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Popular Twitter Hashtags: Effectively Optimizing Your Tweets

Ochai Emmanuel

August 3, 2023 | 11 min read

Twitter is the ideal space to get all the latest news and trends. The app has an active user base ready to jump on and promote any interesting trend. No wonder it is home to many tags. If you’re a veteran Twitter user, you must have noticed how quickly people jump on tags, especially popular Twitter hashtags.

More surprising are businesses tweeting with these popular Twitter hashtags, even when there’s no connection with their brand. Thus, you may wonder whether there is more to Twitter tags than just fun. Stay with me if you’re contemplating what Twitter tags do and how they can be instrumental in your Twitter journey. This post discusses popular hashtags on Twitter; how you can find and use them effectively.

An image of the hash symbol drawn in white on a blue background.

Why Use Popular Twitter Hashtags? How Does It Benefit You?

Hashtags are keywords or combinations of keywords without spaces or punctuation, usually preceded by the “#” symbol. When this symbol precedes a keyword without spaces or punctuation, Twitter immediately recognizes it as a keyword. Hence, Twitter will highlight your keyword in blue, similar to the highlight when you tag a user. Twitter highlights hashtags wherever they appear in the app, whether in your tweets, replies or retweets.

Hashtags do not function as color markers on your tweets; they’re far more useful than that. They are tools Twitter uses to group posts about a particular topic. So, if you want your tweets classified by Twitter’s algorithm under a specific topic, use a hashtag for that topic. With hashtags on Twitter, you only need to search specific keywords, and all public posts with that hashtag will appear.

This explanation underscores why popular Twitter hashtags are important and how you benefit by using them. Since hashtags group posts, their popularity shows the number of people interested in such posts. So, to reach larger audiences, you should go where they accrue. Moreover, using popular hashtags on Twitter will help you appear in more search results, increasing your Twitter impressions and visibility. Undoubtedly, your brand will benefit from this increased visibility as it helps extend your reach far beyond your followers.

A Photograph of 4 pencils crossed together to form the hash symbol.

20 Most Popular Twitter Hashtags Today: The Most Trendy Hashtags on Twitter

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Hashtags are important when growing your Twitter account. They help increase your visibility and impressions. But you’d need more than these to grow effectively. More than impressions, you need engagements to bolster your engagement rate. An increased engagement rate could, in turn, increase your follower count. However, while hashtags can get new audiences, your content needs to keep them, even make them your followers.

Consequently, you must use Twitter hashtags that will attract organic engagement. That means you must select hashtags that match your brand or niche to attract your desired audience. Fortunately, the most popular Twitter hashtags cut across several niches, and yours will likely be there. Some evergreen hashtags remain popular all year, while others are seasonal. So, always choose one that best suits your brand and posting time.

Consequently, you must use Twitter hashtags that will attract organic engagement. That means you must select hashtags that match your brand or niche to attract your desired audience. Fortunately, the most popular Twitter hashtags cut across several niches, and yours will likely be there. Some evergreen hashtags remain popular all year, while others are seasonal. So, always choose one that best suits your brand and posting time. 

Here are 20 hashtags most popular on Twitter in recent times:

  1. #threads
  2. #birthday
  3. #beauty
  4. #cryptocurrency
  5. #tbt
  6. #vegan
  7. #photooftheday
  8. #wcw
  9. #funny
  10. #traveltuesday
  11. #nails
  12. #fitness
  13. #vegan
  14. #mondaymotivation
  15. #RussiaVsUkraine
  16. #Hair
  17. #fridayfeeling
  18. #lifequotes
  19. #gymlife
  20. #beautiful

Notice that these popular hashtags, although not exhausted, vary across many niches. Additionally, they incite different kinds of reactions from tweeps, keeping them trendy for long. Some incite unending debates, while others initiate opinions, ideas or lifestyle sharing.

A picture of the hash symbol drawn on the beach.

How To Discern and Use Twitter Trending Hashtags

Not all hashtags remain popular on Twitter for long. Some trends for a while then disappear like they were never there. Notwithstanding, trendy hashtags can give you sufficient visibility and the right boost while popular. While they may be short-lived, they still have advantages over popular Twitter hashtags.

For example, popular hashtags on Twitter may have been running for long periods and accrued overwhelming tweets. These tweets may now have several engagements per tweet, which take them to the top of any search list. So, you’ll hardly gain sufficient impressions since your new tweet comes far down the list. In contrast, Twitter trending hashtags are explosive, with many yet reasonable tweets. If you hop on the trend while it is fresh, you’ll likely gain your desired visibility and outcome.

Here are 5 top trending hashtags on Twitter you can explore now:

  1. #HomeRunDerby
  2. #Barbie
  3. #WWERAW
  4. #AyGlock
  5. #TheBachelorette

Twitter trending hashtags are temporal; very few last long and become popular. That is because they promote seasonal events or occurrences. For example, these were some of the trending hashtags on Twitter in the last six months:

  1. #FIFAWorldCup
  2. #Argentina
  3. #WorldCup
  4. #Messi
  5. #Qatar2022

Notice that these all center on the World Cup tournament concluded in December 2022. These then popular hashtags covered the event, host country, winning country and popular and good-performing players.

While these hashtags are currently winding down, others are taking the trend. In entertainment, new music tours, new movies, and players’ transfers in sports are taking the stage. Similarly, Trump’s indictment, BRICS, Ukraine and Russia occupy the political trends.

How To Find Popular Twitter Hashtags From The  App: 3 Simple Methods

On average, users tweet about 125 million hashtags each day. This number is undoubtedly overwhelming. Fortunately, as established above, you only need popular hashtags to achieve your goal. Thus, finding the popular ones out of these millions should be your primary agenda. Therefore, this section outlines how to find popular Twitter hashtags in various ways.

Find Popular Twitter Hashtags From Twitter’s Explore Section

The “Explore” section on TwitterWeb can also help you find popular hashtags on Twitter. While the “What’s happening” section lists global trends in the space, your “Explore” section is more personalized. This section provides details of popular Twitter hashtags and trends within your community.

So, if you’re primarily targeting increased engagements, using hashtags from your explore section would be your best bet. Moreover, this option allows you to select hashtags matching your content type. If you prefer posting news, entertainment, images or videos, you’ll find the trends below, showing you where to aim.

You can find the “Explore” section on TwitterWeb’s menu below the home option on the right side of the screen. Once you open the explore tab, you’ll find sections like “Viral tweets,” “Trends for you,” “Popular images,” “Popular videos,” etc. Check out the section matching your niche to find the popular hashtags used.

For instance, to create viral tweets, check out the “Viral tweets” section to discern consistent hashtags used. You can do the same for what you desire to produce a similar effect, even for images and video tweets.

Make a Twitter Hashtag Search Using Twitter’s Inline Search

Twitter only suggests trending hashtags with the “Explore” and “What’s happening” sections. However, if you already have a keyword in mind, you can make a Twitter Hashtag search to discern its popularity. When you search for a hashtag, you can discern its popularity by noting the number of hits Twitter provides. Popular Twitter hashtags will provide an endless list of hits.

Additionally, you can analyze the number of exact matches and the type of users posting this hashtag. You can also get more extended search statistics using Twitter’s advanced search feature. The advanced search will also allow you to specify your search’s time frame. This specificity helps you determine whether a hashtag is still popular or is no longer trending.

Further, Twitter’s inline and advanced search can help you track Twitter mentions, highlighting popular hashtags. Type and search “#” from the search bar to find popular hashtags. Then monitor your search result for recurring and popular hashtags. You can also use this method on intermediary apps having wider coverage. While this is less effective alone, you can combine it with other methods to verify the popularity of a hashtag.

Find Popular Twitter Hashtags From Online Influencers

Twitter influencers lead the way on Twitter. Somehow, they’ve won the heart of tweeps and can control reactions in this space. Not only do they help promote brands and figures, but they can also make hashtags popular. However, you’d agree that they had to learn some tricks before becoming influencers to make it up there. Even as influencers, they don’t only rely on their massive followers to stay relevant but also on these same tricks.

One such trick is the use of popular and inciting hashtags. As veteran Twitter users, they know how to select and effectively use popular Twitter hashtags and even generate trendy ones. So, you’d benefit a lot from monitoring influential and successful users in your niche. Moreover, learning from those ahead in every venture is good practice. You can observe their hashtags and the proportion and frequency of their use.

A picture of a keyboard, pen and plastic with the inscription “#TREND” sitting on a table.

Other Methods of Viewing Popular Hashtags on Twitter: Using Third-Party Apps and the Website

Besides accessing popular Twitter hashtags on the app, other methods exist for finding these tags. These include employing third-party applications and tracking tags from the social media platform’s website. Let’s talk about them.

Searching Popular Twitter Hashtags From Third-Party Apps

Intermediary apps provide good options for finding popular hashtags on Twitter. They can also measure the popularity of your desired hashtags to see if you should invest in them. These apps are mostly social listening tools that scan the internet, monitoring mentions of specific keywords. Usually, you only need to launch a monitoring project on the app. Then it’ll provide a result for your keyword and closely related ones showing their popularity online.

  • Hashtagify: One reliable tool you can use is Hashtagify. This affordable tool can help you suggest popular Twitter hashtags and track their performance. It’ll show you the demographic that mostly tweets specific hashtags and provides related hashtags and their stats. Additionally, you’ll get a detailed analysis of each hashtag, helping you judge their success in application.
  • Brands24: Brands24 is another effective social listening tool for finding popular hashtags on Twitter. This tool uses an hourly update system to update hashtag popularity. It is affordable and allows for multiple users on certain subscription levels. Brands24 even offers a 14-day free trial to convince you of their tool’s effectiveness. 
  • Trendsmap: You can also find and monitor popular Twitter hashtags from Trendsmap. This tool allows you to localize your search for location-specific hashtags. An interesting highlight of this tool is the word map. This map shows you the trending hashtags across all countries with a single glance. The tool also provides detailed analytics for keywords to help you make accurate projections.

Viewing Popular Twitter Hashtags on TwitterWeb

If you’re browsing Twitter from a web browser, you don’t need to search for popular hashtags. You can say popular hashtags will find you instead. That’s one benefit of Twitter’s “What’s happening” section. You can find this section on the right side of the page under the search bar. Twitter uses this feature to notify you of popular news and trends.

The list features news, trending hashtags and anything that receives explosive engagement. Interestingly, Twitter updates this list in real-time, allowing you to see how these trends grow. Thus, you can also generate hashtags from trending topics that could become popular Twitter hashtags.

True, it takes more than efficient use of popular hashtags to grow your account. However, getting it right is a giant leap in the right direction. Another important step is maintaining your timeline so your new account followers find only impressive backlog tweets. You can do this seamlessly with efficient Twitter account cleaning software.

TweetEraser is a flexible timeline management tool for Twitter. This tool can easily erase and mass delete tweets and likes from your account. It can also delete all tweets, preserving selected ones in your timeline. Although an intermediary app, TweetEraser will not request your personal account information, ensuring your safety and privacy. The tool is affordable, easy to use and efficient. Why wait? Start filtering and cleaning your Twitter timeline today!

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