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X Social Media: Learn Everything About the Rebranded Twitter

Ochai Emmanuel

June 20, 2024 | 9 min read

If you’re not good with trends, you may not have noticed when X, formerly Twitter, came into the picture. However, seeing individuals and brands now advertising their X handles, you may wonder, “What is this X social media platform?”

The X social platform entered the scene with quite a fuss, taking the baton from an existing social network. Still, many questions arise because the new brand identity leaves no trace of the previous one. This article discusses everything about the social media X platform and its link to Twitter.

A 3D image of a slanted white cube with the X logo on a blue background.

What Is X Social Media?

If you’re wondering what X social media is, it is simply Twitter rebranded. X is the new name of Twitter. This name came about after Twitter’s buyout that made Elon Musk its new owner. Rebranding the app from Twitter to X was one of his first actions as CEO. 

Despite the new name, X remains structurally and functionally the same. It is still a microblogging platform for content sharing and social interactions. 

True, the rebrand led to adding more features on the platform, like creator subscription and Grok. It also introduced new rules like Twitter reading limits and intensified the enforcement of some old ones. Still, X remains the same at its core as a social media networking platform. 

However, you may wonder what necessitates the rebrand to trash the much-loved blue bird. The reason is quite simple, as you’ll see. 

After acquiring Twitter, Musk wanted to make it more than a social networking platform. He envisioned converting Twitter into an “Everything app,” much like the Chinese WeChat. However, Twitter already has the identity of a social network. So, it was important to change that name and create a new identity. 

But why the letter X, you may wonder. The answer again lies with Twitter’s new owner, Elon Musk. His story tells us that he has always had an affinity for the letter X. One of his earliest companies is Also, when he was CEO of PayPal, he tried to rebrand it to X. He even called one of his sons X. 

It’s obvious why he chose the letter X. Now, we just have to wait to see him implement his vision for the app. 

3 Primary Functions of X

This article already established that X supports the same functions as Twitter. Remember, both describe the same app. However, although many know Twitter and X, they barely know their primary functions. Thus, this section highlights three primary functions of X to help you understand how it works. 

1. X Facilitates Content Sharing

The most popular and widely known function of X is content sharing. Even as Twitter, X started as a microblogging platform that allows users to share their thoughts with other tweeps. 

As the platform grew, expanded, and rebranded, it never forsook this function. Most of the platform’s features, including new ones, facilitate easier content sharing for better user experiences. 

For instance, you can share content on X not only with text but also using media. Updates on the app even allow users to share content with more characters and longer videos. 

2. X Allows You To Connect With Others 

When you associate X with microblogging, many limit it to a publishing platform for authors, but it is not. Instead, it is a social platform that facilitates interactions between users. Ideally, posts on X aim to start conversations on the platform. The conversation continues as people engage and reply to the post, promoting social interactions. 

Additionally, X features an in-app messaging feature. You hold personal conversations through direct messaging with other tweeps. This feature allows people to connect with each other and build social relationships online.   

3. X Hosts Communities and Promotes Their Activities

One of X’s primary functions is to connect people individually and as a community. Consequently, you’ll find many thriving Twitter, now X communities in different niches and with many active users. 

The platform seamlessly hosts these communities, allowing members to interact easily with each other. X communities are engaging, allowing members to achieve common goals while enjoying the best social media experience. 

Is X Worth It? Should I Stay on the Platform?

The social media site X is worth it as a social platform. This social giant does not only earn its status by its large user base but also by its impressive functionality. 

While some users doubt that X will remain worth it after the rebrand, the platform continues to clear their doubts. X administrators continue to release new and exciting features to improve users’ experiences on the platform. 

If you’re only interested in the blue bird, you may consider X no longer worth it. That may encourage you to delete your X account or leave X for other social media companies.

However, if you want to enjoy a social platform for content sharing and interaction, then X is definitely worth it. Its functions, features, and growing audience will ensure you enjoy the best social experience.

Even if you want to use the platform for business, you’ll find it very effective. So, stay on the platform and be part of the transition from a social app to an “Everything app.” If you don’t already have an account, create a new X account to join this remarkable journey today!

A black smartphone on a brown background displays the X logo on a white screen.

3 Tips To Enjoy the Best Experience on X

X is exciting with many delightful features. The platform triumphs over many in comparison. However, the audience and features may overwhelm you if you’re just joining the platform. Still, you can begin the platform as a newbie with the right guide. So, this section outlines three tips to help you start enjoying X as soon as you join the platform. 

1. Get More Followers and Follow More Tweeps

Apart from the app features, the content you view on X influences your experience on the app. However, Twitter’s algorithm prepares your timeline feed from the content of people you follow. It also gleans your interests based on your activities. 

However, your followers will influence your feed the most since you have limited activities as a beginner on X. So, to enjoy more content, follow more people. Follow people with different interests and from diverse niches to enjoy a diverse timeline. 

As you follow more people, get more people to follow you, too. When you do, your contact grows, positively impacting your experience on the platform. 

2. Subscribe to X Premium To Enjoy More Features

After enjoying X for over a month, it’s best to subscribe for X premium. This subscription offers you a verified badge on your profile for increased credibility. Additionally, it allows you to access more features exclusive to paid subscribers on the platform. 

For example, you can post longer tweets and videos and enjoy a creator subscription with X premium. You can also hide your likes on your profile and DM more tweeps on the platform without following. 

If you’re a business on X, you’ll benefit the most from this subscription. It gives you the needed credibility to post effective ads and reach more customers in the space. Further, you’ll explore more features that allow you to implement any online business strategy you wish. 

3. Stay Active by Joining More Conversations

You’ll enjoy a richer X experience when actively participating on the platform. Start and join conversations on the site rather than passively scrolling through your timeline only. Engage the platform by joining and participating in Twitter Spaces, List, Communities, and Circles. 

Additionally, engaging with others on the platform shows the algorithm your interests. With this information, X will prepare richer feeds tailored to your preferences. Moreover, you’ll create a digital footprint that reveals your online personality. 

A thumbs-up emoji depicted on a collage of social platform icons in the background.

How To Use X Social Media for Business Marketing

Since its days as Twitter, X has been an invaluable business marketing tool. Considering its primary functions, it is little wonder why. Whether you run a B2B or B2C business, you can find, attract, and convert customers through X. 

However, many competing businesses are on the platform, and X has an overwhelming audience. So, how do you effectively market your business on the site? This section shares two valuable tips to help you soar on X.

1. Run An X Ad Campaign for Your Business

You can leverage Twitter’s large audience to promote your business widely online. However, your skills in drafting tweets can only take them so far. Moreover, just posting good promotional tweets on your timeline will not guarantee they’ll reach the target audience. 

So, run an X ad campaign to help you better leverage X’s audience and promote your business effectively. With an ad campaign, you pay X to share your post with wider audiences on the platform. Also, in an ad campaign, X shares your Twitter profile with specific users under your target category for higher conversions.

X ads are affordable and offer great returns with an effective online business promotion. You can also use it to advertise important products and events from your company for a wider reach. 

2. Use X To Build a Solid Brand Identity

In addition to selling your products on X, you can also sell your brand. Promoting your brand properly will help customers develop a sentimental attachment to it to foster loyalty. 

You can achieve this by effectively managing your Twitter business account. Create a professional profile for your account and publish appealing posts on your handle. Your posts could include brand awareness information, product advertisements, season’s greetings and wishes, and your company’s values. 

Highlight your company’s achievements and publish your activities related to sustainability or corporate social responsibility. That will generate appeal and a positive sentiment among your target audience. 

You don’t need to delete your account on the X platform even if you’re not yet getting it right. You can start applying these tips to turn the tables towards positive development. But first, ensure to erase your previous data to restart the X social media site on a clean slate. 

Use TweetEraser to bulk-delete tweets and remove them from your account. This X management tool lets you erase tweets en masse from your timeline. You can even import them from your timeline into your archive, leaving your profile clean and fresh. TweetEraser does not feature ads and is easy to use, even for beginners on X. So, start filtering and cleaning your Twitter timeline today!

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