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Delete Tweets: Erasing Unneeded Twitter Posts

A photograph of a mobile phone displaying several social media apps, including Twitter.

We have all made social media posts that we aren’t proud of. In these circumstances, we often consider removing these kinds of posts. They may be posts we find embarrassing or inappropriate or those we don’t want to share anymore. Many users wonder about how to delete tweets. Twitter’s straightforward interface makes this process easier, … Read more

How To Delete Twitter Search History: Creating a Clean Slate

A photo of a person viewing a Twitter profile on a black smartphone.

Twitter records search histories to generate content suggestions for the next time users make searches. While this may make navigation easier, some information is best kept secret. Hence, the need to delete them. Unfortunately, many users are still clueless about how to delete Twitter search history. Deleting the search history works in different ways. For … Read more

How To Download Twitter DM: Saving Your Direct Messages

A picture of someone holding an iPhone with several Twitter notifications on the screen.

Twitter has slowly become a convenient platform for sending and receiving messages. These messages, now popularly referred to as direct messages or DMs, aid private conversations between individuals and groups of individuals. However, what if, for some reason, someone wants to save their direct messages to their devices? Can they save their messages for offline … Read more

Download Tweets Using Twitter and Other Online Tools

A photograph of someone opening the Twitter app on a smartphone.

A huge benefit of cloud interaction is preventing lost information. Cloud-based software provides a secure interaction that keeps your information safe.  The same is true with Twitter. However, even though Twitter archives all your tweets and interactions, that content becomes inaccessible when it exceeds the 3,200 tweet threshold. As a result, many users prefer to … Read more

Twitter Verification: Everything About This Twitter Feature

An illustration of the Twitter logo with the following button and the verification icon.

Initially, the verification mark on a Twitter account indicated the account’s authenticity. The Twitter verification checkmark indicated that the account was legitimate and the user was usually well known. However, the recent takeover of the social media giants has changed how this feature now works. Currently, anyone can obtain the verification by paying a subscription … Read more

How To Set Privacy on Twitter: Protecting Your Twitter Space

A photograph of a smartphone on a brown cardboard box with Twitter’s blue welcome screen displayed.

By default, Twitter places all new accounts in public mode. This indicates that everyone on the platform can view their profiles and posts. However, many users are not entirely okay with having a public profile on the social media platform. Thus, people often wonder about the possibility of limiting their viewership. Resultantly, there are questions … Read more