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Why Can’t I See Sensitive Content on Twitter or X Right Now?


August 8, 2023 | 11 min read

Like every social media platform, Twitter, now known as X, also has rules on what you can post on its website. Sensitive content comes under these regulations, as it has to cater to hundreds of millions of monthly active users. The platform also has to respect their preferences. Due to these circumstances, the social media network hides sensitive content from its users. Why can’t I see sensitive content on Twitter aka X? The short answer is due to your default settings.

Fortunately, the platform does allow you to change what appears in your timeline and search results. This guide explains why you can’t see sensitive content on Twitter or X. It shows you where to adjust your settings in the app or web.

Twitter on the iPhone with a blurry background.

Why Are You Seeing the Twitter Content Warning?

You’ll see the Twitter content warning appear if:

  • You visit a profile that posts sensitive content regularly.
  • You come across tweets that contain sensitive content.
  • Your profile doesn’t have a birth date, or you’re below 18.

But why are you seeing this warning in the first place? Or why does it still appear for every tweet or profile with sensitive content even though you acknowledged the message? Why can’t I see sensitive content on Twitter without a warning? As you already know, the platform has a diverse user base. The social media platform has to ensure everyone can express themselves freely. Why? People use this network to share a wide variety of content, which may fall into controversial or sensitive topics. Twitter wants users to have conversations rather than restricting what they can and can’t discuss.

However, the platform also understands every user has different preferences. The social media network wants to ensure everyone can use the platform, irrespective of their beliefs and cultural practices.

Twitter, now known as X, opts for an inclusive approach to ensure its users are happy. This is why you see the content warning message on specific posts. The platform allows you to decide whether you want to see the content. You can scroll past the post if you don’t want to view the tweet. You won’t know what’s in the tweet as the warning message covers the content.

Why Can’t I See Sensitive Content on Twitter App?

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Why can’t I see sensitive content on the Twitter app aka X app? It’s because of the default settings, which you need to change. Otherwise, you’ll always come across the warning message whenever you see a tweet with sensitive media.

There are several ways to ensure you see sensitive content on the X (Twitter) app. This guide highlights where you can find the settings responsible for your online experience. However, this is only applicable on X aka Twitter for Android. If you have an iPhone and can’t see sensitive content on Twitter (X), go to the next section.

  1. Before you change any settings, you must ensure you have the latest version of the official app. Otherwise, you may face issues due to which you won’t see any sensitive content without the warning.
  2. When you open the app, it takes you to your home timeline. This is where you can see tweets depending on Twitter’s recommendations and the accounts you follow. The quick access menu on the left is accessible via a left-to-right swipe. 
  3. Select Settings & Support from the quick access menu to reach the settings page. The next step is to open Settings and Privacy and go to Privacy and Safety.
  4. The option to change your sensitive settings is in the Content You See section. This settings page controls your experience on Twitter. You must enable the first menu option, i.e., Display Media That May Contain Sensitive Media, to remove the warning.
A person looking at a retweet of a tweet on their iPhone.

Why Can’t I See Sensitive Content on Twitter on iPhone?

Why is the process different for iOS devices? Although the X aka Twitter app for Android allows you to change sensitive settings, you can’t do so on an iPhone. One solution is to open X (Twitter) on a desktop browser and adjust the sensitive settings. What if you don’t have access to a desktop or laptop? You can remove the warning message on iOS from a mobile browser.

The guide below answers the question—why can’t I see sensitive content on Twitter on iPhone?

  1. There are plenty of mobile browsers available for iPhones. Use any browser as long as it is the latest version. Let’s use Safari in this example, as it is already on your iPhone.
  2. You must log in to your X or Twitter account to change the sensitive settings. Enter your credentials to access your profile. Make sure you sign in the same way you created your account. For example, if you used your Apple ID, tap on Sign In With Apple.  
  3. Once you can access your profile, you must open the quick navigation menu. The interface is similar to the app. At the top right corner, you’ll see your profile photo. You can tap on it, and the quick navigation menu appears. 
  4. You have to tap on the menu option Settings and Support. The quick navigation menu expands, and you’ll see Settings and Privacy. Tap this option to take you to the main settings page.
  5. To reach the settings page which controls your online experience, select Privacy and Safety. Under this section, open Content You See.
  6. Here, you’ll find Display Media That May Contain Sensitive Content. Twitter, by default, keeps this option off. You can tap it to enable this setting.
A person waiting for the Twitter aka X app to load on their iPhone.

Why Can’t I See Sensitive Content on Twitter for the Web?

Use the social media platform’s web version if you can’t see sensitive content on Twitter aka X. This method works on all devices, regardless of the OS. Also, the changes are universal, which means you’ll see sensitive content on the official mobile app. Here’s a brief explanation of what you should do to see sensitive content on X (Twitter) for the web:

  1. Ensure you log in to your account before following the instructions in this guide. Otherwise, you won’t see the sensitive content settings on your device. Use any sign-in method, i.e., with Google, Apple, your email address or username. 
  2. After you log in, X (Twitter) for web will take you to your feed. Unlike the mobile versions, the quick navigation menu is already visible. From this menu, select More, which you’ll find towards the bottom before the Tweet button. After clicking this option, a menu with Settings and Support appears. 
  3. Click Settings and Privacy to go to X aka Twitter’s settings page. Look for the option Privacy and Safety, which is responsible for your online experience. Select it and then open the Content You See page. 
  4. On this page, you need to enable the first setting—Display Media That May Contain Sensitive Content. Now, you can see sensitive content on the platform without the warning message.

Why Can’t I See Sensitive Content on Twitter Search?

X aka Twitter wants to ensure users don’t see sensitive content in areas that receive a lot of traffic. What does this mean? The platform doesn’t want certain types of content to be visible in areas people visit frequently. X search or Twitter search is one part of the website that people use frequently. If you can’t see sensitive content on Twitter search, you need to change the following settings:

  1. Use X aka Twitter’s search feature to look for a tweet, account, video or photo. You can do this on the web or app version. Enter any term into the search bar and hit enter to open the results page.
  2. If you’re using X or Twitter for the web, you’ll see a horizontal three-dot icon next to the search bar. X aka Twitter for Android also has two buttons. You need to select the vertical three-dot icon. If you have an iPhone, you can’t change the search settings from the mobile app. Use the desktop or mobile browser version. 
  3. A menu drops down with the option, Search Settings. Open this setting, as you can control what appears in your search results. You’ll notice that Hide Sensitive Content is active. Don’t worry; this is by default. Select the checkbox next to this option to turn it off.

Why Can’t I See Sensitive Content on Twitter aka X Without an Account?

Are you wondering why you can’t see sensitive content on Twitter or X without an account? Well, this is by design. For starters, the platform only shows sensitive content to users who are 18 years or older. When you don’t have an account, the social media network has no idea about your age. As a result, it prevents you from viewing sensitive content.

There were also several changes on the platform for users who don’t have an account. First, the platform introduced a new rule making it mandatory to have an account to use Twitter. However, the social media network changed this requirement without making an announcement.

Now, you can view accounts and use the platform’s explore section without a profile. However, there is a restriction on how many posts you can see. For example, you’ll only see recent tweets when you visit a profile.

Although X aka Twitter’s filters and systems catch sensitive content, some posts or accounts may go under the radar. Or, you come across profiles that don’t mark the media they post as sensitive. You can see their tweets, even though they may contain sensitive material.

However, most profiles that post media with sensitive content are only available with an account. When you try to open their tweets, the platform will greet you with the sign-in page. Or, you’ll see an error informing you the post doesn’t exist.

If you want to see sensitive content, having an account is essential. Also, given how the platform keeps changing its rules, it’s always better to be safe.

Twitter’s sign-in page on the iPhone app.

How To See NSFW on Twitter aka X?

Not Safe For Work or NSFW is for adult, graphic or sexual content on X aka Twitter. The platform allows users to post these types of content. X, previously Twitter, considers these materials as sensitive. Use any of the above guides to learn how to see NSFW on Twitter, now X. If you still can’t see sensitive content on Twitter aka X, you need to see the platform has your birth date. You need to share this information with the social media network.

2 Common Misconceptions About X or Twitter NSFW

There are several misconceptions when it comes to X NSFW, previously Twitter NSFW. You need to know what they are so that you can avoid them. This way, you won’t have to worry about violating the platform’s sensitive media policies.

Misconception 1: You can post graphic, adult nudity or sexual behavior content anywhere on the platform.

Although the social media network is okay with these types of content, you can’t use them everywhere. What happens if you violate this rule? The social media network will ask you to remove the image immediately. Also, the platform will limit your profile’s reach and visibility. The platform doesn’t want this material in these sections:

  • Profile photo
  • Header image
  • Community cover image
  • List banner photo
  • Live videos

Misconception 2: You cannot adjust your sensitive media settings if you change them.

Fortunately, the platform allows you to change your sensitive media settings as you please. You can’t do this only when X (Twitter) marks your tweets as sensitive. X, previously Twitter, wants you to label your tweets as sensitive. When you don’t do this for several posts, the platform will tag all your tweets permanently.

If you can’t see sensitive content on Twitter, now X, follow the instructions in these guides. They will allow you to view sensitive material in your timeline and search results.

X (Twitter) severely limits your tweets from search results and recommendations when your posts have sensitive content. Fortunately, the fix is to remove all posts with such material. Although you can’t mass delete tweets on Twitter, now X, TweetEraser has the tools to make this easy. Its simple interface helps you find any post with sensitive media and delete it immediately. It also allows you to delete all tweets and start from scratch. Ensure nothing is affecting your account’s reach with TweetEraser today!

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