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Search for Deleted Tweets: Finding Removed Posts on Twitter

A picture of a phone displaying the Twitter profile of Netflix UK and Ireland.

People delete their Twitter posts because they do not want them around anymore. Still, this hasn’t stopped other users from trying to find them. The interest surrounding removed Twitter posts could stem from an investigation, an inquiry, or a simple argument. Thus, many questions exist among Twitter users about how to search for deleted tweets. … Read more

How To Download Twitter DM Videos: Saving Videos From DMs

A photograph of someone going through a social media apps folder on their Android device.

Although people consider Twitter a primarily text-based platform, users can send videos via their direct messages on the application. However, simply sending videos is sometimes not enough. In some instances, it becomes essential to save those videos to your mobile devices and personal computers. So, you may have wondered about how to download Twitter DM … Read more

How To Browse Twitter Without an Account: The Full Process

A photograph of someone in a denim jacket going through their phones with a notebook and a teacup on the table.

Many are still skeptical about large social media companies and specific digital organizations. This skepticism is due to the fear of sharing and compromising private data. Thus, certain users seek ways to access these platforms without allowing the sites to track their activity. For instance, there are increasing questions about how to browse Twitter without … Read more

Recover Deleted Tweets: Regaining Removed Twitter Posts

An image of an Android phone beside the green mascot, Bugdroid, with the word "android' on its screen.

Although composing tweets may seem simple, it could also take much creativity and energy. Even at that, it is easy to delete the wrong tweets; this can be inconvenient. Many Twitter users have seen themselves in situations like these. Therefore, many questions arise in these circumstances, with people inquiring about the possibility of regaining removed … Read more

Twitter Blue Check: The Key To Boost Your Online Reputation

A wooden board with the hash symbol, the word Twitter and the Twitter icon in white on a black background.

In November 2023, Twitter’s former CEO, Elon Musk, announced his plans to introduce Twitter Blue. He offered the famed Twitter blue check as part of the social media network’s subscription service. It was a significant change from the platform’s original verification process.  What was different about the new Twitter blue check? Can anyone get one? … Read more