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Threads vs Twitter: Find the Differences and the Better App 

Ochai Emmanuel

June 6, 2024 | 11 min read

After its launch in July 2023, many began comparing Instagram’s Threads to Twitter, now called X. Some even called them rivals because both platforms offer similar experiences at face value. No wonder you’ll find many comparative articles and conversations on Threads vs. Twitter. 

Today, however, Threads is no longer trending as it was at launch. Still, many wonder about its features in comparison with Twitter. Therefore, this article compares Threads versus Twitter to highlight their key differences. After carefully reading, you’ll also learn which is doing better currently.

What Is Threads and Why the Comparison With Twitter?

The Threads app is a social media platform from the parent company, Meta, for public social interaction. The app allows users to start and join public conversations with text-based posts that may include media content. 

It’s noteworthy that Threads is not a standalone app. This text-based conversation app link to Instagram such that you cannot delete your Threads account without deleting your Instagram account. Hence, many users call it Instagram Thread. 

Users are comparing Threads to Twitter because they offer similar social media experiences, at least at face value. Both are microblogging platforms that allow users to share public updates and start conversations with limited charactered messages. 

Though launched many years apart, many consider Threads a rival to X, formerly Twitter. That is especially because Meta launched this platform when many X users expressed dissatisfaction with Twitter. So, with so many functional similarities, Threads launched as an alternative app to Twitter. 

How Is Threads Doing vs. Twitter?

Compared with Twitter, Threads still lags behind by many steps. Reports show that Thread’s rivalry with Twitter lasted not over three weeks. After this time, it receded to just another social platform. 

How Threads is doing vs. Twitter remains a popular question because the platform started as a strong rival. However, you can safely conclude that Threads pose no real to Twitter currently. 

Threads was quick to fall as it was to rise. True, it gained about 100 million users within five days, a feat that took Twitter over five years. Still, recruiting users wasn’t enough to make it the people’s favorite. Threads still lack many essential features that’ll encourage users to choose it over Twitter. 

Despite Threads’s quick and hearty reception, the platform has failed to maintain momentum. A few weeks after its launch, Threads’ usage declined steeply, while Twitter’s remained constant, even increasing slightly at some point.

Two black iPhones on a table; one shows a Twitter feed and the other a Threads feed.

Exploring the Difference Between Twitter and Threads

At face value, Threads and Twitter look alike. Some users even call them clone apps because of their similar functions and purposes. However, there are some differences between Twitter and threads. This section outlines some of these differences below. 

1. Thread vs. Twitter Character Limit

X, formerly Twitter and Threads, are microblogging platforms. That means users can only public short-form content on the platform to begin conversations. However, while both platforms conform to this standard, one offers more freedom than the other. 

Both platforms measure the length of posts by character counts and set specific limits. Nevertheless, the character limits for Threads and Twitter are significantly different. 

Threads allow users to post content with a 500-character limit. Conversely, the general character limit for Twitter is 280 characters. Notwithstanding, X Premium subscribers can tweet with up to 25,000 characters. 

2. Twitter vs. Threads Multimedia Content

Although they’re text-based platforms, Twitter and Threads allow users to post multimedia content. These could constitute the entire post or complement a text post. However, the degree of freedom for using media differs on both platforms by a mile. 

While Threads allows you to post up to ten media pieces in a single post, Twitter only permits four. Nevertheless, both platforms allow you to combine photos, videos, and GIFs in a single post. 

Besides allowing you to upload more photos per post, Threads allows you to customize your photos into a swipeable carousel. This carousel feature hints at Threads’ mother application, Instagram. On the other hand, Twitter’s strict media limit maintains its focus as a microblogging platform. 

3. Threads vs. Twitter Users’ Verification

You’ll find verified users with a credibility badge on Twitter and Threads. However, while this verification helps to reinforce credibility, you earn them differently on both platforms. Moreover, they offer different privileges on their specific platforms. 

There’s a lot to compare about the Threads Vs. Twitter users’ verification. But let’s begin with the qualifications. 

You don’t need to meet any qualifications for verification on Threads. Your verifications transfer from Instragram, the mother app, to Threads. That means if you have a verified Instagram account, Threads will automatically verify your account. 

On the other hand, you must meet specific requirements to get verified on Twitter. Below are the six requirements that qualify you for verification on X:

  1. Your account must be complete, carrying a profile picture and display name. 
  2. You must not have violated Twitter’s rules or received suspension recently on the platform. 
  3. The account must be active for the last 30 days. 
  4. Your account must be non-deceptive. That means you have not changed any account identifier recently. 
  5. The account must have a confirmed phone number. 
  6. You must be willing to pay the monthly subscription fee for Twitter premium. 

Besides the qualification requirement, verification differs on Twitter and Threads based on the privileges they offer. For instance, verification on Threads only provides basic privileges like enhanced analytics and access to new features with priority access. 

In contrast, X users with the Twitter Blue check can write longer tweets and post longer videos. They also access other limited features like hiding their Likes tab, Grok access and applications for ads revenue sharing. 

4. Number of Twitter Users vs. Threads

The audience is an important feature of all social networks. To a great extent, they determine the user experience and achievement of goals on a platform. Therefore, it is important to consider the number of Twitter users vs. Threads when comparing both platforms. 

Currently, Threads has more than 150 million active users monthly, while Twitter has more than 368 million active users monthly. With more than double the number of thread users on Twitter, it is clear who leads the rivalry. 

Nevertheless, some applaud Threads for gaining so many users in such a short time. However, the credit goes to the mother app, Instagram, promoted threads vigorously at launch. 

Further, there is a significant difference between the audience quality on Twitter and Threads. While Twitter curates a more avid and mature audience, Threads has a basic social audience. However, you should not expect much from an audience migrated from a camera-first messaging app.

Threads and Twitter logos on 3D cubes stand beside each other.

Other Differences Between Threads and Twitter 

Besides the major ones discussed in the preceding section, many other differences exist between threads and Twitter. Some of these are also platform features, while others pertain to the platform’s administration. 

Below are seven more differences between threads and Twitter: 

  1. Twitter features ads, while Threads does not. 
  2. You can only access threads through its mobile application. Conversely, you can enjoy Twitter from the mobile app or the web version. 
  3. Twitter curates your Likes in a Likes tab on your profile. Threads lack this feature. 
  4. You can only search for accounts on Threads, while you can search for accounts, words, phrases, and hashtags on Twitter. 
  5. Only your followers see your posts on Threads, whereas followers and non-followers can see your tweets on X. 
  6. Twitter has an in-app direct messaging feature, but Threads does not. 
  7. You create a Thread on X with the blue plus icon available when composing a tweet. On the other hand, you start a thread on Threads by clicking the enter key thrice.
A hand holds an iPhone that shows the Threads logo on a white screen.

Is Threads Better Than Twitter?

Many people, including social media experts, believe Twitter is better than Threads. You’ll no doubt agree with this popular sentiment after considering the comparison in this article and the difference above. 

Looking at the usage statistics, number of users, and features, it’s easy to see why Twitter is the favorite. However, let’s consider their value as a social platform to determine which is better. 

Social platforms primarily serve to share information and facilitate interactions between users. Today, they foster interactions not just between individuals but also between businesses and their customers. 

Considering this function, Twitter is still the better option because it provides more features to facilitate information sharing and interaction. Moreover, its overwhelming audience allows users to reach and interact with more people. 

True, Threads is a cool platform, and its integration with Instagram makes it even more exciting. It is even better than many other platforms, but not Twitter. Compared to Twitter, now X, Threads is only a poor imitation.

 A closeup picture of a social tab on an iPhone shows the Threads and X apps.

How To Create Twitter and Threads Accounts

After carefully comparing Twitter and Threads, you must have chosen a platform to set up an account. Moreover, since they’re not mutually exclusive apps, you may want to experience them personally.

To do that successfully, you must know how to register and set up an account on both platforms. Fortunately, this section provides a detailed guide for registering Twitter and Threads accounts. 

How To Create a Twitter Account in 9 Simple Steps

Creating an account on Twitter to start enjoying the platform is easy. You only need to meet the Twitter age requirement and provide an email address and personal information. With these, you can easily register an account on X in a few minutes. 

Follow these nine simple steps below to set up a Twitter account on a mobile device:

  1. Download the X app from the App or Play Store. 
  2. Click Create Account on the welcome page. 
  3. Provide the required details on the next page, including your name, email address, and birth date. 
  4. Confirm your information and click Sign up in the blue highlight. 
  5. Twitter will send a verification code to your email. Enter this code in the field provided and tap Next
  6. Create a password on the next prompt. 
  7. Choose a profile picture. Although this is optional. 
  8. Create a username. Twitter will recommend some based on your email address provided. 
  9. Complete your account setup with personalization to select some preferences on the app. 

These simple steps allow you to create a functional account on X with access to all its features. 

7 Easy Steps To Create a Threads Account

It’s easy to register a Threads account, especially if you are already on Instagram. Remember, Threads is not a standalone app; it coexists with Instagram. So you must have an Instagram account to register a threads account. 

Therefore, if you’re considering joining Threads, create an Instagram account first. When you register an account on Threads, your username and display will carry over from Instagram. 

If you already have an Instagram account, here are the seven steps to register an account on Threads: 

  1. Download the Threads app from the Play or App Store. 
  2. Launch the app on your phone and click Sign in with Instagram at the bottom of the page. 
  3. This action logs you in with your Instagram account. Select Import from Instagram at the page’s bottom to proceed. 
  4. Fill out the field on this page for your Display name, bio and link. You can also choose to import these from Instagram. Then tap Next
  5. Select your account type on the next page, i.e., a public or private account, and click Next
  6. Threads will recommend some users to follow on the platform. To follow other users, navigate the list and click Next at the top right corner of the page. 
  7. Read and review the platform’s terms and policies, and tap Join Threads to register your account.
A black 3D cube on a dark background shows the Threads logo.

Is Threads Worth It?

Whether Threads is worth it depends on what you intend to achieve with the app. If you’re looking for an exciting microblogging platform to share long content with sufficient media, then threads is worth it. 

However, if you’re seeking a replacement for Twitter, Threads doesn’t come close, at least not close enough. Twitter has more features and a more active and engaging user base. Currently, Threads is not a worthy rival of Twitter, but a viable alternative. 

Nevertheless, its integration with Instagram opens up more opportunities for Threads, making it an exciting and promising feature. Even now, you can enjoy the platform with its growing audience. But comparing Threads vs. Twitter, the graph currently skews in favor of Twitter. 

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