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Why Is Twitter So Toxic? A Breakdown of X’s Hostility


April 26, 2024 | 8 min read

Twitter, now X, has millions of active users sharing their opinions daily. With the platform’s freedom of speech, it is only natural for some content to trigger emotions. Many people find support on the positive side, but the negativity is more harmful. Thus, people have often asked, “Why is Twitter so Toxic?”

Many times, Twitter users have experienced various forms of toxicity on the platform. The extent of this harmful nature has raised curiosity among different groups and individuals. This article sheds more light on Twitter toxicity. So, read to the end to better understand the situation.

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Is Social Media Harmful?

Yes, social media is harmful based on various attacks and harassment reports on each platform. These days, the harmful nature of social platforms is a major concern. People keep creating different ways to make the environment toxic for other users. Surprisingly, some audiences derive joy from this toxicity.

Twitter toxicity is one of the topics raising concerns. Some users find the platform’s hostile environment entertaining, and seeing people attacking each other has become amusing. However, several social media companies have developed solutions to address the issue of toxicity.

Twitter also keeps improving on solutions to this dilemma. Luckily, it has brought some noticeable changes to the platform. Today, it is almost impossible to notice the hostility on the platform. It’s not like it doesn’t exist, but its toxicity has reduced. This is why it is essential to analyze the situation for deeper knowledge.

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Why Is Twitter So Toxic These Days?

Twitter is toxic these days due to the freedom everyone has to share opinions, which are often negative. Apart from this, other factors contribute to the platform’s toxicity. They include the spread of misinformation and hate speech, cyberbullying, limited character count, and harassment.

These factors have created a hostile environment for people on the platform. However, determining the level of toxicity depends on what you consider harmful. Human nature is typically hostile, and people tend to exhibit their behavior when given freedom.

While Twitter is a place for people to express themselves freely, misusing that freedom has made it harmful. Its harmful nature no longer allows its users to find comfort in the platform. Unfortunately, the toxicity mainly affects people’s mental health and self-esteem.

For many people, staying off the platform is better for their mental health. Several other solutions exist, but first, you must understand the reasons for the platform’s toxicity.

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Reasons for Twitter Toxicity

As mentioned, Twitter, aka X’s toxicity, depends on several factors, including behaviors exhibited on the platform. With the prevalence of these harmful behaviors, Twitter has become toxic. However, we must analyze each factor to better understand the level of toxicity.

1. Misinformation and Fake News

One primary reason for X’s toxicity is the increased spread of misinformation. False information can trigger people to exhibit strong emotional reactions. Their emotions can contribute to their comments on other people’s posts and create a hostile environment. Anyone can spread the wrong information on social media.

It could be unintentional in some cases. Sometimes, content creators use fake news to get people’s attention and boost their Twitter engagement rate. Their unsuspecting audience reacts to this news and may leave negative and positive comments about it.

In addition, some people may repost this news to share it with their Twitter followers. Eventually, this news spreads across the platform while triggering various reactions and responses. However, content creators aren’t the only ones spreading false information. Twitter bots often post fake news to trigger people’s reactions.

Sometimes, these posts aim to attack public figures. Other times, they aim to mislead people into believing the wrong information. Fortunately, Twitter, aka X, has rolled out various policies to limit misleading posts.

They have also allowed users to report misleading or infringing posts. However, some of these posts occasionally find their way to the platform. These efforts will likely make the social media platform safe.

2. Limited Character Count

While the Twitter character count doesn’t allow bulky posts, it limits the information users can include in each post. This limitation can create misunderstandings, leading to negativity and conflicts, making the environment toxic.

In addition, incomplete posts from public figures like politicians and celebrities can lead to misinterpretations and negative propaganda. People can express themselves better if there is more character count. However, people have found a way around this by creating Twitter threads.

Threads allow users to connect related content under the same post. Alternatively, users can subscribe to X Premium to increase their character count. Twitter verification gives users access to more benefits than the regular account.

Unfortunately, many people may not read the whole thread or a single post. Too many bulky posts can cause the audience to lose interest and unfollow the account. It can also lead to trolling and misinterpretation.

3. Negativity and Hate Speech

Social media’s freedom of speech has allowed negativity through unfiltered opinions and hate speech. Contributing to this is the anonymity and distance in the social media space. The ability for anyone to post anything from any part of the world has made trolling another major issue.

Fortunately, these issues still violate the platform’s policy, so users can report whenever they see violators. It is also possible to curate feeds on X to restrict unwanted content.

4. Cyberbullying

Similar to other issues, targeting people for harassment on the platform is toxic. Cyberbullying is common on various platforms, and the result is damaging. The Twitter space is vast, and many people will see these embarrassing posts. Eventually, it will trigger emotions and may endanger the victim’s life.

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Effects of the Switch From Twitter to X on Toxicity

When Elon Musk acquired Twitter, specific changes occurred on the social platform. Apart from the apparent name change from Twitter to X, communication and interaction have improved. Toxic tweets were a major problem before several policies limited them.

Many people knew the platform was where users attacked each other. Fortunately, Elon Musk acquired the platform to enable freedom of speech while eradicating this toxicity. Part of the efforts to encourage this was raising the character limit to 25,000.

Now, users can express themselves better and have more in-depth conversations. X goes beyond being a social media platform. It is a channel for marketers and brands to connect. It is also an avenue for public figures to gain the attention of their target audience.

While all of these look good, toxicity would have been the limiting factor in exploring the platform. Fortunately, changing its name also led to the implementation of several rules and restrictions. It allowed users to pick out bullies and attackers for violations. The system also reacts quickly by either suspending or deleting violators’ accounts.

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How To Deal with Toxicity on Twitter

The best way to deal with a toxic environment is to avoid it. You can adjust your Twitter account privacy to allow only trusted people to access your account. Another solution is to mute words and hashtags on the platform. This action will remove posts containing specific words from your feed.

Alternatively, you can take it further by blocking toxic Twitter users. The block option restricts selected accounts from seeing your posts or profile. While dealing with toxic people on the platform, working on yourself is also essential. It is best to think hard before reacting to toxic posts.

Regardless of how triggering the post is, it is best to think about what to say before replying. Anything you say online reflects your brand or personality. So, it is best to publish posts and comments strategically. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stand up to bullies and harassers.

You only need to create an action plan to handle online harassment and threats effectively. You must learn to reply to toxic posts humanely. Additionally, you must ensure you aren’t part of the toxic crowd. At some point, you may have posted harmful content targeting other people.

This action may have been unintentional since you didn’t have answers to “Why is Twitter so toxic?” Now is the best time to delete these negative posts from your account. Fortunately, TweetEraser can remove them in bulk with a highly effective web-based application.Regardless of the age of these posts, our tool will upload and search your archive to delete them. TweetEraser’s tool allows you to filter and delete specific posts, reposts and likes. It provides an opportunity to clear your history and create a clean slate. So, start filtering and cleaning your X timeline today!

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