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How To Increase Twitter Followers: 8 Effective Tips


March 22, 2024 | 10 min read

X, the platform formerly called Twitter, is one of the most visited sites in the world. But despite its popularity, growing an audience on the app can be quite challenging. Due to the app’s more conversational nature, its growth techniques differ from those of other platforms. So, what are the ways to increase Twitter followers?

You must first provide value by sharing ideas consistently to attract more followers on X. Then, you must leverage the proper use of visual content to gain attention and build an audience. Also, you must efficiently employ the platform’s features to your benefit. So, consider these factors when targeting more followers.

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How to Increase Your Twitter Followers

If you intend to get more followers on Twitter, you must first implement strategies that foster your growth. Due to the platform’s massive usage, you can always draw out a niche for yourself. And if you play your cards right, you’ll get abrupt results. So, here is how to increase your followers on Twitter:

1. Share Posts Consistently

Your constant presence on Twitter is of utmost importance for getting more followers. Like other social media platforms, constantly updating your audience with ideas helps. Twitter’s conversational nature requires that you involve yourself in the discussions to cement your position.

The social media app hosts millions of conversations daily. So, whether you’re a top brand or an individual, you must prioritize joining these conversations. Also, ensure that your inputs are consistent with the interests of your potential followers. 

There is no specific number of posts you must share. Nonetheless, always share at least two posts daily to mark your presence and maintain the buzz on your profile. Consider dragging other brands and big names into your conversations for better effect. Also, use a content calendar if it helps. 

2. Use Visual Content in Your Posts

Generally, visual content attracts and interests people far more than text. People understand visuals even better and faster than they do text. That is why you must include multimedia content in your posts.

Despite being a traditionally text-based app, Twitter, now X, has drifted significantly toward visuals. Consider adding images, videos, and GIFs to your posts to make them more alluring. These types of content add some life to your posts, attracting more attention. 

Besides simply increasing your followers on the site, visual content helps in other ways. For instance, you can leverage Twitter cards when sharing external links to your blog posts. This way, you can drive traffic and sales. 

3. Engage With Other Users and Your Followers

Interacting with other users is one of the most effective ways of increasing your followers. Engagement here entails answering comments, direct messages, and replies. It also involves replying to your mentions, no matter how many they may be.

Engaging with other users increases your reach and encourages them to interact more. Besides that, the Twitter algorithm notes your activity from your engagement, pushing your visibility. Through your engagement, you can also encourage user-generated content that pushes your follower growth. 

4. Leverage Relevant and Trending Hashtags

Experts have pointed out that correctly using hashtags increases your post’s visibility by 40%. You should consider leveraging hashtags to reach more people and gain followers. A good practice is using three hashtags in each post. 

Using these tags, you must also find the ones relevant to your content and profile. Consider using analytics tools to find trending hashtags for your posts. Besides hashtags, you can also track keywords to discover their volume on the app. All these can help you reach more people and grow your audience.

How to Increase Twitter Followers

5. Post at Strategic Periods

Twitter’s algorithm works in a definite manner, just like other social platforms. This system considers several factors, including posting times and frequency. This is why you must target the best times to post on X

Mostly, the best times to post are 9 AM on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. When you post during these periods, your posts reach more people. As a result, you can attract more followers for your profile. 

This usually does not work for all brands and individuals. So, consider finding trends from your Twitter analytics to determine your optimal times. The best times drive visibility, prompting more followers.

6. Complete Your Twitter Profile 

As an active user on X, people view your profile multiple times daily. But you can only get them to follow you if you make it interesting. That is why you should always ensure that it is up to date. 

Always keep a great profile picture as well as an interesting header image. Then, add useful tags, keywords, and information about your location. Also, keep some of your preferences and your personality traits visible on the profile. If you’re a brand profile, update your bios with your popular products and services. 

7. Buy an X Premium Subscription

Consider paying for an X Premium subscription or Twitter verification to grow your profile. The blue tick accompanying the subscription and other features helps foster your exposure. The social media company prioritizes verified accounts over unverified ones. 

Although anyone can get a verification checkmark, it still indicates some authenticity. People are likelier to follow accounts they read as authentic than their fake or phony counterparts. 

8. Join Communities on X

Communities on Twitter are groups where people engage and interact with others about common interests. Communities are usually vast and can be about any theme or interest if they follow the platform’s terms of service. 

If you wish to attract more followers, joining communities and sharing posts in them can be helpful. To find relevant communities, search for a particular interest, and your search result will include communities around that interest.

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How to Get Followers on Twitter Fast With Growth Services

Against popular beliefs, you do not need extended periods to grow your followers. Implementing the correct strategies can help you attract active Twitter followers quickly. But you may need help from professionals and growth services. 

Several viable options exist if you’re looking to get followers on Twitter fast with growth services. Owlead and RankingGrow are two of the most popular growth services for X. While they function similarly, they all have separate strong points. 

With Owlead, you can grow your Twitter followers organically. This growth service helps you target real and active followers for your business and personal profile. Being professionals, the agency saves you time, promising real-time results. 

On the other hand, RankingGrow offers ease when it comes to growing followers on X. To use this growth service, and you can sign up and log into the site. Then, choose your target audience and wait for the services to do their job. 

Note that using growth services differs from buying followers. When you buy audiences, you receive fake followers in most cases. On the other hand, growth services accelerate your organic growth. They offer valid options on how to increase followers on Twitter.

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How to Get Free Followers on Twitter

Do you want to grow your audience on Twitter without denting your finances? Well, there are several effective techniques you can employ. Most organic growth strategies do not usually require funding. However, besides those, techniques like ads or growth services are usually quite expensive. 

So, here are additional ways on how to get free followers on Twitter:

1. Join Follow-For-Follow Campaigns

Follow-for-follow campaigns used to be quite popular on social media. They are still useful if you want free followers on platforms like Twitter. They involve following other users and having them follow you back. 

You can run these campaigns in X communities or under popular posts. While it does not assure massive results, you can always gain a few followers. 

2. Promote Your Twitter Profile on Other Social Platforms

If you’re active on other social media platforms, consider promoting your X profile there. If successful, you can gain some free followers from your friends and followers on those platforms.

Besides promoting on other platforms, you can attach your X profile to blog posts you publish. Again, do not expect to register massive numbers through this technique. 

3. Ask for Free Shoutouts

Do you have friends who are popular on Twitter? Well, it’s time to pull a favor. Asking them for free shoutouts is a great way of generating free followers on your profile. A shoutout could be a quick mention under a popular post or a thread. 

You can also ask them to credit a post to you. All these strategies can be helpful to your growth on the app.

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How to Improve Twitter Engagement

Despite growing your followers on Twitter, raising your engagement can be quite difficult. This issue is prevalent, especially when you’ve bought fake followers. So, are you concerned about how to improve Twitter engagement? Here is how:

1. Post When Your Followers Are Most Active

Your timing is usually important when targeting the maximum engagement on your posts. Like most other platforms, Twitter sees an increase in engagement during a specific window. So, first, discover when your target audience is most active. 

Next, create posts that capture their attention before responding and interacting with them in time. The best posting times differ based on your location and time zone. However, the patterns from your analytics should tell you enough.

2. Join Trending Conversations

Trending conversations are the hotspots of traffic on X, the app formerly called Twitter. So, joining these trending convos can help attract massive engagement to your profile. Every day, the platform has new discussions on politics, sports, entertainment, business, and finance. 

Even if your posts do not draw huge engagement, your comments and replies will get massive responses. Include trending hashtags in your posts as well for better effect.

3. Remove Fake and Inactive Followers 

Removing inactive Twitter followers is another technique for improving your engagement on X. The social media platform’s algorithm considers your engagement rate when recommending your posts. So, removing these dormant followers boosts your rate, prompting more reach and engagement. 

Besides targeting inactive followers, check for fake Twitter followers on your profile. Then, block such accounts from following you on the app. Again, this helps you maintain a healthy engagement rate and increases your reach and engagement. It provides an answer on how to increase Twitter followers.

Besides removing fake and inactive followers, cleaning up your timeline helps with engagement. Here, deleting problematic tweets can help attract more followers. To ease the process of deleting posts, consider using TweetEraser, a third-party web service.

This web service lets you delete large numbers of posts using different techniques. This tool lets you delete posts from your archive, set up automatic tasks, and enable advanced filtering. Clean up your timeline with TweetEraser to get a fresh start. So, begin cleaning your timeline today!

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