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How to Reactivate Twitter: Recovering Deactivated Accounts


June 28, 2023 | 10 min read

Twitter allows users to deactivate their accounts when they feel like taking a break from the platform. This is one step toward eventually deleting an account from the social media service. However, some users may wish to return to the platform after deactivating their accounts. These users often ask questions about how to reactivate Twitter accounts. Also, several inquiries exist about the possibility of regaining accounts after deletion and how to get suspended accounts back. 

To delete a Twitter account, you would have to deactivate it and abandon it for a 30-day period. However, the social media service allows users to reactivate their accounts within that period and reinstate it to the platform. Otherwise, they would lose their accounts entirely. This guide discusses how to reactivate Twitter accounts and the various conditions for performing that activity.

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How to Reactivate Twitter Account After More Than 30 Days

People often wonder about how to reactivate Twitter account after more than 30 days of deactivation. Note that Twitter users can reactivate their accounts after initiating a deactivation. However, Twitter policies only allow this action within 30 days of deactivation. This means you cannot reactivate an account more than 30 days after deactivating it. 

When Can You Reactivate a Twitter Account?

Deactivating your account is the first step to deleting your Twitter account. Just like many other social media platforms, Twitter offers a waiting period, after which it erases your account. For Twitter, this reactivation period is 30 days. Within this period, users can regain access to their accounts. If you’re concerned about how to reactivate Twitter accounts, you should complete the process within this window.

However, certain constraints may prevent Twitter users from reactivating their accounts within this period, leading to account loss. For instance, you may forget your login credentials. The recommendation is to request a password reset using the email you created the account with. You can also contact customer support to assist with the process. 

In another case, someone might have hacked and deactivated your account. The best option in this situation would be to get help from Twitter customer support. You must complete the process within the stipulated window, even in such scenarios, to avoid account loss. 

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How to Reactivate Twitter Accounts Effectively

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There are a couple of helpful ways for users with concerns about how to reactivate Twitter accounts. These techniques create the needed result if done within the permitted time frame. The first technique involves simply logging into your deactivated account, while the second involves sending email requests to the service. 

To reactivate your account by logging in, launch the Twitter app on your mobile device or open the website. You will see a few options on the page, and click the “Log in” button. The platform will open a dialog box asking you to input your login credentials. Enter your email, click next, enter your password, and click the enter button. Instead of your email, you can use your username or phone number. 

As soon as you’ve logged in, you’ve reactivated your account. The social media platform will immediately display your homepage, and you can continue using your account to browse the service. 

Another way to reactivate your account is by contacting Twitter Help Center. To do this, open the email account connected to the Twitter account and compose a new mail. The subject should be something like “Restore My Deactivated Twitter Account.” In the body of the email, indicate your Twitter username and mention why you wish to reactivate your account.

Send the mail and wait for an action. Twitter will automatically add you to the users waiting for account reactivation. It may take a while for this to happen, but you will receive a mail notification from Twitter indicating that your account has regained full activation. From there, you can access the accounts by logging in. These options offer even better convenience for people majorly concerned with how to reactivate Twitter accounts. 

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How to Reactivate Twitter Account Without Username

Apart from reactivating their Twitter accounts, there are also concerns among users regarding how to reactivate Twitter accounts without a username. Some users often forget their usernames after initially deactivating their accounts. So, because a username is one factor for regaining an account, it poses a problem. Nonetheless, there are several ways around this. Instead of using the username, you can use your email and phone number to recover the account. 

How to Reactivate Twitter Accounts With Your Email

In recovering your Twitter account, you must use your account information to log in. Doing this within the 30-day days after deactivation would mean you’ve reactivated the account. Now, what happens if someone forgets their account username? Can they still recover that account? Luckily, just as Twitter allows logins with email addresses, the platform allows users to recover accounts this way. 

To do this, open the Twitter log in page on your mobile application or the website on a web browser. While inputting your login details, input the email associated with the account instead of the username. Enter your password and sign in. This will also produce the same results. This method is effective for people with questions about how to reactivate Twitter accounts. Unfortunately, many Twitter users have not added emails to their Twitter accounts. Still, there is another option that could work. 

How to Reactivate Twitter Accounts With Your Phone Number

Phone numbers offer another option for users with concerns about how to reactivate Twitter accounts without their usernames. Just like you can use your username for logging in, you can also use your phone number. Fortunately, many users have their phone numbers on their accounts because it is a core element when creating accounts. Ultimately, its usefulness comes into play in this kind of situation. 

To do this, enter your phone number, where you should have entered your username when logging in. This would trigger your account reactivation provided you’re able to log in. However, this would only work if you can access that phone number. Also, it would only be effective if you could access the SMS code Twitter will send. In this situation, a phone number is an essential substitute for a username. 

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How to Reactivate Twitter Account Without Phone Number

Again, you may have always used your phone number to log into your Twitter account. But what if your phone number is inaccessible while trying to reactivate your Twitter account? You can also use either your email or username to regain your account. However, what about cases where you must verify codes sent to your number? This is why people often inquire about how to reactivate a Twitter account without a phone number. 

How to Reactivate Twitter Accounts Using Google Voice

Google Voice, a Voice over Internet Protocol, allows users to verify their Twitter accounts without phone numbers while reactivating them. Google Voice allows users to verify these SMS codes by acting as a phone number, receiving them, and displaying them to users. It is useful for tweeps with issues regarding how to reactivate Twitter accounts without the needed phone numbers.

While creating Google Voice accounts, users can maintain their original phone numbers. Again, they can use that number to call and receive text messages from the Google Voice app. Twitter users can exploit this feature without the needed phone number during the reactivation process. This is because they can easily receive the codes required to complete the login and account retrieval process. 

On the flip side, not all Google Voice accounts work in situations like this. Sometimes, you may have to try multiple times. You will see the verification message in the app when it goes through. Also, old Google Voice accounts are more likely to work than recently created ones. 

How to Reactivate Twitter Accounts by Contacting Twitter Customer Support

Contacting Twitter Customer Support should be the last resort if you cannot access the phone number on your account. Although it takes time to complete such appeals, you can always win if you can prove your identity. While completing the forms, be as careful as possible to follow the issue peculiar to you. 

You can also contact Twitter support via email and wait a while for a reply. The reply will require you to share your details and documents proving your identity. After a little back and forth, you can retrieve your deactivated account. Again, users with issues pertaining to how to reactivate Twitter accounts should only consider this method when all others fail. 

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How to Reactivate a Suspended Twitter Account

Twitter places so much importance on its community standards and policies. So, it suspends and sometimes bans users who violate these standards and policies. In other cases, Twitter suspends an account when it notices unusual behavior on that account. For instance, if the platform determines that someone’s account is compromised, it suspends it until the user can secure it. Nonetheless, there is still the question of how to reactivate a suspended Twitter account. 

Verifying Your Phone or Email to Reactivate a Suspended Twitter Account

In basic cases where Twitter suspends your account, you can recover your account by verifying your email or phone number. After an attempt to log in, you may see prompts requesting an email or phone number verification. You should regain your account by verifying any of those. 

This process usually takes about 15 minutes to complete. Thus, it is the most efficient way for users concerned with reactivating Twitter accounts after suspensions.

How to Reactivate Twitter Accounts by Providing Additional Information

If Twitter suspends your account for spam and abuse, it usually locks it for a definite period. In most cases, the social media service locks suspended accounts for 24 hours or more. You can log into your account when this time elapses, provided there are no additional restrictions. 

However, in most cases, Twitter requires users to verify additional information about themselves before accessing their accounts. You must submit documents and provide any requested information to authenticate your identity. Luckily, recovering your account with the correct information does not take long. 

On the other hand, documentation may take a few days, as Twitter reviews your documents before approving them. This process is essential for people with issues regarding how to reactivate Twitter accounts after suspensions. 

Filing an Appeal to Reactivate a Suspended Twitter Account

You can file an appeal if your Twitter suspension persists despite your efforts to revert it. Twitter recommends filing an appeal if you believe they’ve wrongfully shut down your account. This process would involve reaching out to the company and explaining your stance. Usually, it can take a few days to receive a response.

Therefore, you should be ready to wait while the service reviews your appeal. That notwithstanding, it is still worth a shot for users concerned with how to reactivate Twitter accounts after suspensions. At TweetEraser, we’ve created a simple, efficient web tool to filter and delete tweets in bulk. This application loads archives and deletes tweets in a quick, straightforward manner. Because it does not spread promotions on users’ timelines, it is ideal for people trying to clean their profiles. Start filtering and cleaning your Twitter timeline today!

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