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Wipe All Tweets: Learn to Clear Your X Timeline Seamlessly

Ochai Emmanuel

June 10, 2024 | 10 min read

As you browse Twitter and post tweets, you leave your digital footprint on the platform. So, experts suggest you periodically wipe all tweets on your account to protect your online data. Additionally, this routine allows you to post ephemeral thoughts and opinions without fearing future scandals. 

Twitter allows you to delete tweets permanently from your account. However, you may wonder how to wipe all posts on X at once. This article explores various methods you can employ to bulk-delete tweets on your X account. Read further to find detailed guides for each method. 

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Why Clear All Tweets on Twitter

Twitter has a huge database that processes and stores more than 12 terabytes of data daily. Their cloud storage system currently holds every tweet of all platform users. Since storage space is not an issue, you may wonder why people clear all their tweets.

People clear all their tweets for many reasons, but none relate to technical functionality. Wiping all your tweets does not improve the app speed or your account’s performance. 

Nevertheless, this section highlights two practical reasons for clearing all tweets on your account. 

1. Clear All Tweets To Manage Your Reputation

Reputation management is a popular reason why most tweeps clear all their tweets. People easily misinterpret and add the wrong context to posts, especially old posts. So, many people delete all their tweets periodically to avoid this. 

This reason is common among professionals seeking to secure a public image or reputation. Today, many companies review social media handles before and after employment to assess your online personality. 

A simple post induced by an emotional hangover can soil even the best reputation. Since you can’t always tell which post will send the wrong message, cleaning your timeline is the safest bet. 

2. Erase All Tweets To Prevent Conflict

Your thoughts and perceptions change as you grow and your exposure increases. Moreover,  as your thoughts change, so do your ideas and sometimes your loyalty. As a result, you may not support the same idea or even political party as you previously did. 

However, you risk credibility when your timeline reflects a conflict of interest. People might even criticize you for contradicting yourself by comparing your old posts with newer ones. Thus, many people have clear timelines to prevent this occurrence. 

Others clear all their tweets to prevent similar conflicts when they change professions. If you promote your business or profession with your Twitter handle, this is a good reason to clear your tweets. That will help give your account a consistent and credible outlook. 

3. Remove All Tweets To Erase Bad Memories

Social media posts and tweets can haunt both your professional and personal life. Some tweets about your personal life may elicit a bad memory, one you’re better off forgetting. 

For instance, you may have spontaneously shared embarrassing tweets or painful experiences during a trying period. Such posts have no permanent place on your profile. So, if you have many such posts, wiping your tweets is a good idea to explore. 

You can also do that to remove posts with friends who turned out as betrayals. That is especially true when you’ve shared many tweets with such people on your timeline. You wouldn’t want to remember them each time you browse through your Twitter profile.

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How To Wipe All Tweets With Third-Party Apps

While Twitter allows you to delete tweets, you cannot delete multiple tweets simultaneously on the app or web version. So, if you have many tweets to erase, you need an efficient tool to help you delete them en masse. 

Fortunately, many third-party applications are using Twitter’s API to perform this function. Therefore, this section outlines how to wipe all tweets seamlessly with two intermediary apps. 

1. How To Erase All Tweets at Once With TweetEraser

TweetEraser is an excellent X management tool that allows you to delete various Twitter data, including tweets and Likes. This web-based software is available to all users and offers many benefits. 

For instance, the app is easy to use and offers a free plan in addition to comprehensive paid plans. It also stores your deleted tweets in its system for easy recovery.  

If you want to explore this app, here are the six steps for clearing all your tweets with TweetEraser: 

  1. Open TweetEraser on a new tab on your desktop. 
  2. Log in with your X username and password. 
  3. Authorize TweetEraser on your Twitter account. 
  4. You’ll now receive an authentication code. Input this code in the field provided and tap the Login button on the TweetEraser page. 
  5. After logging in, go to the Tweets tab and upload your tweet archive. 
  6. Click Delete Tweets and confirm your action to delete all your tweets simultaneously. 

These simple steps help you erase all tweets at once. However, only users who subscribe to the Expert plan can access this service. You can not delete all tweets on your account at once with a Free, Beginner, or Advanced plan on TweetEraser. Meanwhile, the unlimited plan costs only $6 monthly. 

2. How to Mass Delete Tweets With TweetDelete

As the name hints, TweetDelete is a tweet deletion tool used to mass delete tweets and Likes. This app is similar to TweetEraser in functionality and efficiency. It allows you to bulk-delete thousands of tweets on your account without compromising your account’s safety. 

With TweetDelete, you can even schedule future tweets deletion to avoid the accumulation of old tweets on your timeline. It also has a free version, but you can only delete all tweets with the Premium plan. Even the Starter and Pro plans do not provide this feature. 

Below are the six steps to delete all your tweets on X with TweetDelete: 

  1. Open TweetDelete on your desktop browser. 
  2. Use your Twitter login credentials to sign in. 
  3. Authorize TweetDelete on your X account. 
  4. Input the authentication code provided and click Login
  5. Navigate to the Tweets tab after logging in and upload your Twitter archive. 
  6. Select Delete Tweets and confirm your option in the dialogue box to erase all tweets on your account.
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How To Delete Old Tweets in Bulk With Cricleboom

You don’t always need to erase all your tweets to achieve your desired aim. Sometimes, you only need to remove older tweets to prevent content conflicts or scandals. While Twitter automatically archives older tweets, I don’t rely on this feature to wipe all my tweets. 

First, if the tweets fall among your last 32,000 tweets, Twitter will not archive them just yet. Next, other tweeps can still find archived tweets on your account with a careful search on the platform. So, it is always best to delete old tweets to remove them. 

Fortunately, Circleboom allows you to filter and delete old tweets in bulk. This tool supports selective tweet deletion, allowing you to preserve newer tweets while deleting all old tweets simultaneously. 

Follow these eight steps below after downloading your Twitter archive to filter and clear old tweets at once with Circlebom: 

  1. Log into Circleboom Twitter with your X credentials. 
  2. Authorize Circleboom on your X account to connect the tool. 
  3. Once connected, the page will open to a Circleboom dashboard. Tap the bin icon in the navigation menu on the left to open a sub-menu. 
  4. Select Delete all my Tweets in the sub-menu that appears. 
  5. Click Start here in the blue highlight and upload your X archive file on the next page. 
  6. Use the date filter to select the old tweets for deletion. 
  7. The number of filtered tweets will appear in a box at the top right corner of the page. To proceed, select Delete my Tweets in the box. 
  8. Confirm your action in the dialogue box to appear to finish the process. 

Can You Delete All Tweets From the Twitter App?

Yes, you can delete all your tweets from the X app, but not simultaneously. While Twitter allows you to delete tweets on the app, you can only erase them individually. The iOS and Andriod apps do not permit deleting multiple tweets at once. This rule also applies to deleting tweets on the X web version. 

To erase all tweets from your X account through the app, you must delete them one after another. Though tasking, this method allows you to review each post before deletion. However, it is only reasonable for tweeps with few posts. If you’re a serial tweeter, it’s best not to consider this option. 

Nevertheless, some tweeps use Twitter to wipe all tweets for safety to avoid authorizing third-party apps on their account. 

If you prefer this traditional method, here are the seven steps to delete tweets individually on the X app: 

  1. Slide your X homepage from left to right to reveal the navigation menu. 
  2. Click Profile or tap your profile icon at the top to open your profile page.
  3. Navigate through your Posts tab to find the tweet you want to delete. 
  4. Tap the overflow icon at the post’s top right corner to reveal a sub-menu. 
  5. Select Delete from the list of options in the menu. 
  6. Click Delete in the red highlight on the dialogue box that appears.
  7. Repeat steps three to six until you delete all desired tweets.
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What Is the Implication of Wiping All Tweets on Your Account?

There are no consequences for wiping your tweets on your X account. Although Twitter’s app and web version do not support multiple tweet deletion, the administrators will not penalize you for it. Moreover, third-party apps that support this feature use the X API to implement it. 

The only implication of wiping your tweets is a fresh profile – a clean slate to restart your Twitter journey. Wiping your tweets removes all traces of previous posts on your account. 

Can People See My Deleted Tweets? 

Generally, tweeps cannot see your deleted tweets. When you delete a tweet or wipe your profile, Twitter permanently erases the tweets from the public database. No one will see the tweet(s), even if they search for it on X. Even you, the author, cannot see a deleted tweet unless you have a backup of your Twitter archive. 

However, some deleted tweets may temporarily appear on regular search engines for a limited time. Nevertheless, these are only cached searches; Twitter does not leave your deleted tweets available on regular search engines.

Reviewing your tweets routinely and deleting those that have fulfilled their purpose is good practice. Alternatively, you can wipe all tweets from your account to keep your profile fresh and clean. This action requires a lot of work, and with the right tool, it is a seamless and exciting task.TweetEraser is the best online tool for mass tweet deletion. With this tool, you can seamlessly wipe tweets from your account with a single click. You’ll enjoy many benefits using TweetEraser, from a good price to convenience, account safety, and an ad-free experience. You can also use it to import tweets into your archive. So, why wait? Start filtering and cleaning your Twitter timeline today!

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