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Twitter Audit: Learn About Your X Performance and Followers

Ochai Emmanuel

January 24, 2024 | 10 min read

The performance of your Twitter business account is essential to achieving your goals on the platform. However, a satisfactory performance on Twitter (now X) involves more than the numerical metrics. Sometimes, you’ll have the numbers but not the desired results in conversion, showing that something is amiss. Fortunately, a Twitter audit helps you look beyond the numbers to discern your actual performance and impact on X. 

Although not a popular practice, auditing your X account is an effective strategy for building a successful account. Moreover, it is a simple exercise that every Twitter user, even amateur tweeps, can perform. Therefore, this guide will show you how to audit Twitter accounts for valuable insight. It’ll highlight how to audit your followers for better engagement and your profile to attract an active audience.

A picture of Twitter’s bird and X logos slanted on a brown background.

What Is a Twitter Audit? Understanding the Concept

Twitter is one of the leading social media platforms that businesses use to promote their online brands. So, they employ several strategies on the platform to reach and appeal to their audiences. However, regular audits are important to help brands see how effective their strategy is and discern areas of improvement. But you may wonder, “What is a Twitter audit?” 

An audit is simply a detailed investigation into a Twitter account to determine its performance on the platform. This investigation covers the data analytics of the account and the overall sentiment of its audience. So, an audit does not just look at an account’s numbers but investigates its impact or actual reach. 

Depending on its depth, an audit could cover every feature of your account, from your content to your audience. Audits help you correlate your activity on X to their corresponding results. It helps you to see what you’re doing right or wrong. You can also learn about areas of improvement from a Twitter audit. When you audit your X account, you learn more about your audience and their perception of your brand. 

Based on your investigation, you can classify an X audit into three categories: the follower, content, and engagement audits. 

Twitter Follower Audit: Learning About Your X Audience

Your followers are one of the most important features to audit on your account. Twitter followers are your primary audience on the platform, so where best to learn about your account than from them? These accounts willingly subscribed to your tweets, so their sentiments will provide valuable insight into your performance. 

Unfortunately, there are many fake Twitter followers. These include bot followers and inactive accounts on your profile. A Twitter follower audit will help you discern and remove these followers from your account. Ordinarily, you might assume growth as your follower count increases. However, this follower audit helps you distinguish your active Twitter followers from fake ones.

A photo of someone holding a white phone with account analytics displayed on the screen.

Learning What the Twitter Content Audit Reveals

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When using Twitter for business marketing, you must post targeted content, not spontaneously. But how do you know whether this content reaches its target audience? Check the analytics of your tweets and try to study their impressions. Your impressions reveal how many views your tweets have. 

Then, highlight tweets with the highest engagements and analyze them. Check the post time, content type, hashtags, and keywords these tweets contain. That will teach you the best time and type of content to share on X. You can also learn about your publishing frequency when auditing your tweets. A critical frequency analysis will show whether you need to improve or maintain momentum. 

Measuring Performance From Your Twitter Engagement Audit

Engagements provide the best metric to measure your audience’s sentiment and actual performance of your content on X. Every content you post on X targets an audience and action or reaction. For example, the number of link clicks and shares on a tweet ad tells how your audience views the product. 

Auditing your engagement involves investigating your audience’s response patterns to discern their sentiment towards your brand. Here, you measure the likes and study their comments, replies, and your tweet engagement rates. Then, you correlate these with your conversion level to know how well you’ve reached your audience.

A photograph of two people auditing a business performance on a draft paper.

Who Audits Twitter? Can I Automate Audits for My Account?

Thus far, you’ve learned the importance of an X audit, which may prompt you to wonder, “Who audits Twitter?” Although an account audit is a weighty responsibility, that responsibility lies with every X user. So, you are responsible for auditing your Twitter account; X administrators will not do that for you. Remember, an audit is investigating your account to discern its performance. Every X user has specific goals for auditing their account so that no one can do it for you. 

Twitter administrators only audit the platform system to ensure data safety and protection. They also employ external auditors for this task. But at the account level, auditing is the role of the user. Nevertheless, veteran tweets automate Twitter audits using software programs and web applications. With these apps, you can regularly audit your account with more accurate results and less stress. Consider some X audit apps you can explore. 

Try Circleboom for a Complete Twitter Account Audit

Circleboom is a popular Twitter management tool with effective auditing features. The web-based application provides clear and detailed insight into an account, understandable by even amateur tweeps. With this tool, you can monitor your X account, specifically your followers, to distinguish active from inactive Twitter followers.

However, Circleboom does more than help you audit your account for fake followers. It also provides analytics for your content and engagement audit to give detailed results about your account’s performance. Though a paid service, you can enjoy Circleboom’s 7-day free trial before subscribing to the app. 

Use FollowerAudit To Audit and Improve Your Follower Quality on X

Your success on X depends on your audience and their perception of your online brand. Without an engaging audience, your activities on X would only hit a brick wall. However, while you cannot control the quality of your entire Twitter audience, you can control it for your primary audience—your followers. 

Many tweeps use FollowerAudit to help discern the authenticity of your X followers. This application has an efficient algorithm for detecting inactive followers. To precisely discern fake followers, the software analyzes each follower and their activities on X. From this analysis, you can learn about your most engaging followers and build the right connections. As a bonus, this app also lets you analyze your competitor’s followers, a feature you’d enjoy. 

Learn About Your Follower’s Sentiments Through Twitonomy

An X-follower audit only gets better with Twitonomy. This web app helps you discern follower authenticity and gives insight into their sentiment. It provides comprehensive analytics that shows which followers interact with your tweets and those who don’t. This insight helps you better understand your engagement rates since you know who viewed but didn’t engage your tweets. 

Beyond providing insight, Twitonomy can also modify your Twitter account. That means you can learn about inactive followers and remove them from your account from the app. Moreover, the app also provides analytics about more features on your account, including people you follow. Twitonomy is an all-encompassing X audit and management tool. A premium subscription allows you to enjoy these features. However, you can start with their free 14-day trial to get a feel of the app.

A closeup picture of a laptop screen showing an analytics page or a social media account.

How To Audit Twitter Followers on Your Account With Twitter Analytics

Your Twitter followers are your primary audience on the platform. They are the stepping stones to grow on X. So, you must nurture them well to achieve your goals on the platform. But while you can try to attract followers to your account, you can’t control who follows you. That is only possible when you make your X account private—an impractical choice for businesses and brands. 

Twitter allows anyone to follow you on the platform. But you can’t keep anyone in your online contact if you have goals. On X, the quality of your contacts supersedes the quantity. So, you must learn how to audit Twitter followers and regularly audit them to maintain a high-quality list. That will play a huge role in ensuring the success of any X campaign you run. In this section, you’ll learn how to audit your followers with X analytics. 

Follow the four steps below to access Twitter analytics for your account:

  1. Open Twitter’s web version on a desktop tab and log in with your X credentials. 
  2. Click the “More” icon on the left navigation menu.
  3. Open “Creator Studio” from the existing sub-menu and choose “Analytics.”
  4. Your X analytics will open on a new tab on the web browser. Navigate to the “Audience” to see your followers’ activities on your posts.

This analytics shows you how your followers engage with your posts. So, you can use it to learn what appeals most to your audience. Analytics also provides details about your follow and unfollow rate. That can help you discern how your activities during a certain time affected your followership. You can infer much from your X analytics data depending on how deep you look.

An image of a neon sign showing a message icon with zero Likes depicted.

How To Audit Your Twitter Profile To Attract Active Followers

Often, your tweets provide the first impression of your brand on X. That is why many people focus on content and forget about other important features of X branding, like their profile. Your profile is a very important feature of your X brand. No matter how users find you on X, your profile determines whether they’ll follow you. Moreover, when you embed Twitter links to your profile, you want people to find an impressive account there. 

Auditing your X profile is simple; it doesn’t require inferring sentiment from numbers. You only need to optimize your profile details and ensure the relevance and functionality of each feature. You can begin with your profile picture and header, which portrays your online brand image. Choose a profile image that is stylish and functional. Regular audits allow you to change your profile picture to maintain brand image freshness. 

Next, update your Twitter bio to reflect your new products, services, and achievements. Then, look at your pinned tweets and verify their relevance. Promptly replace any pinned tweet that is no longer relevant or attractive. Check their engagement rates and replace stagnant ones with newer and more appealing tweets. Sometimes, your Twitter audit would require clearing your tweets to help you restart your X journey. 

You can use TweetEraser for bulk-tweet deletion from any X account. This Twitter management tool helps you mass-delete tweets from your account with a single click. It can also import tweets from your account into your archive. Moreover, you can use TweetEraser to automate tweet deletion to keep your timeline fresh and appealing. So, why wait? Start filtering and cleaning your Twitter timeline today!

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