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Are Twitter Bookmarks Public?


May 10, 2024 | 8 min read

When Twitter users see content they’d like to read later, they save it using the bookmark feature. Sometimes, people have a long list of tweets, now posts to revisit saved on their accounts. Therefore, they may wonder whether other users can see their saved tweets. Thus, they ask, “Are Twitter bookmarks public?”

Most people love their privacy and wouldn’t want others to see what they’ve saved on the social media platform X. From your bookmarks, someone can figure out the topics that interest you. So, if you have secret fantasies, read on so you can discover whether or not they’re accessible to the public.

An open diary with a bookmark in its center.

Can People See My Bookmarks on Twitter?

People can’t see the posts you save for later because your bookmarks are private. So, the simple answer to the question, “Can people see my bookmarks on Twitter?” is no. Despite knowing the answer to the question, Are bookmarks on Twitter public, another question lingers. 

With Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover and the changes from Twitter’s transition to X, people ask, “Are bookmarks public on X?” However, they aren’t. Though Elon Musk made some changes to the bookmark feature, he didn’t alter the privacy. However, he made the feature more visible, thereby enhancing its functionality. 

Previously, one had to tap the share icon before accessing the bookmark feature. Thus, some users were unaware of the bookmark feature, which hindered the height of engagement a post could enjoy. 

So, Twitter’s new owner, Elon Musk, initiated a change in the bookmark feature’s display. People can expand posts to access the bookmark icon rather than tapping the share icon before bookmarking tweets. 

If you want to expand a post, tap on it so it appears fullscreen. Then, you’ll see the bookmark icon, which resembles a vertical flag without a handle. You can tap on it to save the expanded tweet. When you do this, a notification will appear above, informing you that your action was successful. 

If you wish, tap on the notification to view all your saved posts. Nobody but you can see your saved posts; others can only see them if they can access your Twitter account. That way, they can easily visit your bookmark tab and browse through it. 

But if your Twitter, aka X, login credentials are safe, you have nothing to worry about. Your Twitter bookmarks will forever remain private.

A person views tweets on their Twitter feed.

How To See Who Bookmarked Your Tweet

Are bookmarks public on Twitter? The answer is no. But are your tweets, aka posts, public? Well, that depends on your account’s settings. If your tweets are private, only those you permit will see them. But if your account is public, everyone can view the content you share.

Whatever the case, your followers and viewers can bookmark your original tweets or posts that interest them. Bookmarking is a quick and easy way to store content for later review.

Knowing people can bookmark your tweets and comments may spur your interest in discovering who likes your post. Because, of course, people only save stuff that they like. As such, you may wonder how to see who bookmarked your tweet. 

There is no direct way to discover who bookmarked your tweets. However, you can see your bookmark count and other post details. Though you discover the users behind metrics, such as likes, reposts, and quotes, you can’t do the same with bookmarks. 

Though it would’ve been great to discover the caliber of people your posts interest, Twitter doesn’t publish that information. But if you’re bent on finding out, there’s a way around it. 

Make a follow-up post asking your viewers to indicate with a comment if they bookmarked your previous tweet. Though everyone who saved the tweet may not respond, you should get some responses.

A person holds a paper with the word Twitter over a plant.

Where Did Bookmarks Go on Twitter?

Your saved Twitter posts are always on the bookmark tab. To find them on your mobile app, tap the profile icon and select the bookmark option. That’ll display all the content you’ve saved to return to.

But you’ll be curious if you grab your phone and suddenly can’t find your bookmarked tweets. The natural reaction is to ask, “Where did bookmarks go on Twitter?” You may also wonder if Twitter has scrapped the feature. Don’t worry, though. The feature is still active and usable, but your bookmarks may be unavailable due to network server errors. 

Alternatively, a glitch may have prevented the successful saving of the post(s) you like. Another possibility is that the post author may have deleted their content. Twitter can also delete content that another user reports or violates the platform’s rules. 

In the event of any of these circumstances, you may not be able to find some bookmarked posts. However, though possible, it’s unlikely for all your bookmarks to vanish. But if they do, it could be due to unstable internet connectivity preventing the posts from loading. 

Also, if your cache is full, it can affect your Twitter experience as the app will slow down. Hence, you may have to clear your cache on X if you can’t find your bookmarks. If you’re using Twitter web through Chrome or any other browser, consider clearing the browser’s cache.

Also, note that using an outdated version of the Twitter app could result in glitches, preventing the display of bookmarks. Therefore, endeavor to update your app whenever a higher version is available.

Interconnected profile icons of social media users.

Are Twitter Bookmarks Public Like Lists?

Twitter lists are public, while bookmarks aren’t. The two are entirely different features on Twitter, aka X. Though they perform a similar function of gathering tweets or posts under a specific tab, they are different. 

A list on Twitter is a group or set of accounts that users curate to form a unique timeline. Unlike the bookmark feature, creating lists doesn’t entail saving specific posts. Instead, it helps users organize, customize, and manage their favorite people on Twitter. 

A list can revolve around a particular topic, like finance. For example, you can curate a list of financial experts so you don’t miss any information they share. Conversely, you can save specific posts with bookmarks, so you don’t have to search for them when needed.

Lists are usually public, meaning everyone can see the accounts you group and their posts. However, you can make them private and accessible only to yourself. With bookmarks, the decision isn’t yours, as X configures your saved posts to be private.

Aside from creating lists, you can join someone else’s public list. But with bookmarks, this isn’t possible as the feature is private. You can only view bookmarked tweets if they appear on your timeline or someone shares them with you. 

Lists aim to keep users updated on the latest information from specific individuals. Bookmarks help save tweets so users can return them at their convenience.

Both features have different goals. Therefore, though both help Twitter users gather information, they do so in different ways.

How To Delete Bookmarked Posts

I’m sure you can clarify the question, “Are bookmarks public on X?” for your friends and family by now. But then, if someone asks you how to delete bookmarked posts, can you provide an answer?

Well, if you can’t, we’re here to help. Deleting posts that you’ve previously saved is very easy. Below are five steps explaining the process.

  1. Open your Twitter app and tap the profile icon or your profile image at the top left corner.
  2. From the side menu options, select bookmarks.
  3. Find the tweet you want to delete and look at the options beneath it.
  4. You’ll see a blue bookmark icon that you can tap to remove the post from bookmarks.
  5. After performing the previous step, a notification will appear informing you that you’ve successfully removed the post. 

You can also delete your entire bookmark history. To do this, go to your bookmarks tab and tap the three-dot icon above. Then, you can remove the posts you no longer want to review and create a new collection.

Like deleting your saved posts, a change in interest or industry may also spur a desire to delete your tweets. If you feel this way, TweetEraser can help. Having the answer to several questions including, “ Are Twitter bookmarks public?” what’s left is learning to delete your tweets. 

Luckily, we have a tool that assists in filtering and deleting old or unwanted tweets. You can select a set of tweets to delete through a keyword search. Alternatively, you can clear your entire post history by pressing a button. Start filtering and deleting your Twitter posts with our easy-to-use tool today.

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