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Twitter Follower Count: Get in Touch With the Numbers


November 8, 2023 | 10 min read

Most users aim to obtain many followers on Twitter, but it’s not easy to achieve. You have to be intent on it and devote time, resources, and various strategies to actualize that dream. When your aspirations eventually materialize, you’ll be curious to discover which strategy worked. You might want to check through Twitter analytics, but sadly, the tool doesn’t offer vivid information on Twitter follower count.

But what will you do if you can’t track your successful strategies in terms of growth metrics using Twitter analytics? How can you discover which strategies to let go of and which to keep applying? If this is your dilemma, I’m glad to inform you of the ways to navigate this hurdle. Thanks to developers, you can use certain online tools, and I will tell you more about them in this article.

A graphic illustration of the follow button with two arrows pointing to it.

Searching Without Results? Where To Find Twitter Follower Count

Checking your follower growth is vital as it helps you to know what works. You can gauge successful campaigns and reimplement them. It’ll also help you keep tabs on the demographics so you can know how well your account is doing. You might want to ignore the Twitter follower count and keep building, but succumbing to that thought would be unwise.

That’s because a regular follower count will give you insight into growing your Twitter, aka, X followers, without much stress. Who wouldn’t like to learn tricks that can help you accumulate numbers? Followers are the bane of your online presence. They can support your business, spike sales, or make you the successful influencer you crave to be. So, you should monitor your standard and professional Twitter account followers.

After reading all this, you’ll wonder how to count Twitter followers. Do you head to the following list or use Twitter’s special analytical tool? You can check the list if you only want to know the number of people following you now. All you need to do is head over to your Twitter profile. There, you will see the number of followers you have and those you’re following beneath your username.

However, this won’t give you a vivid analysis of your follower growth trend. You may try Twitter analytics, but you won’t find much there. You can only obtain concise information on your audience’s growth pattern by using growth tracking tools. Are you wondering what they are? You’ll find out soon enough!

Image of a person holding a showing Twitter’s side panel with the follower count beneath the username.

Twitter Follower Count Tracker: Monitoring Follower Growth Charts

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You’ll need a Twitter follower count tracker for detailed followers’ demographics. Interestingly, aside from yours, you can monitor your competitors or clients’ follower growth status. By doing so, you’ll be able to discover who is currently topping the industry charts. As an account handler, you can check whether your client’s social media page is thriving. So, let’s see two examples of Twitter, aka X follower trackers.

TweetEraser’s screenshot of Social Blade’s Twitter follower tracking page.

Social Blade Twitter Tracker

Some offer free usage, while some operate based on payment entirely. So, you can find a tracker that meets your budget. Luckily, Social Blade is one of the trackers you can use without spending a dime. A tracker is much better than checking the follower and following list because it provides more information. One advantage of trackers over followers lists is that they display a full analysis of your followings in a graph.

The information in the graph included the number of your existing followers, new followers, and those who unfollowed you. The tracker keeps a record of this information over a while, starting from your registration date. So, you can switch times within your registration date to get the necessary information. If you’d like to monitor your follower statistics with Audience, below are three steps to guide you.

  1. Visit the Social Blade website.
  2. Tap the box above and enter the name of the Twitter user whose follower activity you want to track. 
  3. Press the search user button. In a few seconds, a page will load, displaying user statistics and analytical history for the account in question.

Interestingly, Social Blade offers many other account management functionalities. You can select between options in the black menu bar above to see more detailed statistics. However, you may have to upgrade to the paid version to check certain information. You can also view future projections for the account. Interestingly, you can also use Social Blade to check live follower count. As such, it’s a nice tracker which you should try.

TweetEraser’s screenshot of Tweet Binder’s Twitter follower tracking tool.

Tweet Binder Twitter Tracker

Tweet Binder is another exceptional Twitter follower counting tool. You can use it to check your daily follower and unfollower status. With this follower count tracker, you can also check the results of your post performance. Some posts induce engagement, but some further lead people to visit your profile and follow you. So, you can find out your top-performing tweets and replicate them to attain more leads.

Additionally, you can closely examine the evolution of any Twitter account. This insight can help you learn the growth patterns of influencers, brands, and celebrities. So what are you waiting for? Well, in case you don’t know how to use Tweet Binder, I’ll tell you how. But before proceeding, remember that Tweet binder’s tracking tool requires a fee. If you don’t mind paying for their services, follow these five steps to use the tracker.

  1. Visit the Tweet binder website and sign in with Twitter.
  2. Next, you’ll have to authorize the app.
  3. A page will load where you can input up to eight usernames for tracking. Enter the username(s), tap add, and select continue.
  4. The subscription page will load, where you can choose a payment method and initiate payment.
  5. After that, follow the prompt to get all the necessary details.

Tweet binder can show your follower and following growth, their ratio, your retweets, activity charts, and more.

An illustration of Twitter’s bird logo with the follow and following buttons at the right base.

Twitter Live Follower Count: Tools For Viewing Demographics in Real-time

Using a follower count tracker to check people’s followers is effective. But there may be slight inaccuracies. For example, you check the follower count of a particular Twitter handle, and the result is 500,000. What then happens if five Twitter users unfollow that person seconds after you view the result? The answer is nothing. You will not have access to the user’s latest follower count update.

Hence, a Twitter follower tracker is good for on-the-spot results but arduous for monitoring purposes. Follower trackers cannot deliver real-time results. Rather, you’ll have to keep checking regularly if you want constant updates about an account’s followers. But you don’t have to worry about the inefficiencies of Twitter count trackers. There are several Twitter live follower counters that you can use for receiving real-time follower count details and monitoring accounts.

You can use such tools regardless of whether you’re an ordinary Twitter user. They’re perfect for monitoring your X follower growth and that of others if you wish to spy. However, these tools hold more value for social media managers due to the nature of their jobs. Imagine how easy it’ll be to monitor your clients’ portfolios and campaign progress with a live follower count tool.

All you have to do is to open several tabs and keep them running. You’ll see all the following the instant people click the follow button. Exciting, right? Well, now you’re wondering what these perfectly crafted tools are, so I’ll head into giving you examples. That said, two examples of live follower count tools for Twitter, Aka, X are Tucktools and Socialcounts.

How Do Live Twitter Followers Counters Work? Accessing Follower Statistics

You can access these tools on any device without downloading anything, given that you have good internet connectivity. Most are compatible with Android and IOS devices and even Linux and Windows operating systems. So, you shouldn’t worry about accessibility. Interestingly, there are free tools you can use to count Twitter followers. But, without a guide on how to use such tools, having them will be useless.

So, in four steps, here’s how to use Twitter real-time counters.

  1. Visit any live Twitter follower count tool website of your choice.
  2. Depending on the default settings, you may see the follower count of featured persons or top accounts.
  3. Navigate to the input box and type in the username of the person whose followers you want to check.
  4. After entering the name, the tool will display live information on the user’s followers.

It’s really easy to use a live follower count. Additionally, the information is always accurate as these third-party tools source their data from Twitter’s API. So, if you require a comprehensive Twitter follower real-time count, you know where to visit.

A closeup image of a Twitter account’s report on a laptop.

Can You Access Your Twitter Follower Count History

The Twitter follower count history is quite different from the regular follower count. The difference is that the former is historical data collated over a long period. For example, your follower count from five months ago. Given that this information requires going back in time, you can see where the difficulty lies.

Most tools for counting Twitter followers show present statistics and real-time live information. Though some may have details of follower statistics within thirty days, that may not be enough for digging deep.

However, there is one tool with which you can check historical count records. The only limitation that may stand in your way is that the tool isn’t free. You’ll have to subscribe to access the historical data of Twitter users. But the tool is one that you may already be familiar with since I’ve mentioned it before. 

Wondering what tool it is? If you guessed Tweet binder, you’re right. You can visit the  Tweet binder website and check their pricing plans. It’s not so pricey, so you can afford to pay if you need the information.

A picture of a steel signpost with the word private.

Can You Hide Follower Count on Twitter? Keeping Your Statistics Private 

Several people have asked this question, “Can you hide your follower count on Twitter?” Interestingly, there are various reasons behind this inquiry. It may be for the sake of privacy. It may also be that you haven’t grown your followers to an amount you’re proud of showcasing. Sadly, it’s not totally possible to hide your follower count on X. But you can limit who accesses your follower count from your profile.

To do this, change your Twitter account to private from the privacy and safety settings tab. Then, tick the protect your tweet box beneath tweet privacy and save the changes. By activating account privacy, you can approve your followers, and they alone can view your follower count. However, this doesn’t stop random people from checking your count with third-party apps.

Besides hiding your follower count, you may also want to hide certain posts. It could be that you don’t want people to use your former sayings against you. It’s also possible that you no longer have the same opinions you used to, hence the need for secrecy. Whatever your reasons are, I have something even better for you. Do you know you can filter your tweets and delete them before or after hiding your Twitter follower count?

Not only that, you can also erase all records from Twitter’s archive. That’s exciting, right? Well, all this is possible through TweetEraser’s expert tool. Our highly efficient web tool is perfect for loading, filtering, importing, and deleting bulk tweets and archives. Interestingly, this tool is easy to use and won’t clutter your timeline with promotional information. So, start filtering and cleaning your Twitter timeline today!

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