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Welcome to TweetEraser

Nowadays every good web application should offer at least some kind of Howto’s. Some people are using a blog to provide their visitors with hopefully useful information. For TweetEraser, I would like to use the possibilities of a blog to provide you with – well, hopefully useful information – around why and how to use … Read more

Twitter Suspension: Its Reasons and Ways Around It

Like other social media platforms, X, formerly Twitter, has a set of rules and policies in place to maintain order. These policies and rules, which aim at protecting users, stipulate different measures that the platform initiates in case of violations. For one, the platform strikes accounts violating these rules with varying degrees of X or … Read more

How To Delete a Repost on X: Undo Retweets Easily

Reposting a tweet on X, formerly Twitter, is a simple way to promote tweets. However, if you do this often, you’ll find retweets clogging your timeline since they count as tweets on your profile. So, removing retweets after serving their purpose on your timeline is good practice. This guide shows how to delete a repost … Read more

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