traffic.

Other brands can also directly embed their website links into their profile and posts to advertise it. From these advertisements, they can attract many people to their website to view their extensive portfolio. Drawing Twitter’s audience to your website is a top benefit many businesses enjoy on X.

A 3D model of an open palm holding some Twitter verification badges.

The Benefits of Verified Twitter for Business Accounts

Most new businesses on Twitter check out other business accounts to learn a few things they can adopt. That is a good practice for those desiring to grow fast on the platform. However, when exploring other business accounts, you may notice that most have the blue check mark. 

This mark identifies a verified Twitter account. It identifies premium subscribers on the X platform. Twitter allows individual and business accounts who qualify to receive this badge. But what are the benefits of verified Twitter for business? 

The verified badge offers many benefits to an X business account. However, its most important benefit is credibility. This verification designates an account as credible, accurately representing what it portrays. 

Remember, paying for a premium subscription is not sufficient for your Twitter verification. First, Twitter must approve your verification request through a thorough screening process. Besides, you must meet certain requirements before they’ll consider your request. 

Twitter verification also reduces account limitations and allows access to more features on the platform. Once you have the blue check, you can post longer videos and enjoy a wider reading limit. You can also hide your Likes from your profile page and explore other premium features.

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How To Create and Set up a Twitter Business Account

Thus far, you’ve learned the importance of an X business account and can’t wait to have one. However, when creating an account, there’s no place to choose whether it is a personal or a Twitter business account. That is because you cannot create a business account; you can only convert an individual account to a business one. 

So, to create a business account, you must first create an individual account on X. Afterwards, follow these five steps to convert it to a business account: 

  1. Open the X navigation menu by sliding the homepage from left to right. 
  2. Select Professional tools and choose Twitter for professionals
  3. Tap Agree and continue to proceed. 
  4. Choose a category most suitable for your brand and business from the list of options provided. 
  5. Finally, choose Business when the system asks for your account type. 

After converting your account, you’ll receive a prompt asking whether you want to set up our profile. That allows you to adjust your profile to reset your account information to reflect your business.

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4 Ways To Use X for Business Marketing

Twitter is an invaluable tool for business marketing in this social media era. Many companies use this platform to promote their brands for growth and development. The X platform allows businesses of all sizes to develop at the same rate.

So, while several competitions exist on the platform, your brand can stand out with the right strategy. Therefore, this section will highlight four ways to use Twitter effectively for business marketing for outstanding results.

1. Optimize Your Profile Like a Landing Page

Your profile is the most important part of your Twitter account. That is where your audience and potential customers can learn about you and your business services. So, arranging your X profile with a professional appearance is important. 

You’ll likely get more visitors on your profile page than you would on your website. Most of these come to learn more about your brand. So, you must arrange your profile to properly describe your business. 

More than to describe, your profile design should aim to appeal to and motivate. It should capture visitors’ attention and motivate them to action. The action could be as simple as visiting your website. 

The first element to optimize is your profile picture. Explore some Twitter profile picture ideas and choose the most suitable for our brand. Do the same for your X header, using a complementary image. 

Next, draft an appealing and informative Twitter bio. It helps to use a rich but concise bio. Unlike individual accounts, business account bios describe your brand, not people. You can also add a link to your official website in the bio. 

Additionally, manage your tweets, media, and like content to reflect an impressive brand. You can pin your most appealing tweets to the top and delete outdated ones. You can also hide inappropriate replies to your tweets to project your brand image. 

2. Post and Engage Your Audience Continuously

Every business on Twitter aims to reach a wider audience with their product and services. However, you can only achieve this goal by advertising your brand and its product through regular tweets. 

You must develop an effective content strategy for your X business account. This strategy must cover the content type and the best times to post for maximum engagement. You can check Twitter analytics to learn the best time to post for your target audience. 

Using the best tone of voice, each post must aim to reach the widest audience and elicit higher engagement. As more people engage in your posts, your visibility will increase on the platform, allowing you to reach more people.

It also helps to engage with your audience frequently. When people react to your post, consider it an invitation to engage with them. That helps you identify interests and leads that you can convert. Continuous engagement and content marketing also attract more subscribers, which helps to grow your X account. 

3. Create and Join Twitter Lists To Find Potential Customers 

When you share posts on your timeline, you hope to reach people who are interested in the post. But what if you don’t have to hope for this interest? Twitter allows you to gather people of similar interests into groups called lists. In this list, you can share promotional posts and market your business. 

Lists allow you to gather an organic audience for your tweets. Impressively, you can add anybody to your List, even those you don’t follow. Then, when you share posts on the list, all members can view and engage them.

You can also join lists containing followers of interest. Once on the list, you can share tweets with its members, even if they’re all non-followers. That is a great way to expand your audience and reach more potential customers. 

4. Run an Ad Campaign for Targeted Marketing

Another effective way to use Twitter for business marketing is using the paid ads service on the platform. With the Twitter ad campaign, you allow Twitter to find your audience for you. That is a great way to reach more organic audiences directly. 

The X ad campaign is effective because of its flexibility. When using the service, you can adjust the goals and target audience for your posts. When you set an ad objective, you’ll only pay when your post achieves that objective. For example, if you run an engagement campaign, you’ll only pay as the post accrues engagements.

Similarly, you can set your target audience to ensure your post only reaches specific people on X. That is an excellent way to use X for business marketing. 

However, to achieve your goals, your profile must complement your efforts. After attracting users to your profile page, you must ensure that the content converts them to followers and loyal customers. That is the only way to enjoy the benefits of Twitter for business. 

You can manage your Twitter business account using TweetEraser. This web-based app lets you filter and clean your timeline to keep only relevant tweets. With TweetErassr, you can bulk delete or export tweets to your archive with a single click. It also allows you to schedule automatic tweet deletion to keep your timeline attractive. You can start filtering and cleaning your Twitter timeline today with TweetEraser!

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