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Best Twitter Accounts: Must-Follow Profiles on the Platform


August 9, 2023 | 11 min read

People browse Twitter for many different reasons. While others enjoy the looming political conversations that characterize the platform, others go for the social discourse and entertainment trends. People also prowl the platform searching for ideas relating to marketing, comedy, or current affairs. The reason notwithstanding, users are often on the look for the best Twitter accounts covering their interests.

There are several excellent accounts on Twitter dedicated to almost all modern issues. While some of these accounts are more popular among men, others draw more women. Parody and fake accounts have also become popular on Twitter, sharing jokes and posing as public figures. In addition, spicy accounts and NSFW also form a major portion of the social media space. Now, what are the best Twitter accounts for these niches?

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Do You Want To Enjoy Interesting Content? Here Are the Best Twitter Accounts To Follow

As a regular Twitter user, you must have several accounts from which you look forward to viewing tweets. Those accounts offer the content you consider valuable, thus the need to keep up with them. Unsurprisingly, several accounts are generally popular among Twitter users, and Many would consider them the best Twitter accounts to follow. While most prompt discussions on popular culture, others offer day-to-day updates, sparking conversations concerning recent events.

Well, here are the recommended accounts to follow on the platform:

Elon Musk Has One of the Best Twitter Accounts

The owner of the social media company has one of the most interesting accounts. With over 147 million followers, Elon Musk shares content about the platform, his other companies, and societal issues. Although his tweets are sometimes controversial, his account is a must-follow as it is one of the best Twitter accounts.

Barack Obama’s Is Among the Best Twitter Accounts

The former United States President, Barack Obama, has remained one of the most influential individuals on the platform. His regular tweets on social issues and politics have drawn him over 132 million followers. You should look out for his account if you’re a regular on the social media website.

Adam Grant’s Twitter Account Is One You Should Look Out For

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Adam Grant is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. He is also an opinion writer with the New York Times. Grant shares interesting nuggets relating to psychology, work, and life on his account. Many people rank his account among the best Twitter accounts.

Simon Sinek Has Built One of the Best Twitter Accounts

Simon Sinek, the author of “The Infinite Game” and “Start With Why,” is someone to follow on Twitter. Of course, only if you’re looking for thought-inciting ideas and inspiration. If you wish to grow strengths in leadership, growth, and teamwork, this is among the best Twitter accounts for you.

Lifehacker Is One of the Best Twitter Accounts

Lifehacker has gathered over 3.7 million followers on Twitter. The account focuses on providing tips that boost productivity and improve daily life bit by bit. The Twitter account offers advice to save time, perform minor tasks, improve health, and make important life choices.

Tim Ferriss’ Is Among the Best Twitter Accounts

Tim Ferriss, an American author, podcast host, and entrepreneur, has gained a massive audience on Twitter. This is because of his acknowledged work on productivity and personal development. He has written several books, such as “The 4-Hour Work Week,” “Tribe of Mentors,” and “Tools of Titans.” These books discuss topics ranging from lifestyle design, self-improvement, and entrepreneurship.

Being the host of “The Tim Ferriss Show,” he has gotten quite popular for his interviews involving successful people. He has arguably one of the best Twitter accounts.

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What Are the Best NSFW Twitter Accounts? Accounts That Share Interesting Sensitive Content

Twitter is one of the few platforms that allow not-safe-for-work content. The social media company has set certain restrictions to protect children and others from this inappropriate content. However, many users visit the platform to view this kind of content. So, there are often questions about the best NSFW Twitter accounts.

Here are the best accounts in this category:

  1. SafeishForWork
  2. Oftenbaddies
  3. BDisgusting
  4. MochaCentral

Twitter has gotten more popular as the hub for content you may consider inappropriate. While users can always avoid contacting such content, there have been significant calls to rid the platform of such content. Twitter NSFW content covers sexually explicit content, depictions of graphic violence, and foul language.

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The Best Twitter Accounts for Guys: Sports, Fitness, and Fashion Accounts That Interest Men

In a way, most men look out for different content on Twitter than women. For instance, men are generally more interested in sports, while women often gravitate toward more feminine-focused entertainment. Also, while men often follow prominent masculine figures, women might follow female figures. However, there is the question of the best Twitter accounts for guys.

The Best Sports Twitter Accounts for Men

Due to much interest from men in sports, Many sports pages have sprung on the platform. These pages capture various sports, including football, basketball, and martial arts. Here are those you may find interesting:

  1. Fabrizio Romano
  2. B/R Football
  3. Deadspin
  4. Sportsnet
  5. TSN
  6. Sky Sports
  7. ESPN
  8. NBA
  9. NFL
  10. UFC News
  11. Goal

The Best Twitter Accounts on Fashion for Men

People, including men, search the internet for inspiration on fashion and clothing. This search could expand to Twitter, as multiple accounts offer useful tips. Some of the best Twitter accounts focus on men’s fashion. Here are those you may find helpful:

  1. Freshness mag
  2. Men Style Fashion
  3. High Fashion Living
  4. Men Fashion Hub
  5. Tim Gunn
  6. E.J. Samson
  7. Mr. Porter
  8. Burberry
  9. Derek Blasberg
  10. Simon Crompton

The Best Twitter Accounts on Fitness for Men

Fitness has become a popular topic on the internet. Many fitness influencers and companies use social media platforms like Twitter to promote their brands. These individuals and corporations foster healthy living, a positive gym culture, and fitness discipline. In particular, men have emphasized fitness.

The best Twitter accounts for men’s fitness are:

  1. Men’s Fitness Mag
  2. Dan Go
  3. Zaid K. Dahhaj 
  4. jackdcoulson – online coach
  5. Rob – Nothing Barred Fitness
  6. Dr. Spencer Nadolsky

What Are the Best Spicy Twitter Accounts? Where Can You Find All the Entertainment?

Twitter offers a lot of entertainment, and this is what draws a lot of people to the platform. Users can view entertaining stories, videos, and images from dedicated accounts. Due to the recent updates to the platform, users can even upload and watch long-form content. But people are often torn between deciding the best spicy Twitter accounts.

Here are the most entertaining accounts on the social media platform:

  1. Steve Martin
  2. Tim Siedell
  3. Kat Dennings
  4. Al Yankovic
  5. Conan O’Brien
  6. Pour Me Coffee 
  7. BreakingNewz
  8. SpoilerTV
  9. VarietyMagazine
  10. ParamountPics
  11. SonyPictures
  12. Lionsgate
  13. Faces in Things
  14. Big Ben
  15. A Bear
  16. ladies and gentlemen, the weekend
  17. Death Star PR
  18. WholesomeMemes
  19. Red Panda Every Hour!
  20. SatisfyingDaily

Apart from these, millions of other very entertaining accounts are on the platform. As per the Twitter algorithm, the platform recommends more such accounts as a user interacts with more entertaining accounts. Moreover, more entertaining accounts are springing up on the platform every day. These accounts satisfy the needs of various viewers based on their preferences. Different people consider these the best Twitter accounts in the entertainment niche.

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What Are the Best Twitter Parody Accounts? Discover the Most Interesting Parodies

Parody accounts are getting more popular on Twitter by the day. Parody accounts are fan accounts that depict an individual, a group, or a corporation to satirize, discuss, or spread information. The use of parody accounts is not a new concept. However, these accounts have been on the rise on Twitter since Elon Musk took over the company.

These accounts mostly claim to embody public figures for fun. Then, they prowl the platform, offering witty replies and comments as those individuals. But people often ask about the best Twitter parody accounts.

  1. God (Not a Parody, Actually God)
  2. Elon Musk (Parody)
  3. tldrwikipedia
  4. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Press Release (Parody)
  5. Shannonnn sharpes Burner (PARODY Account)
  6. Academics Say
  7. BoredElonMusk
  8. SarcasticRover
  9. The Dark Lord
  10. ernest pidgeonway
  11. Onion Sports Network

The recent launch of the Twitter Blue feature has revolutionized the use of parody accounts. While parody accounts used to stay in the background a few years back, these accounts can obtain Twitter verification now. This way, they can boost their audiences and engagement. In addition, this recent wave of political discourse has increased these accounts’ relevance due to their individualistic facade. These parody accounts stand among the best Twitter accounts since they voice what their principals represent but will not say.

What Are the Best Fake Twitter Accounts? Who Won During Twitter’s Fake Account Season?

Just like parody accounts, fake accounts are rampant on the social media platform Twitter. Most of these fake accounts are impersonations of people who are not active on the website. On the other hand, some of these fake accounts are spin-offs of popular accounts already on the platform. Many fake accounts surfaced, claiming the profiles of popular online businesses and successful businesses.

Although fake accounts have always been a problem on Twitter, the issue has taken a different turn. This is directly related to the recent issuance of blue checkmarks to people who subscribe to the Twitter Blue service. But still, people are often concerned with the best fake Twitter accounts.

Many fake accounts sprung up since the launch of the Twitter Blue service. They include accounts claiming to be Tesla, Chiquita, Elli Lilly and Company, O.J. Simpson, Dave Chappelle, and AIPAC USA. While they are usually obvious fakes, these accounts posted ridiculous jokes, also joining conversations with ridiculous takes.

There were also fake accounts of Pope Francis, Martin Luther King Jnr, and others. While Twitter has taken down most fake accounts, they remain some of the best. Even so, there are still several fake accounts on the platform.

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What Are the Best Female Twitter Accounts to Follow: Accounts That Inspire Women

Women are breaking their businesses and brands into social media platforms like Twitter. These women have become models to others looking to launch careers in the social media space. So, to mirror their successes, you must keep up with their work. Following them on social media is a great way to start. So, here are the best female Twitter accounts to follow:

  1. Gabby Bernstein
  2. Kim Garst
  3. Mari Smith
  4. Amy Porterfield
  5. Christine Perkett
  6. Claire Diaz-Ortiz
  7. Renee Blodget
  8. Even Meyer Osburn
  9. Kristie Wells
  10. Susan Cooper
  11. Ann Handley
  12. Sharon Feder
  13. Liz Strauss

While most of these accounts are for women that have ventured into tech, there are many women in other fields. These are some of the best Twitter accounts to follow for inspiration.

What Are the Best Twitter Accounts for Leaks? The Go-To Profiles for Trending Content

Many people enjoy the hot news and gossip that characterize most social media platforms. Twitter is no exception in this case. Many leaks concerning individuals and large corporations fly into public view each day. But so, several dedicated accounts sponsor these leaks, sharing them before anyone else. So, for people who enjoy controversies like this, there is a need to follow the best Twitter accounts for leaks.

Leaks include video clips, anime, movies, songs, games, and other anticipated material that someone releases before its due date. Therefore, here are the most prominent accounts for sharing leaks on Twitter:

  1. Sugoi LITE
  2. Gaming Leaks and Rumors
  3. Best of Leaks
  4. Steve H.McFly

While people also chase leaked explicit content, thousands of accounts share such content. However, such leaked content does not last before the social media company takes it down. To avoid viewing this material, users can adjust their sensitive content settings on Twitter.

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