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Looking for more ways to clean up your Twitter timeline? Discover how to regain control of your online presence and safeguard your X, formerly Twitter, profile with Tweet Eraser’s blog articles.

What Is a Twitter Handle? All You Need To Know

Were you asked to share your Twitter handle? Read here to find out what is a Twitter handle and how to share yours.

Twitter Trending Hashtags: The Guide To Staying Ahead

Using the Twitter trending hashtags is essential to make your Tweets searchable. This article addresses that and more.

How To Quote Tweet: The Art of Joining Twitter Trends

Discover how to quote tweets and participate in any discussion happening on Twitter. Learn what you can do with this feature to increase followers.

Advanced Twitter Search: Find Any Tweet Within One Minute

With advanced Twitter search, you can find anything on the platform. Learn how to use this feature with this guide and unlock its true potential.

Trending on Twitter: How To Boost Your Tweet’s Visibility?

How To Follow a Hashtag on Twitter: Keeping Tabs on Topics

For increased convenience, many users are concerned with how to follow a hashtag on Twitter. This guide points out the required processes in depth.

How To Edit a Tweet: Making Quick Changes to Twitter Posts

Since Twitter’s revamp, there have been several concerns about how to edit a tweet. This guide talks about that in depth.

Yellow vs. Blue Checkmark Twitter: 5 Key Facts You Must Know

Understand the critical differences between the yellow vs. blue checkmark on Twitter. Clear all your confusion with this guide and find what’s best for you.

How To Get More Followers on Twitter: Useful Tips and Tricks

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