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Is Twitter Private Now? What Happened to the Stocks?

Two people hold a round cardboard with the Twitter logo.

X, the social media platform formerly called Twitter, has undergone massive reforms since its launch in 2006. This company, which became publicly traded in 2013, also underwent major administrative changes. However, several questions have emerged about its ownership. So, is Twitter private now, or is X privately owned? Twitter’s recent ownership change has seen the … Read more

What Does RT Mean on Twitter?

The word “Repost” is illustrated with writing materials on a white background.

In today’s world of social networking, interaction has grown better and easier than before. Alongside came the invention of abbreviations to communicate using fewer sentences. However, only a few can decipher all their meanings. RT has become one of those challenging abbreviations. So, what does RT mean on Twitter? You must have frequently seen this … Read more

Twitter Shadowban Test: Check for Account Invisibility

A person in a brown woolen sweater uses a silver laptop.

At some point, you must have felt your content on Twitter or X is not getting enough visibility. This feeling comes when you don’t get enough engagement and followers. It could happen when the platform shadowbans your account. Therefore, taking a Twitter shadowban test to confirm your suspicion is best. For some reason, the platform’s … Read more

How To Increase Twitter Followers: 8 Effective Tips

A person holds a phone that displays the X logo.

X, the platform formerly called Twitter, is one of the most visited sites in the world. But despite its popularity, growing an audience on the app can be quite challenging. Due to the app’s more conversational nature, its growth techniques differ from those of other platforms. So, what are the ways to increase Twitter followers? … Read more

How to Unsubscribe From Twitter Notification Channels

A gray board on a table with the words “GOODBYE FRIENDS” and a heart symbol below.

X, formerly Twitter, is a popular social platform with many exciting features. You can subscribe to someone’s tweets and other features to enrich your Twitter experience. But what happens when you no longer want to enjoy such features? This article shows how to unsubscribe from Twitter features and the platform.  Emails, push notifications, and text … Read more