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What Is Crypto Twitter? All About X’s Biggest Community 


April 29, 2024 | 9 min read

X, formerly Twitter, is an exceptional tool for helping B2B and B2C businesses grow online. In some cases, the platform also helps promote an entire industry, like the cryptocurrency industry. So, what is crypto Twitter? 

Today, crypto communities on X vigorously promote the crypto industry, influencing currency trajectories globally. In this article, you’ll learn everything about crypto and Twitter and how crypto communities exert this influence. You’ll also learn about the benefits for you as a crypto trader or enthusiast.

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What Is Twitter Crypto? Understanding the Concept

Crypto Twitter is a contemporary term that describes the active and dynamic cryptocurrency community on Twitter. This community comprises crypto experts, traders, and enthusiasts on the platform. 

The concept also describes the dynamic activities of the crypto community on the platform. You can also describe it as a hub for sharing crypto insights, viewpoints, and projections, as well as promoting the crypto narrative. 

As you know, the cryptocurrency industry is diverse, with several branches. But despite this diversity, Twitter provides a uniting community for all in the industry. This X community unites tech entrepreneurs, developers, investors, and crypto analysts – individuals from different backgrounds interested in digital currencies. 

Members of this community are always active, sharing and benefiting from information about price changes or initial coin offerings. This information circulates among members through real-time discussion in spaces and shared updates.

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How Twitter Impacts the Cryptocurrency Industry

The crypto community on Twitter significantly influences the global digital currency industry in multiple ways. Twitter impacts the crypto industry primarily through information dissemination. 

Information about cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, spread speedily to millions of users through the X social platform. Active traders relay announcements to fellow traders and crypto investors through regular updates in these communities. 

In a volatile market like the cryptocurrency market, full information is vital to the efficient trading of products. So, these communities provide accurate and reliable information about currency, which strengthens the market further. 

Further, these X communities also help to shape the narrative about the crypto industries and digital currencies. Shared opinions and viewpoints can spark dialogues and grow sentiment for a specific ICO or currency. That is especially true when a renowned influencer tweets about one. 

Twitter is also an analytic and prediction platform where professionals and enthusiasts share product predictions and analyses. Beginners benefit especially from this function, as it helps them better understand the industry and invest successfully.

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How To Join Crypto Twitter

The benefits of the crypto community on X are too numerous to recount in a single blog post. Interestingly, anyone can benefit from this social provision by simply joining the community. 

There are no barriers to entering the X crypto community. This section outlines ways to join Twitter, now X crypto, to enjoy updates and rich conversations about the crypto space. 

1. Follow Top X Personalities in the Crypto Niche

The easiest way to join the X crypto community is to establish social contact with active members. You can do this by following them on Twitter. Check for the top and most followed Twitter accounts in this niche, and follow them, too. 

When you follow a Twitter account, you subscribe to its tweets. So, following an active crypto community member on X subscribes to seamless crypto updates on the platform. In fact, you become a member of that community when you establish this contact and benefit from the shared information. 

However, it is important to carefully select who to follow on X. It’s best not to follow just anyone who claims familiarity with the industry. Instead, look for credible X users recommended by other tweeps. Study their content and contacts to ensure you follow someone from whom you can benefit. 

Remember, too, that the X crypto community is large and extensive, with specific areas of interest. So, follow people in your specific area of interest. If you wish to trade, follow a successful trader. However, if you just want to stay abreast of the industry, follow enthusiasts and investors to learn everything about the space. 

2. Join Twitter Lists To Enjoy an Information Stream

The primary benefit of X crypto is information sharing among community members. Twitter Lists provides one of the best opportunities to share this information with the desired audience. 

A List on X is like a group that gathers specific users to share and enjoy content on a specific topic. Lists can be private and public, depending on the creator’s preference. Anyone can join a public List, but you need an invitation to join a private list. 

So, you can join X crypto through Lists. It’s easy to join a List with a single tap when Twitter suggests them on your timeline. Twitter will readily suggest crypto Lists when the algorithm notices your interests in the niche. 

Alternatively, you can find crypto Lists to join. You can check out the Lists to which your contacts belong and join them. 

Here are the three steps to find the list a Twitter user belongs to from their profile page: 

  1. Open the user’s profile page by tapping their profile icon. 
  2. Click the overflow icon in the top right corner to reveal a sub-menu. 
  3. Select View Lists to see the Lists to which they belong. 

3. Attend Twitter Spaces To Find Information and Contacts

Participation is an important requirement for community members on X crypto. You may not readily start tweeting immediately after you join Crypto X, but you can participate as an audience. 

An active audience subscribes to tweets and then views and engages tweets related to the niche. Another way to participate as a community member is by joining Spaces. 

Twitter Spaces is an audio feature for virtual communication on the X platform. It allows a user to invite and speak to an audience through an audio call on the platform. Several tweeps advertise Spaces on X, especially developers, to promote their products to the community. You’ll find these ads on your timeline and through other channels. 

Attending a Twitter Space allows you to gather important information and valuable contacts to follow. Creators sometimes invite special guests, giving you an opportunity to learn from and communicate with them.

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What Crypto Is Trending on Twitter? 

Although the X crypto community promotes many currencies, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance coin, and Solana are among the top four. 

You’ll find many conversations about these digital currencies on the X platform. Many community members trade and invest in these currencies, which are hot topics in the community. 

Experts report these currencies as highly profitable and stable. It is little wonder many people acquire and trade them. With such a good customer base, it is unsurprising that these currencies trend on X.

If you’re wondering what crypto trend is on Twitter, BTC, ETH, SOL, and BNB, they are not the exclusive trends. However, they top the list as stable and profitable digital currencies.

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Top 3 Crypto Personalities To Follow on Twitter, Now X

Following crypto personalities is an easy and efficient way to join and enjoy the crypto community on X. By following these individuals, you can get information about industry trends and much more. 

You’ll also establish more social contact, leveraging theirs. If you become an active Twitter follower, you may even earn their recognition and build a stronger relationship. But how can you find people to follow when you’re new to the X crypto community? This section recommends three personalities to consider, depending on your specific area. 

1. Andreas Antonopolous

Antonopolous, or @aantonop on Twitter, is a tech entrepreneur who proudly advocates for Bitcoin. He is a good model and contact for investors to follow. His tweets provide information about the functionality of the blockchain industry. He also regularly shares tips, insights, and predictions about Bitcoin and other currencies. 

Despite his busy schedule, Antonopolus creates lots of educational content to help beginners and even experts. He has even written some bestsellers about the blockchain industry that are worth a careful read. Check out his profile on X and find them from his pinned tweets. 

2. Vitalik Buterin (@VitalikButerin)

Butelik is the main developer and co-founder of Ethereum. He runs a rich information-sharing account on X that is valuable to the online crypto community. Here, you’ll find regular and fresh updates and proposals for Ethereum. His account is a good one for developers and traders to follow. 

3. SalsaTekila

SalsaTekila, @SalsaTekila on X, is a successful crypto trader who is contributing greatly to the X crypto community. Although relatively new and anonymous, his impacts are tremendous, earning him a highly-respected place in the X crypto community. 

New traders can learn a lot from his display of skill in trading, which earns his success. You can find tips and inspiration from SalsaTekila. He frequently shares about trading and how to attain success in the industry. 

After learning what is crypto Twitter, the next step is to join the community. However, you’ll enjoy your membership when Twitter’s algorithm identifies crypto as one of your interests on the platform. So, align your activities on X to show yourself a member of this fast-growing community. 

Use TweetEraser to clear your X timeline and restart your Twitter journey on a fresh slate. This tool lets you erase your data and retrain X’s algorithm to recognize you as a part of Twitter crypto. It is affordable, easy to use, and secure. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about ads when using TweetEraser. So, start filtering and cleaning your Twitter timeline today!

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