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Twitter App Alternatives


February 15, 2024 | 11 min read

In October 2022, Elon Musk bought Twitter, making it a private company. This purchase led to many changes, including the rebranding of Twitter to X. Other reforms include the introduction of Twitter Blue and rate limits. Due to these alterations, some users yearn to know the Twitter app alternative so they can migrate.

Twitter is unique and has certain features that set it apart from other social media apps. Therefore, you may wonder if there is a replacement for Twitter, aka X. Though some apps are similar to Twitter, are they suitable alternatives? This post discusses such apps and explains how they function as substitutes for Twitter.

Twitter’s former bird logo and the new X logo on a brown background.

What Is Replacing Twitter?

Bluesky appears to be the next best thing for those wondering what is replacing Twitter. Though no app offers the same functionalities as Twitter, Bluesky comes close. Their similarities begin with having the same founder, Jack Dorsey. So, if you want to migrate to a replica of Twitter, now known as X, Bluesky is the perfect destination.

TweetEraser’s screenshot of Bluesky’s website home page.

An Overview of Bluesky

Bluesky is a social media platform that aids communication and information sharing. The Bluesky project, founded by Jack Dorsey in 2019, has steadily grown to compete with Twitter since Elon Musk’s acquisition. Sadly, Twitter’s rebranding and reforms have led to a loss of customers for X Corp.

As Twitter loses users, some switch to Bluesky, a decentralized app with a Twitter-like interface. This platform runs on a transparent, in-house, open-source framework. As a text-based Android and iOS app, Bluesky’s feed has a limit of 300 characters. 

Another exciting feature is the ability to create shareable custom feeds with pictures. Also, users can choose what custom feeds to follow and filter unsuitable content from their timelines. 

Bluesky consists of brands and individuals connecting via niche-based communities. Interestingly, the audience is steadily growing even though joining the app requires an invite from an existing user. 

During the site launch, people bought invite codes via eBay. Then, in July 2023, Bluesky got 8,300 daily installations. By September 2023, the platform hit 1 million users; presently, it has over 2 million users.

A noticeable growth trend is that more new users sign up whenever Twitter experiences a controversy. For example, when Twitter introduced the rate limit, Bluesky experienced an upsurge. The same happened after Elon Musk announced his plans to make Twitter’s key features accessible for a fee.

Understanding How Bluesky Works

Bluesky is an invite-only platform. Invites are sent out to new users twice monthly. These users can then send the invites to whoever they select. Upon receiving an invite, you can create an account with a username and a display name. 

After creating an account, using the app is straightforward as its interface is understandable. The major features include a plus button on the screen, enabling users to create posts comprising text and pictures. 

When posting, you can select your preferred language and indicate adult photos like the sensitive content setting on Twitter. Users interact with posts by liking, replying, or retweeting. 

A three-dot menu option also makes copying and sharing posts with other apps easy. To develop relationships and access updates, users follow themselves. Besides the feed with follower posts, there was a What’s Hot feed for trending content. 

But the What’s Hot feed has been changed to a personalized Discover feed accessible from the bottom menu. The bottom menu also contains the profile and notification tab. You can also access other options like your follower count, the search tool, feed, lists, and settings from the sidebar. 

So you can access tweets from the feed when you save or pin them. Despite the similarities, Bluesky has no option for Direct messaging. Regardless, it’s a good equivalent and has the potential to be a Twitter replacement app.

TweetEraser’s screenshot of Mastodon’s sign-up page.

What Do People Consider the Next Twitter?

If you’re looking for another, the next Twitter alternative is Mastodon. It’s one of the most popular alternate Twitter platforms. Mastodon is a decentralized app that runs on open-source software, allowing users to create communities. 

This platform is a network of different servers and communities with distinct controllers. You can join whichever server interests you and contribute to its growth by sharing details to help others find it. But joining a server doesn’t mean you must remain there permanently. So, feel free to switch and join another if you like.

According to ACM Digital Library, 136,009 Twitter users migrated to Mastodon within a year of Elon Musk’s Twitter purchase. Apparently, these users enjoy tooting more than tweeting. 

Toots on Mastodon are brief messages like tweets with a limit of 500 characters and can contain images, videos, and gifs. They can also be public or private. When users follow each other, their toots appear in their feeds, making it easy to stay in the know. Mastodon also has timelines that enable users to navigate through posts. 

Furthermore, as Twitter hashtags enable discoverability, you can use a hashtag search to source information on Mastodon. However, there are notable differences between both apps. For example, Mastodon doesn’t permit promotional ads, and the nature of content moderation is different.

But regardless, Mastodon passes as a suitable alternative to Twitter. Interestingly, as the app develops, its potential for becoming the next Twitter increases steadily.

Patterned alphabets arranged to form the words “SOCIAL MEDIA.”

What Are the Platforms Like Twitter?

Several social media platforms like Twitter exist. However, the areas of similarities differ according to Twitter’s vast function. So, there is no alternate app that embodies all existing features. Rather, each platform has its own rules and mode of operation. That said, below are alternate social apps you may like.

TweetEraser’s screenshot of Clubhouse’s chat feature on the website.


Clubhouse is a viable alternative for fans of Twitter or X space. This platform is a live audio voice chat app where users communicate on a live podcast. Different voice chat rooms sustain conversations across various topics that users can join. 

Each conversation can host numerous users for brief or lengthy discussions. On Clubhouse, voice conversations and chats are the only communication mediums, so all users can contribute to discussions. 

As a participant, you can listen or actively engage by speaking. Users can replay discussions and schedule events on Clubhouse as with Twitter spaces. Don’t worry; Clubhouse’s interface is easy to navigate, so doing this won’t be challenging. 

You can create a room from the bottom of your feed and send your invite link to specific people. But if you’d prefer a crowd, then allow general access. This platform facilitates easy connection as users can search topics to find ongoing conversations to join. 

Both Clubhouse and Twitter keep records of audio conversations for 30 days. But Clubhouse automatically deletes recordings after 30 days unless someone leaves a report. In this case, the record will remain until the investigation is complete. On the other hand, Twitter may hold recordings for 90 days if there are any violations.

Though Clubhouse was an iOS-only app initially, it now has an Android version, making it more inclusive. So, all smartphone owners can tune into Clubhouse and join live interactive sessions. Furthermore, with the Backchannel feature, anyone can send and receive Direct Messages on Clubhouse.

HighSocial’s screenshot of CounterSocial from Apple’s App Store.


CounterSocial is another alternate Twitter platform. However, unlike Twitter, this social media app isn’t available globally. But in countries where it is accessible, people love it for various reasons.

This platform has a posting format similar to Twitter and allows posts of less than 500 characters. Like Twitter, users can follow each other. However, when dealing with locked or private accounts, you must first send a request to follow them. After their approval, you can then view their content.

CounterSocial and Twitter have similar content filtering features that users can toggle on and off to control what they see. Users can also use the search tool to discover people, topics, and hashtags.

The app’s layout consists of columns, including the Community Firehose, that contains users’ public posts. If you enjoy lists on Twitter, CounterSocial has them, too. Users can create and name lists before adding them to a new column. 

But unlike Twitter, users can’t pin lists on CounterSocial. Instead, they can pin hashtags to customize a personalized feed. Another notable feature of CounterSocial is that it stands against misinformation, hostility, trolling, gaslighting, and other forms of cyberbullying.

Contrarily, malicious bots on Twitter contribute to spreading political propaganda and disseminating misleading information. So, CounterSocial is like a stricter version of Twitter. Due to this singular factor, some believe it’s better than X, aka Twitter.

The Discord app logo on a dark blue tile.


After using X, aka Twitter, for some time, you may crave another platform to hang out with your buddies. If you think Twitter has lost its flair, try Discord. Discord is a decentralized network that functions through voice chats, texts, and videos.

So, it’s excellent for connecting with your friends individually or in groups. Though the platform was initially for gaming discussions and interactions, its functionality has grown.

With various servers hosting different communities, its theme has expanded to cover many topics and industries. There are two categories of Discord servers: text and voice channels. 

Users can chat and share images, videos, and files on text channels, while the voice channels facilitate group calls. Besides texting or calling, you can follow Discord channels to receive announcements and updates. 

However, you can’t join over 100 server communities with one account. You’ll need to create a second Discord account to join more servers. Moreover, it’s also possible to establish personal connections and expand your circle. All you need to do is send a friend request. 

So evidently, Discord fosters fun and interesting communications between people in various niches. Therefore, you’ll enjoy Discord’s text and voice channels if you like Twitter lists and spaces.

HighSocial’s screenshot of the Threads login page.


Threads is the most recent Twitter replacement and rival app. The social network operates under the Meta platform and shares integration with Instagram. Although Threads is a distinct app, one needs an Instagram account to sign up.

Instagram’s sister app, Threads, shares striking similarities with Twitter as several functions are similar. For example, threads allow users to post and share text and visual content on the platform. 

Additionally, they can like and repost content and send replies via comments. Posts on Threads have a 500-character limit, and videos can be five minutes long. Users can create and edit posts from the home feed and even translate text.

In the same manner as Twitter or X, this platform prohibits nudity and other sensitive content. The similarity between Threads and Twitter has even led to intellectual property disputes between the CEOs of both social networks. 

Although Threads experienced a surge of signups within a few days of its creation, the numbers sharply declined. Therefore, user activity on the app is lower. But if you don’t mind a smaller crowd, you’ll enjoy this alternate Twitter app from Meta.

A smartphone folder containing social media app widgets.

Things To Consider When Migrating to a Twitter App Alternative 

After over a decade of Twitter’s existence, some patrons are migrating to other platforms. This loss of users began with the change in Twitter’s management and implementation of new policies. 

For instance, as Twitter grows more lenient towards free speech, there’s an increase in hate speech. The platform is also plagued with bots, leading to misinformation and other issues. As a result of these or other personal reasons, you may want to switch to another app.

But before you migrate, there are important factors you should consider. First and foremost, note that there is no replica of Twitter. But each replacement for Twitter has similarities and features you’ll enjoy. So, carefully select an alternative that suits your preference.

Additionally, most social media networks can suffer from data breaches, so be cautious about the information you share. It’s advisable to withhold sensitive information and double-check your privacy settings. 

Furthermore, to ensure security, sign up with a secondary email address to test-run the app. But no matter how nice any Twitter app alternative seems, it still has much to accomplish before attaining Twitter’s standard.

So, you’d better retain your X account. However, with Twitter’s changing policies, it’s best to filter your timeline and clear posts that appear prone to negative misinterpretation. But doing this requires scrolling, searching, and deleting, which is tasking. 

So, TweetEraser simplifies the process by automating tweet and archive deletion. This tool can help rid your timeline of old and implicating tweets. So, as you explore, remember to filter and clean your Twitter timeline today!

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