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How To Find My Twitter Username: Discovering Your Handle


July 14, 2023 | 12 min read

Many reasons may prompt users to browse the query, “How to find my Twitter username.” Your Twitter username is crucial to your identity in this media space because it uniquely identifies your account. Moreover, Twitter usually requires your username when logging into your account, especially when logging into a new and unfamiliar device. 

In addition, other users can only tag you in their tweets using your username, also known as your Twitter handle. How can you find your username and share it easily? This article highlights simple ways to help you find your username from any device. It answers some queries, such as how to find my Twitter username on Android, an iPhone, or your personal computer. You’ll also discover how to find your old Twitter username. 

An illustration of the Twitter logo on a deep blue background.

How To Find My Twitter Username on Mobile Devices

Out of 330 million monthly Twitter users, reports show that 80% access Twitter from their mobile phones. Little wonder, the search query “how to find my Twitter username” is popular. You’re likely among this demographic and have asked a similar question. If this is true, rest assured, as this section answers your question, regardless of your operating system. You can easily find your Twitter username from an Android or iOS device. Let’s consider how. 

A picture of someone holding a phone in a stairway with Twitter’s blue welcome page open.

How To Find My Twitter Username on Android Devices

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Your Twitter username accompanies all your activities on Twitter. However, when you browse Twitter feeds from your Android phone, you can’t see your username. So, considering the thought ‘how to find my Twitter username,’ do you need to find it from another account? Not necessarily! You can find your Twitter username from your account when logged in. 

Your Twitter username, or handle, is readily available on your profile page. You can access your profile page by tapping the profile icon in the top left corner of the Twitter page. A menu will slide in from the left screen with a preview of your profile page. Your Twitter username appears below your Twitter name, prefixed by the ampersand (@) symbol. 

You can also share your Twitter username without memorizing or copying it. To do this, simply tap your Twitter name or handle to reveal your full profile page. Then, open the menu from the top right corner with the three-dot icon. Click share and choose your destination from the pop-menu to complete the cation. 

How To Find My Twitter Username on iPhones

The iOS operating system arguably provides a faster and smoother mobile interface for browsing Twitter. Still, Twitter on iPhone has the same features found on the Android app. However, some actions and tasks require slightly different processes on each operating system. That is why iOS users use the query, ‘How to find my Twitter username on iPhone.’

Interestingly, you can find your Twitter username on your iPhone using the same procedure as an Android phone. There’s no difference in this process when using an iOS device. Your profile page and its preview also carry your username on an iPhone. Simply access this page by opening the side menu on the Twitter app. You can access this by tapping the profile icon in the top left corner of the page. Once opened, you’ll immediately see a preview of your profile picture, Twitter name, username, and number of followers.

A screenshot of TwitterWeb open on a web browser.

How To Find My Twitter Username on a PC: Using a Personal Computer To Discover Your Handle

Many consider TwitterWeb an easier and more expressive way to browse Twitter than mobile phones. That is probably because of the increased features available on TwitterWeb. The last time I considered how to find my Twitter username on a PC, I found many simple ways. I’ll share these methods in this section to help you find yours. 

First, you’ll need to log your account into TwitterWeb from your PC. Once you do this, even on an earlier date, there are many ways to find your Twitter username seamlessly. Simply look at the left bottom corner of the page to find your Twitter username below your Twitter name. 

Another way to find your Twitter username on a PC is from your profile page. To access your profile page, go to the homepage and select the profile tab from the left side of the page. This action opens the profile page on the broader screen to your right. Your Twitter username appears beneath your profile picture and Twitter name. 

You can also find your Twitter username from the Twitter URL of this page, that is, your profile page. After the last forward slash on the web address, the name is your Twitter username. For example, here’s the webTweetEraser” web address –

Your tweets also carry your Twitter name and username. So, you can also find your Twitter username on your PC from your tweets. On your profile page, find any tweet under ‘Tweets” and observe your Twitter username after your Twitter name. Remember, the ampersand symbol is only a prefix to your username. In addition, the username comes before the tweet date.  

A picture of an archive of files arranged in folders and boxes.

How To Find My Old Twitter Username: Exploring Your Twitter Archive

Although your Twitter username is your unique account identifier, it is not a permanent name. You can easily change it and do this as frequently as you desire. Changing your Twitter name is a great way to rebrand and start afresh. So, when you change your Twitter username, Twitter updates all your old and new tweets to the new username. This overhaul is a leading reason why many users search “How to find my Twitter username” online. 

However, if your new brand doesn’t sell as you desire, you can switch back, provided the old username remains available. What, though, if you can’t remember the username for your previous brand? In this case, your query changes from ‘How to find my Twitter username’ to ‘How to find my old Twitter username.’ Fortunately, you’ll find the answer in this section. 

You can find your old Twitter username in your Twitter Archive. Simply request and download your Twitter archive and search old tweets to find your old Twitter username attached. Below are the steps to request and download an archive of your Twitter data. 

  1. Open the sidebar to reveal the Twitter menu and select “Settings and Support.”
  2. Click “Settings and Privacy” and choose “Your Account.”
  3. Select “Download an archive of your data” from the available options.
    Note that this option will only appear if Twitter has verified your email. So, ensure to verify your email address before beginning the process. 
  4. Next, re-enter your Twitter password to confirm your identity. 
  5. After confirmation, click “Request archive.”

Twitter will take about 24 hours to process your request and prepare your archive. 

  1. Once ready, you’ll receive an email with a link to download your Twitter archive.
    Twitter also sends you a push notification through which you can download your data archive. 

A picture of a person holding a phone displaying their Twitter feeds.

How To Find People’s Usernames on Twitter Without Following Them

Although I may understand how to find my Twitter username, finding others’ is also as important. It’s easy to find other users’ handles on Twitter, especially if it is a public account and you’re their follower. User’s Twitter username accompany all their tweets and engagements. In other cases, you may know the user’s Twitter name but not his handle. 

If so, check your followers or the following list to find the user. Once found, you’ll immediately see his username below his Twitter name. You can find this list from the Twitter sidebar menu. Here, click on the followers and following statics to reveal a complete list of followers and those you follow. 

However, if you have not connected with the user, you can still find their Twitter username using their Twitter name. Simply go to Twitter’s inline search bar and search for the Twitter name. A list of hits will appear, displaying Twitter users with their usernames and Twitter names. You can click any hits, confirm the user’s identity through their profile, and copy their username. 

Finding a Contact’s Twitter Username: No Need To Ask!

Social media platforms have provided dynamic ways to connect with our contacts beyond regular calls and texts. These platforms allow users to modify many things to suit them, such as their identity, concealing their real names. Twitter, a leading social media platform, allows users to choose and modify their Twitter names and usernames. 

While this is a fun and interesting feature, finding your friends is a little more difficult. That is especially true when you don’t want to request your contact’s Twitter handle directly. Even users who use abstract names end up searching the query “How to find my Twitter username.” How, then, can you find a contact’s Twitter username? You can do this by synchronizing your contact with Twitter. 

Twitter allows you to sync the contact from your address book to your account to better provide suggestions for you. When your contact list syncs with your Twitter account, Twitter will suggest more user accounts from your contact list. This way, you’ll easily find a Twitter user from your contact. 

Here’s how to synchronize your contact list with Twitter on a mobile device;

  1. Open the Twitter menu from the left sidebar and select “Settings and Security.”
  2. Click “Setting and privacy” and choose “Privacy and safety.”
  3. Next, open “Discoverability and contacts.”
  4. Then, toggle the option to “Sync address book contacts.”

Twitter will then request permission to access your contacts. 

  1. Click “Allow” to complete the process. 

Once synced, go to “explore” from the sidebar menu option to find your contacts on Twitter.  Although I may be concerned about how to find my Twitter username, I can also find a contact’s this manner.

How To Find Other Users’ Old Twitter Names

Many have found changing Twitter usernames a great way to change their online identity and stay in the shadows. When a user changes his username, Twitter updates the user’s profiles and engagements. As a result, keeping tabs on a user who has changed their username is difficult, especially when you’re not connected. 

Notwithstanding, there are some ways you can find a user’s old Twitter username if you’re convinced they’ve changed it. One accurate way to do this is through a conversation reversal. 

This method requires tracing an old conversation with the user, especially a public conversation. It is customary to tag users when addressing them in a public conversation. However, when you tag a user when commenting, Twitter adds a link to that user’s profile. Unfortunately, when that user changes their profile, Twitter does not update the tagged username to reflect the new one. Instead, the profile link disappears since the username is no longer active on Twitter. 

So, when you trace a user’s old tweets for conversations where another user tagged them, you’ll see the previous username. You can be sure that this is their old username when it appears with the ampersand (@) symbol. Also, this could be the case when it does not have a profile link. Overall, I can possibly figure out how to find my Twitter username. Nonetheless, figuring out other users’ old Twitter names is also a plus.

A picture of a phone on a table beside a teacup displaying Twitter’s login page.

Keeping Tabs on an Account With a Frequently Changing Username

Twitter has no restrictions on how many times or how frequently you can change your username. So, it’s insufficient to know how to find my username or other users’ but also find them when they change. 

One good way to keep tabs on such an account is by bookmarking the user’s ID. Every Twitter account has a unique ID that’s permanent to the account, unlike the username or handle.

Unfortunately, the unique ID for a Twitter account is not readily available, like the Twitter username. You’ll need a Twitter ID generator, such as – an intermediary web tool. Once you open this site, type the Twitter handle of the account whose ID you seek. The tool will immediately generate the account’s unique ID. 

Afterward, copy the ID and replace it with the word user in this URL, htt‌ps:// For example, if the user ID is 83636872, the URL will become htt‌ps:// Open this page to access the user’s profile page, then bookmark the page. This bookmarked page will help you access the user’s profile and find his new username anytime.

Many users change their usernames or open new Twitter accounts to start afresh. They cannot clear their current tweets and restart on a clean slate. However, if you want to maintain your account and followers, you can simply clear your tweets and restart. Tweet Eraser is an excellent online tool for cleaning and organizing your Twitter account. This tool allows you to sort and bulk-delete tweets and adjust your account to build a thriving Twitter community. In addition to efficiency, it is also affordable and easy to use. So, start filtering and cleaning your account today!

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