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Twitter Card Validation: Create Tweets With Unique Links


November 15, 2023 | 11 min read

Twitter, now X, is the perfect space to gain attention and drive traffic to your website. However, creating informative and captivating tweets within the character limit to gain traffic on web pages can be challenging. Thankfully, Twitter or X cards are effective solutions to help you achieve this purpose. They help you to drive traffic to your website with your tweets. However, it would help if you had a Twitter card validation to ensure the details on your card are correct.

Without proper validation, the clickable links may not turn out well. Also, you may include the wrong content in your tweet. Therefore, understanding everything about validating your cards is essential. This is why we have created a detailed article about card validation on Twitter.

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What Are Twitter Cards? A Detailed Summary of Visual Content

Twitter or X cards are a unique summary of media content you can include in your tweets. Without the Twitter blue check, users have to work with the tweets’ character limit. Thankfully, cards provide a solution for the regular 280-character limit for tweets. You can include additional context in your tweets with an X or Twitter card. These cards allow you to add captivating visual content, headlines, and descriptions to make your posts more engaging. Visual content you can add includes quality photos, videos, and other media.

Anything you include in the cards will make your posts more interactive. This will help you gain active engagement on your account. Interactive posts also help you to get more active Twitter followers. Apart from this, they can serve as clickable links that will take people to landing pages on your website. This is an excellent way to drive traffic to your website and increase conversion.

Additionally, you can make any shared link to the content on your website appear as a Twitter card. You only need to add some lines of programming code to your website. The system recognizes the URL link in the shared tweet and locates its Twitter card metacode. Once it locates the meta code on the linked webpage, it edits the tweet’s appearance according to the programmed instructions.

Although the cards serve similar purposes, there are different types according to individual characteristics.

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What Are the Types of Twitter Cards? Ways To Conceal Content in Tweets

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Any card used on your post will embed a fascinating detail and increase your engagement. You can utilize all the cards without exceeding the Twitter character counter limitation. However, each card type has a distinct characteristic and appealing quality. Understanding the different Twitter card types will help you identify which works perfectly for your post. This would also help you know the details you can include in the post.

1. Summary Card

Summary cards are ideal for sharing news articles, blog posts, updates, or web pages. Summary cards provide a sneak peek of the content with informative descriptions, titles, and images. However, the images included may be less obvious on the posts. The texts in the post are more noticeable to give your audience a preview of the content. This lets them know what the post entails before clicking the link to your website.

2. Summary Card With Large Image

Summary cards with large images are the solution to more visual content lacking in regular summary ones. Nowadays, large images are preferable to help people locate tweets. Therefore, summary cards with large images provide similar information to regular summary cards but with more noticeable images. The larger image size allows this type of card to gain more attention. These cards are quite effective for Twitter marketing.

3. App Card

The app card is useful for mobile app developers seeking more users. It contains the direct download link to the app to allow users to discover and install easily. This card contains the app icon, a description, an image or video, and a call-to-action button. In addition, you can use the app card to prove your app ratings and reviews. This helps you build credibility and encourage potential users to test the app. Making the app publicly available in every app store is also essential. This will help users to locate the application irrespective of where they discovered it.

4. Player Card

Player cards are ideal for including audio and video links in your tweets. This allows users to click on the image to view or listen to the clip. You can use this as a medium to give your audience a product sample. Player cards automatically locate videos or audio embedded in the link and play them in the feed or timeline. This allows users to interact with the media clip without exiting Twitter.

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How To Create Twitter Cards: Steps to Design Tweets With Clickable Links

Now that you can identify the different Twitter card types, creating one that suits your content should be next. As difficult as it seems, creating the perfect card is easy. Thankfully, the Twitter or X platform makes everything easy for everyone.

Here is how to do it in four steps:

  1. Select the type of card you want to implement.
  2. Include the appropriate meta tags on the page.
  3. Test run the URL link through the Twitter card validator tool.
  4. If the validation test is successful, tweet the link and check the card preview in your published tweet.

You will see a detailed view of your card in the tweet. This is the same way your audience and other users will see it.

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What Is a Twitter Card Validating Tool? Using Tools To Verify Your Tweet

As mentioned before, you need validation when implementing your card. Therefore, you need to understand how the validator works. As the name implies, the Twitter card validating tool validates the cards you created. The validator helps to check for errors in your meta tags before making your cards live. One little mistake can break your cards, so you need to validate them before they go public.

How To Validate Twitter Card

Validating your card on the validation tool is a straightforward process. You only need the right steps, and will have positive results within a few minutes.

Here is how to use it in seven easy steps:

  1. Create a Twitter card and include all the essential metadata like card type, description, title, and Image URL.
  2. Go to the Twitter Card Validator website.
  3. Copy and paste the web page URL containing the card in the provided space on the validator page. It should be the exact URL of the page where you implemented the card’s metadata.
  4. Click the “Preview Card” button to begin the validation process. The tool will analyze the metadata and create a preview of a live tweet card.
  5. Check the card preview to ensure every detail is correct and according to your expectations.
  6. If the tool identifies any error, review the messages and troubleshoot them accordingly.
  7. After fixing all the errors in the metadata, re-enter the URL in the validator tool and click “Preview Card.” The tool will validate the corrected implementation and display the new preview.

While the steps may seem simple, you may need to preview your cards multiple times to avoid errors. This will help Twitter, aka X, identify the URL whenever someone inserts it in a tweet. The system will know the link is correct and display the accurate data from the code.

How to Update the Picture on the Twitter Card Validator

When tweeting with a card, the post’s featured image will be the default one on your website. Twitter or X automatically selects the image based on the metadata on your website. It is normal to occasionally update the images on a website or blog post. However, you may still see the outdated image on your Twitter card. Therefore, learning how to update the picture on the Twitter card validator is essential to see a new featured image.

Here is how to do it in three easy steps:

  1. Update the picture for each page of your website.
  2. Go to the Twitter validator tool.
  3. Enter the URL of the page you want to tweet and click the “Preview Card” button.

You will now see a preview with the updated picture. You can repeat this process for multiple pages on your website. This process also works to update headlines for your content.

How To Find Twitter Card Validation URL

From the steps above, you will notice you need a URL to validate your Twitter or X card. Therefore, you may be wondering how to find a Twitter card validation URL for your purpose. Well, this is an easy process. You only need the webpage URL where you want to create the card. This means the URL link of the blog post or article from its original webpage.

When you press preview, the validator will use the HTML on the web page to find its metadata. If the tool can find the metadata, it will run the code. Whatever detail you enter in the metadata will appear on the card. To a large extent, users can’t implement cards on the regular interface. This is why everyone has to generate them by adding the programming code to their target content.

However, you must first add some of the card’s code to the target webpage’s metadata. This will help X to recognize the card code whenever anyone includes it in a tweet. Adding the link in the tweet will publish the post according to the previously programmed card format.

Alternatively, you should be able to install a plugin that can effortlessly add the required code to create cards. This is possible if you developed your website using a Content Management System like Joomla or WordPress. CMS plugins help to reduce the need for hand-coding when implementing cards.

Why Is the Twitter Card Validator Not Working? Issues With Validating Data

Validating your card is easy, but the validator may not yield results sometimes. You may have an issue with the Twitter card validator not working when this happens. One of the common reasons is your site’s incorrect SSL configuration. This may prevent the validator from crawling the HTML. WordPress, Joomla, and other CMS providers may also block Twitter from crawling the webpage. You need to enable the web crawler on the CMS for the validator to work.

You should also ensure your web host is not blocking access to crawl your site. Contacting the hosting provider will help you resolve this issue. Another reason may be the size of the image you uploaded. The web crawler typically downloads images up to 5MB in size. You should reduce the image size and try validating the card again. Network lag from your server is another issue the validator may face. It may not work due to the network issue.

What Is the Twitter Card Validator Alternative? Another Route To Validate

You don’t need to abandon the project if the regular card validator is unavailable. You can access an X or Twitter card validator alternative to get the same result. Fortunately, several alternatives exist on the internet. These alternatives work similarly, so using them is quite straightforward.

Tweetpik is a user-friendly card validator that allows you to validate and preview your webpage. It provides instant results and allows you to customize the metacode to your preference. You only have to visit the Tweetpik website and paste the URL in the validator space. Tweetpik is a free tool, so you don’t have to worry about spending money to validate your card.

Typefully is another free card validator alternative that provides instant results. This tool requires you to type a regular tweet and include the link to the target content. It will validate whatever you typed and provide a preview of the card. You will see changes in the tweet’s appearance similar to its view after publishing.

By now, whatever you put on your tweets will impact your engagement rate. Even with appropriate Twitter card validation, you may include the wrong description or title in the post. At the same time, you may have published inappropriate tweets that do not identify with your brand. Hence, deleting these tweets is essential to keep growing your social presence.

This is why TweetEraser has created a powerful and highly efficient web-based tool for deleting bulk tweets. This tool can effortlessly load, import, and delete tweets from your archive. It also functions without bothering you with promotional content. Start filtering and cleaning your X or Twitter timeline today!

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