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Hide Twitter View Count: 2 Helpful Strategies

Ochai Emmanuel

December 14, 2023 | 10 min read

View counts on Twitter or X show the number of times people have viewed a particular post. This feature allows the app’s users to see how many posts reach other users. View counts usually appear between the Like and Bookmark buttons under each post. However, many people are sometimes not interested in showing off this metric on the app. So, concerns often exist about how to hide Twitter view count. 

Although the social media platform does not offer an option to hide your view count, several alternatives exist. For instance, users can employ browser extensions that offer this service or protect their posts from limiting viewership. Of course, users must go for alternatives that work better in their situation. So, this post discusses everything about the subject.

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Can You Hide Twitter View Count? How Possible Is This?

X, formerly called Twitter, does not permit users to hide the view count on their posts. This feature, which emerged after the company’s rebranding from Twitter to X, characterizes almost every post on the platform. Well, only some classes of posts do not have accompanying view counts: old tweets, X Circle posts, and Community posts.

The view count appears publicly; this means that the count is available to anyone who can see the post. However, people often cut corners, using third-party services to hide these metrics. From the start, the new owner, Elon Musk, assured users of an option to turn off this feature. However, users cannot currently remove it from the app. So, people must make do with the alternatives available.

Why Do People Hide Their View Counts on Twitter?

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The new view count feature offers several advantages, helping users keep track of their posts’ popularity. Despite these, not everyone is a huge fan of this addition. There are several reasons why people would rather hide their view counts than leave them public. 

First, many social media users look after their privacy, even on these platforms. While this feature is helpful, people may not be comfortable sharing their viewer data. Of course, this data is available in user analytics, so people may find it unnecessary to publicize this information.

On the other hand, people who want a less pressurizing experience on the platform may prefer to hide this metric. This is a valid narrative for people not looking to grow influence on the app. Keeping this stat out of sight makes the experience less intimidating.

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How To Hide View Count On Twitter: 2 Effective Approaches

Again, many users of Twitter, now called X, do not fancy the new view count feature. Because of this, there have been several questions about how to hide this metric on the social media platform. Well, several alternative solutions exist for this problem. Let’s find out how to hide the view count on Twitter with two different approaches.

Employ Suitable Web Browser Extensions

Web browser extensions are useful for several actions, especially on desktop browsers. Such extensions also play crucial roles in dealing with view counts on Twitter or X. Some are compatible with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. In contrast, others work on Safari, Opera, and Edge. Well, these extensions only hide the view counts from your end. This means that other users can still access your posts’ view counts. 

So, here are five steps to utilizing these extensions:

  1. First, launch your Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browsers on your computer.
  2. Open the Chrome browser web store or the Firefox extension store in a new tab. 
  3. Search “Hide Twitter View Count” and filter the few options that appear before choosing the situation option. 
  4. Hit the “Add to Chrome” button and complete the extension installation process. 
  5. Next, go to the extensions bar and pin the extension for easy access.

Once you’ve completed the extension installation process, open the Twitter website to confirm its effectiveness. You’ll notice that the view count for posts does not appear anymore. Close and reopen your browser if the view count still appears.

Besides employing this extension, you can also use the demetricating extension for web browsers. The extension completely hides all post engagement metrics, including likes, comments, view counts, and reposts. It also removes profile metrics like follower counts and number of posts. While these extensions prevent you from viewing these metrics, others can see yours.

Only Post in X Communities

The social media app does not display the view counts for Twitter or X Communities posts. This provides an excellent option for people looking to protect their view counts on the platform. Communities on X provide dedicated areas for like-minded people to foster communication about specific topics. These communities act as groups focused on different topics. 

Since posts made in these communities do not display their views, you could choose to post in them exclusively. There are three options for joining communities on X. First, you can join open communities if you find them interesting. If it’s closed, you can get existing members to invite you instead. In other cases, you may have to request the admin or moderator add you to the community. 

In this case, always change the audience option from the public to only community members when making posts. The platform allows only users with Twitter Blue or X Premium subscriptions to create and moderate communities. Since it is a relatively new feature, the platform has continued to make changes, implementing several updates.

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Does Twitter Show Who Viewed Your Tweet?

X, formerly Twitter, allows users to see who likes comments, reposts, or interacts with their content on the app. However, since the view count feature is new, people are not yet certain how it works or its features. This is why users sometimes wonder if they can see who accesses their posts from this count. But does Twitter show who viewed your tweet?

The social media app does not let people see who views their content. The app only lets people see how many users viewed their posts through the view count. Besides that, users can also see people who like their posts. They can also see those who reply to their posts alongside the replies, as well as those who repost their content. 

While individual viewers’ identities are not public, users can also employ Twitter or X analytics to help out. This analytic feature provides information about audience activity and a user’s overall performance on the app. Users can also discover their audience’s demographic information and geographical locations. It also offers helpful information about response patterns, helping people understand which types of content fare better at specific times. 

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Why Is Twitter Limiting Views? 3 Reasons Why X Implemented This Feature

Recently, users began to notice that Twitter was actively limiting how many posts users could view within specific periods. The company first implemented stringent viewing limits on users, with Twitter Blue subscribers enjoying higher limits. Although the platform eventually lifted these limits, users are still unsure of the reasons for this measure. So, why is Twitter limiting views?

To Minimize Data Scraping on the Platform

“Rate Limit Exceeded.” This prompt characterized many Twitter users’ timelines in July 2023 when the app implemented these view limits. In the heat of it all, the company’s owner, Elon Musk, gave reasons for the rate limits on the app. Musk mentioned that the temporary viewing limits aimed at addressing extremely high levels of data scraping on the platform. 

The company had previously mentioned data harvesting operations from robots and Artificial Intelligence companies. Despite the temporary limits disappearing from the social media platform, it still pulls the prompt when it notices suspicious behavior. For instance, if the system detects abnormal traffic from your device, it triggers the limits for some time.

To Deal With System Manipulation

Another reason Twitter or X limits views on their platform is to handle the threat of system manipulation. The platform has suffered from the activity of bots and fake accounts for years. These bots can sometimes influence trends, give massive likes and followers to users, and inflate the view counts on posts. 

These bot behaviors mostly influence the platform’s algorithm, affecting the content that people see on the app. So, by limiting the viewing capacity of such accounts, the app beats down the activity of these bots. Dealing with these issues has been a major goal of the company’s new ownership.

To Encourage X Premium Subscriptions

Although the company did not mention this as one of the reasons, it used the situation to encourage premium subscriptions. The evident disparity between subscribers and non-subscribers indicated that this factor was also at play. While the limits allowed subscribed users to access 6000 posts daily, non-subscribers could only view 600.

Although the platform increased these limits due to the backlash that followed, it retained the massive disparity between these crops of users. This continues the growing variation window between verified and unverified users on the platform. In addition to these rate limits, the platform added some major limits to unverified users. 

In the long run, the company enforces these disparities to encourage more subscriptions. The company has lost massive advertising revenue since the takeover in October 2022. Therefore, these subscriptions have served as a major income stream for the company.

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Does Twitter Count Your Own Views? The Truth Behind This

People are sometimes unsure which actions count when it concerns viewing counts on Twitter or X. Due to the novel nature of this feature on the app, several unclarities also exist. For instance, people are mostly unsure if their views count on their posts. So, does Twitter count your own views on your posts?

When you post on X or Twitter, looking at that post counts as a view. Viewing your post multiple times counts as multiple views. While the app does not automatically add views when you refresh your posts, viewing them across different periods counts. In the same way, additional views count when you view your posts from multiple devices.

Can People See What You View on Twitter?

Privacy concerns have characterized the social media landscape since these platforms became mainstream. Twitter has been a significant receiver of these concerns for many years now. Well, the recent introduction of the view count also triggered some responses. For example, users are now uncertain whether other users can see what they view on the platform. So, can people see this information on Twitter?

People cannot see the posts you view on X, formerly called X. The social media app only displays the number of people who have viewed a post. Besides that, users can only see people who have liked a post and those who have replied to the posts. Users can also see those who have reposted and quoted posts. 

Regarding likes, Twitter or X users have dedicated tabs on their profiles, listing the posts they’ve liked on the platform. While they can now hide this likes tab on their profile, most users make it public. In the same way, users’ replies also appear in separate tabs on their profiles. This means that other users can access all of a user’s replies in one location.

While it is sometimes effective to hide Twitter view count, some situations warrant the deletion of posts in bulk. In cases like these, third-party services come in handy. This is why TweetEraser, a bulk tweet deletion service, allows X users to filter and remove their posts from the app. It is one of the most convenient options since it does not spread promotions on users’ timelines. So, start cleaning your timeline on X now!

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