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Twitter Content Warning: The Ultimate Guide

A screenshot of Twitter's homepage with a left side panel displaying the options "profile, more, and tweet," amongst others.

Twitter filters the information users share on the app. This is because it aims to protect the millions of users that browse it daily. For instance, the content warning feature shields tweeps from viewing excessively violent, gory, or NSFW media displaying gross sexual acts. So, violating any of the company’s media rules or policies triggers … Read more

How to Tag on Twitter: Correctly Using This Feature

A picture of a gray tag on a white surface.

Over the years, many social media platforms have developed new features, with some improving features from other platforms. For instance, the introduction of tagging to social media has become more popular over the past few years. Tagging is vital on many social media platforms, including Twitter, allowing tweeps to include others in their posts. Despite … Read more

Can You Follow Hashtags on Twitter? All You Need To Know

A picture of a frame with the inscription “#TWITTER.”

Although hashtags became popular a little after social media became mainstream, many people still think they’ve been around forever. Hashtags are one of social media platforms’ most widely used features today. These tags, marked with a hash symbol and words to go along, are useful identifiers for different topics and discussions. These elements are inherent … Read more

How To See Twitter Analytics: Keeping Pace With Your Growth

An illustration of the Twitter logo with the hashtag and retweet icons.

To build an engaging and productive Twitter community, Twitter analytics should be your best pal. Twitter analytics is an internal tool that shows and analyzes your content, highlighting how users respond to them. Many users have run several unsuccessful campaigns on Twitter because they don’t know how to see Twitter analytics. Some don’t even know … Read more

Twitter Marketing: Growing Brands and Boosting Sales Online

A picture of someone using an iPad to connect their social media profiles on a single page.

Over time, social media has transcended the idea of basic day-to-day updates and communication, jumping into business and marketing. Many social media platforms, including Twitter, have become useful tools for building brands and boosting sales online. For this reason, many people strongly consider Twitter marketing when they intend to build and grow their businesses online. … Read more

Twitter Followers: The Blueprint To Boost Your Online Reach

The word audience on a whiteboard with arrows pointing towards it.

Twitter followers directly influence your authority and credibility on the platform. A higher number of followers acts as a form of social proof, increasing your online reach. This guide breaks down why your follower count is more than a statistic. It extensively covers various talking points to highlight this metric’s true importance. Let’s learn everything … Read more

Can I Change My Twitter Handle? Learn All You Need To Know

An image of Twitter’s bird depicted in grey on a rounded white surface.

Your Twitter handle is the unique name that identifies your account. It accompanies all activities and engagements from your account, such as your tweets, likes, and replies. You must choose a Twitter handle and display name when registering a new Twitter account. However, as a unique identifier, it’s only reasonable that you want to keep … Read more