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Delete Multiple Tweets: Removing Bulk Twitter Posts


September 6, 2023 | 10 min read

To different degrees, most people have made tweets they aren’t proud of. Sometimes people go on long streaks, sharing a series of tweets that do not always align with their values. In many cases, these tweets resurfacing in the future could wreak severe havoc on their brands. However, many others choose to deal with these troublesome tweets by removing them entirely. For others, the choice to delete multiple tweets becomes necessary later on.

Usually, Twitter only permits the deletion of tweets one at a time. This phenomenon could be problematic for people needing to delete multiple tweets. In this situation, the only valid option the platform provides is to delete these posts one after the other. Luckily, several third-party web applications permit bulk tweet deletion. So, this article discusses all the tools and techniques for performing this activity.

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How To Delete Multiple Tweets: Clearing Large Numbers of Posts From Your Profile

For many Twitter users, the need to delete multiple tweets comes after their brands have enjoyed massive growth. This is quite understandable because popular brands draw more attention than budding ones. For instance, many celebrities have faced backlash due to their old tweets, which returned to the light. Therefore, many Twitter users have valid questions about how to delete multiple tweets. Luckily, several helpful techniques exist.

How To Delete Multiple Tweets With TweetEraser

TweetEraser is one of the most convenient third-party services for people needing to delete multiple tweets. It offers several helpful features around the bulk post-removal activity, permitting deep filtering and offering a straightforward alternative. Although it offers other options for post-deletion, the bulk deletion feature is one of the most important.

Here are five steps needed to perform this activity with this web application:

  1. First, launch a web browser, preferably on your computer, and open TweetEraser’s website in a fresh tab.
  2. Sign in to the web app with your Twitter account with the website’s secure enterprise login.
  3. After signing in, the website will prompt you to purchase a subscription plan. Choose a plan depending on the number of tweets you wish to remove. 
  4. After subscribing to a plan, toggle the settings on your account to fit your requirements. 
  5. Next, set up your deletion tasks, choose the filters, and implement the process.

One alluring feature of this web app is its affordable pricing plans. TweetEraser’s beginner plan costs $2.91 monthly and allows users to delete up to 500 tweets. The $3.33 advanced plan and the $3.66 expert plan permit users to delete up to 3200 tweets. While trying to delete multiple tweets with this web app, the platform permits users to filter their posts. 

This filtering feature lets users clear tweets based on specific parameters like keywords, timelines, and type. Users must download their Twitter archives to deep-clean posts and upload them to the third-party service. This way, the web app can access their posts and user data to perform the activity.

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How To Delete Multiple Tweets at Once With TweetDelete

Bulk delete past tweets with one click

TweetDelete is another third-party service that supports the deletion of tweets in bulk. This web app helps tweeps who use Twitter to remove unwanted tweets in simple steps. The website lets users filter tweets on the basis of age, keywords, and other parameters before deletion. People without prior experience often think about how to delete multiple tweets at once with TweetDelete.

Users can always complete this activity with five quick steps:

  1. First, launch a web browser on your computer and open a new tab.
  2. Load the TweetDelete website in a new tab and sign into the website with your Twitter credentials. This website also uses Twitter’s enterprise login to ensure the safety of your social account during the process.
  3. After you’ve logged into the third-party website, it’ll redirect you to the “Premium Plans” page. This is because it requires users to purchase these subscription plans before using them.
  4. After purchasing a plan, choose the “Tweets” option from the website’s menu. The site will take you to the tweet deletion page. 
  5. At the “Tweets” page, filter your tweets based on your plan’s limits before initiating the process.

Overall, TweetDelete offers a simple option for people intending to delete multiple tweets. While it now only offers usage on accounts with premium features, it has remained popular among tweeps. The $2.91 monthly starter plan allows users to erase 500 tweets each month, also allowing keyword filtering.

The $3.33 Pro plan permits the deletion of up to 3200 tweets each month. It also supports advanced filtering and runs automatic tasks for removing future tweets. The Premium plan, which costs $3.66 per month, permits users to delete all their tweets. To deal with more than 3200 tweets, users must download their Twitter archives.

Using Circleboom To Delete Tweets

Circleboom is another third-party web application that allows users to delete multiple tweets. This website provides several critical advantages when it comes to erasing tweets. This Twitter management tool offers several options for this activity, like erasing tweets by date and those in specific languages. It also allows users to filter tweets based on keywords. Because users can use Circleboom’s iOS application and website, there is increased flexibility with usage.

Here are six steps to complete this action:

  1. First, launch the Circleboom website on your computer browser; other browsers also work well, and recommendations exist for Google Chrome. Consider installing the mobile app if you use your iPhone for this activity. 
  2. Go to the website’s menu and open the Twitter management tool. The website will prompt you to create an account.
  3. Create a Circleboom account with your email address and log into the account. 
  4. Next, the website will prompt you to connect your Twitter account. Authenticate with your Twitter username and password, and authorize the third-party service. 
  5. Next, choose a subscription plan and register. The plans range between $27.99 and $189.99 per month. 
  6. From there, the website takes you to your dashboard, where you can initiate the tweet deletion.

Again, the web service offers much flexibility with features that allow users to delete multiple tweets. Users must upload their archives to remove more than 3200 tweets.   Besides tweet deletion, users can remove all their media uploads in a few clicks. Tweeps can also erase replies based on preset parameters. 

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Delete Multiple Tweets App: Applications for Erasing Bulk Twitter Posts

Most of the tools for deleting bulk tweets are web applications and websites. However, desktop and mobile apps also exist for this purpose. While most users choose websites for convenience, these apps are also useful. Usually, the apps function, offering lower risks of data compromise since most of them run locally on your device. So, what are the delete multiple tweets apps, and how do they work?

Using the Twitter Archive Eraser To Delete Tweets

The Twitter Archive Eraser is among the most reliable desktop applications for users to delete multiple tweets. It allows users to easily browse their tweets, sifting through them to delete unneeded or problematic ones. Although it doesn’t work on the web, there are Windows and Mac versions of the app. The app provides several filter options that support specialized deletion tasks.

Here are nine steps for erasing bulk tweets with this desktop app:

  1. First, launch a web browser on your computer and visit the Twitter Archive Eraser’s website. 
  2. Download and install the version of the app compatible with your computer. 
  3. After installing the app, launch it on your computer and click the sign-in button you’ll find. 
  4. Next, log into the third-party app with your Twitter details and provide authorization for the process. This process does not compromise your login information since the app uses a secure authentication method.
  5. Hit the “Delete Tweets” button. Immediately, the app will prompt you to load your Twitter Archive. 
  6. Hit the “Load Archive” button and upload your archive file. 
  7. Next, the app will display a calendar where you can choose the date you wish to take action. This calendar will display the years and months you’ve made posts on the platform. 
  8. Choose the months you wish to clear tweets from. Immediately, the app will open a new window displaying all the tweets within that window. You’ll also see all the filters in the top menu. 
  9. Use the filters to choose the tweets of interest and hit the “Delete Selected Tweets” button.

Twitter Archive Eraser offers different licenses and limits for different subscription plans. Therefore, some features may not be available until you purchase and install a valid license.

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How To Delete Tweets With Tweeticide on Your iPhone

Tweeticide, an iOS application, also helps users delete multiple tweets conveniently. This app helps users clear their profiles, setting up their accounts to start all over. Tweeticide erases tweets while letting users retain their account information, such as followers, names, and messages.

Here are four steps for removing your tweets with the mobile app:

  1. First, go to the App Store on your iPhone and search Tweeticide. Install the app into your device and launch it. 
  2. After launching the app, log into the app with your Twitter credentials.
  3. Next, hit the “Delete All Tweets” button at the center of the screen. 
  4. Confirm the activity and wait for the app to delete your posts. This may take a while but will run to completion.

Tweeticide offers a mobile alternative to these tweet deletion applications. While straightforward and free, it does not allow users to filter tweets before deletion. Instead, it wipes all tweets from a user’s account.

How To Delete All Tweets: Clearing Your Twitter Archive

Sometimes, Twitter users may need to delete all tweets from their accounts. These situations arise, especially when users intend to change their account purpose. Removing all tweets may also be important when there’s the need to start all over again on an account. To do this, you must delete your Twitter archive. Well, most tweet deletion websites and apps permit this activity. Here is how to do it.

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Using TweetDeleter To Delete All Posts on Twitter

TweetDeleter is quite a popular web application that helps Twitter users to delete multiple tweets. Besides this function, it supports entire archive deletion. The website offers a straightforward way to complete this activity in a few steps. Again, users must upload their archives to perform this activity.

Here are five easy steps you may find helpful:

  1. Open the TweetDeleter website on your computer browser and click the blue “Sign in with Twitter” button.
  2. Next, enter your Twitter details, log into the account, and authorize the third-party service to access your posts. 
  3. Head to the website menu and click “Delete all.” If you do not have an active subscription, the website will immediately prompt you to purchase the $2.50 advanced plan. 
  4. Purchase the plan and return to the “Delete all” page. 
  5. Finally, upload your archive, select all your tweets, and initiate deletion.

Although TweetDeleter performs some semi-complex deletion tasks, its simple interface makes the entire process seamless.

Using Other Web Applications To Delete All Tweets

Most web applications people use to delete multiple tweets also clear entire Twitter archives. Applications like the Twitter Archive Eraser and the Circleboom Twitter management tool also help. TweetEraser and TweetDelete are also quite useful for dealing with this issue. Well, most of these applications require that users upload their archives before completing the task.

TweetEraser has stood out among its peers as one of the most useful options for removing tweets in bulk. This web app works straightforwardly for filtering and erasing tweets from users’ profiles. It lets tweeps import and load archives, performing complex deletion tasks in next to no time. Since it does not spread promotions on users’ profiles, it is ideal for people to clean their accounts. Start filtering and cleaning your Twitter timeline today!

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