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Twitter Video Download App: How to Efficiently Save Videos

A closeup image of the Twitter logo on a smartphone’s screen.

We see a lot of exciting videos every day as we scroll through our Twitter feeds. These videos come in different resolutions, sizes, and lengths. Unfortunately, the application does not allow users to save these videos directly to their devices. Instead, several third-party applications offer this service to Twitter users on devices like Personal Computers, … Read more

Erase Tweets: Everything You Need To Do

A photograph of someone in blue jeans and black boots holding an iPhone 6 with a blue screen open.

In some circumstances, it could become pertinent to erase tweets from a Twitter account. Users do this for several different reasons. First, they do this to convert the Twitter account from one use to another. For instance, the aim could be converting a Twitter account for personal use. People also wipe their tweets because those … Read more