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Remove Twitter Likes: Efficient Mass and Individual Deletion

Ochai Emmanuel

May 27, 2024 | 8 min read

A like comes from a place of good emotion. You may feel the post is spot on and can relate to it or believe in the tweet author’s idea. But what happens if you mistakenly press the heart icon for a post you don’t or no longer fancy? Can you remove Twitter likes if this happens?

The answer is yes. Regardless of your reason, you can remove likes on Twitter. It’s interesting to find out that you have options while at it. You can unlike a specific post or several of them. Even still, you can, unlike every post you’ve liked. Doing this will reset X’s algorithm and let it run afresh. Want to know how? If yes, keep reading.

Someone holds a phone that shows a Twitter timeline with posts and the heart icon.

How To Unlike a Post on Twitter 

Many want to revamp their Twitter accounts. While it’s easy to unfollow all your followers and delete all your posts, the process is more complex with likes. That’s because you can easily access your list of followers on your account. 

Likewise, it’s easy to go through the Twitter archive of your old posts. Since all these are in one location, deleting them is easy, even if you do it manually. However, when it comes to content you like, there’s no single storage where you can find it all. 

Moreover, the vagueness and versatility of Twitter content make it impossible to remember all your daily interactions. So, how do you begin to trace and unlike a post? We have just the perfect solution that makes unliking seamless. 

You don’t have to remember everything to locate a tweet. Do you remember the tweet author, a word/ phrase in the tweet, or its date? That’s enough information for a good start. So, head to your search tab and input the keyword you remember from the tweet. 

Alternatively, you can search for the author and filter their posts by date or search for details from the post. If your memory is accurate, this should fetch you the desired post. After getting it, tap the little heart icon. Once you do, its color will change from pink to white, and the post will be one-like down. 

How To Remove Twitter Likes From Posts 

You may be wondering how to remove likes from Twitter posts. The probable question is, do you keep repeating the steps above, or is there another solution? It’d be super tedious to repeat the steps above.

You could spend your entire day using Twitter’s advanced search feature and filter. Luckily, there’s a way out once again. You can remove likes on Twitter without going through much stress. All you need to do is find a deletion tool that doesn’t violate the Twitter API.

With a good tool, it takes a couple of simple steps to delete tweets in bulk. You can even set up the tool and automate the action to delete posts. You must be wondering how that’s possible. Well, these tools have advanced search features and filters. 

You can search for posts to unlike with keywords and other search specifications. Another option is to filter the posts automatically, leaving only the most urgent ones to unlike. After this, mark the posts and delete your likes in bulk. 

Don’t worry; Twitter doesn’t notify users when this happens. So, the post author will be unaware of your actions. Hence, if you want to venture on a removal spree and keep it a secret, that’s fine.

Lights illuminate the sign “#tweet tweet.”

Understanding and Using Tweet Deletion Tools

A tweet deletion tool is software programmers engineer to perform deletion tasks on a Twitter profile. This automation involves a high level of programming to make such tools efficient. Such tools can help you delete your tweets, unlike posts, and unfollow individuals.

So, if you’d like to know efficient tools for removing likes on Twitter, here are two options you can try.

Circleboom Twitter Deletion Tool

Circleboom is a great tool to unlike posts that no longer align with your interests on Twitter. It’s a management tool that offers deletion solutions, Twitter analytics, advanced search, and follower insight services. So, aside from removing Twitter likes, there’s a lot you can do with the tool.

Circleboom has an archive of Twitter history that can load and delete up to 3200 of your recently liked posts. With this, mass deletion poses no challenge at all. You can search through your Twitter likes and sort tweets by their number of likes. 

The tool has a web version and an app for iOS users. You can use the web version or install the app depending on your device’s operating system. Here’s a five-step guide to using the Circleboom tool:

  1. Create a Circleboom account and log in to your Twitter account through Circleboom’s dashboard.
  2. Tap on my tweets from the left menu, then select Unlike last 3200 likes.
  3. Click Start and select the option to Upload your like.js file from your Twitter archive.
  4. After the upload, you can exclude chosen likes from deletion. You can also filter those you want to delete using hashtags, dates, usernames, keywords, etc.
  5. You can now click the delete button.

It’s so easy to pave a better path and revamp your profile on Twitter, aka X.


Redact is another good tool for deleting Twitter likes, posts, and Direct Messages. It has a free version and a paid package. Redact can also curate a list of all your liked tweets that are up for deletion after filtering. 

This way, you can review the final selection and ensure you don’t mistakenly delete a like you’d want to keep. So, if you use this tool appropriately, you’ll have zero regrets. You also have the power to exclude the tweets you’ve liked individually. 

Also, with Redact, the date filter is more elaborate. You can delete Twitter likes within a particular time frame. For example, you can delete all likes within a week or those between two select months. 

Thus, preventing people from seeing the posts you interact with is much easier. To keep this going long-term, schedule a routine deletion. This way, you won’t have to withhold from liking certain content to maintain a public image. You can use Twitter casually, liking posts and relaxing while Redact clears your tracks. 

So download the app on your device and let it help you do the work. But before proceeding with the download, note that you may experience limitations if you use your mobile device. That’s because not all features are available on the mobile app. So, for the best experience, use a PC if you have one.

The word “DELETE” on ash Scrabble tiles.

Remove All Likes Twitter

There are individual and multiple modes of Twitter removing likes. But of all these, the most intense is the attempt to bulk delete likes. This action means deleting every post you have liked since opening your Twitter account until the present moment. 

You may wonder if you can remove all likes on Twitter. The answer is yes; however, you’ll need a tool to do this. While you can use those above, there’s a better option, which you’ll learn about soon. The steps for unliking all your likes are almost identical to unliking multiple tweets.

It’s easier because you don’t have to go through the filtering process. You can create your account, sync and authenticate your Twitter account, and visit your dashboard or menu. 

Follow up by selecting the option to unlike all tweets or posts, uploading your archive history, and pushing the button. This action will wipe your Twitter history clean. We highly recommend this to those starting their Twitter influencing journey. You can retain your old account and followers by deleting likes and tweets and then build from there. 

How To Remove Likes From Twitter With TweetEraser 

Do you want to delete your likes using the best tool? If yes, there’s a super fast, easy-to-use tool that also gives the most efficient results. This tool is TweetEraser. It isn’t free, but it has different plans that all give the most value at their level. 

The most affordable is the standard plan. With it, you can access  3200 posts and delete 100 likes, tweets, quotes, and reposts. On the advanced plan, you can delete 3000 posts and likes and upload your archive to delete more. 

Finally, the unlimited plan allows you to delete many likes and tweets, simultaneously unlike all tweets, and auto-delete. We’re sure you’re eager to learn how to remove likes from Twitter with TweetEraser. 

Here are five steps to help you:

  1. Visit the TweetEraser website and create an account.
  2. Connect and authenticate your Twitter account.
  3. Subscribe to a package.
  4. Upload your Twitter archive if your posts are over 100.
  5. Navigate to the likes tab, tick Select All, and watch all your likes disappear.

Using TweetEraser is simple. You can swiftly remove Twitter likes and delete posts by like or tweet deletion. So, refresh your feed and profile by filtering, unliking, and deleting some content today.

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