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Yellow vs. Blue Checkmark Twitter: 5 Key Facts You Must Know

Tweet Eraser Team

July 5, 2023 | 10 min read

After the ownership of Twitter changed hands, the platform underwent a significant transformation, especially in its verification process. The social media network no longer checks whether the account meets their authentic, active and notable criteria. Instead, it offers a paid subscription to verify users and hand out checkmarks. They also provide exclusive features to enhance your Twitter experience. Currently, there are three checkmarks – blue, gray and yellow. To ensure no one impersonates you, getting the blue or yellow checkmarks is essential. Also, they add a level of credibility to your account. Regarding the yellow vs. blue checkmark on Twitter, which one should you go for?

Use this handbook to learn the differences between the two popular checkmarks. It also highlights the available features to help you pick the right subscription package.

3D Twitter Logo with the blue tick, hashtag, follow, following, and username around it.

Yellow vs. Blue Checkmark Twitter: What Do These Ticks Mean?

In the debate of yellow vs. blue checkmark Twitter, let’s first understand them. In 2021, users lost $770 million to scammers on social media networks. Twitter decided to improve its safety measures to protect people on its platform. At the same time, they wanted to ensure that bad actors won’t exploit the social media network.

The solution was to introduce subscription services that offer blue and yellow checkmarks. When you see a user with the blue tick on their profile, it indicates they subscribe to Twitter Blue. However, paying for the subscription doesn’t mean you get the blue tick immediately. The platform has a verification process. You will receive the blue checkmark only after the social media network reviews your account. Earlier, this tick was for any notable entity, be it a business or a public figure. Currently, it’s mainly for individual accounts.

The yellow checkmark is for businesses that belong to Twitter’s Verified Organizations group. When you see the yellow tick, it indicates the account belongs to an official brand or non-profit. Before the takeover from Elon Musk, there was no separate checkmark for businesses. 

A white sheet with three boxes and a red checkmark on the first one.

Yellow vs. Blue Checkmark Twitter: What Is the Eligibility Criteria?

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Another area where the yellow vs. blue checkmark on Twitter differs is the eligibility criteria. Remember, these subscription services cater to different types of accounts.

Twitter Verification for Blue Checkmark

For the yellow checkmark, you need to ensure you meet the following Twitter verification requirements:

  • Your Twitter account belongs to an organization, not an individual.
  • The organization has access to the Twitter account and can manage it.
  • Your email address, website and Twitter account belong to the organization.
  • The Twitter account’s profile is complete. The display name, bio and profile photo accurately represent the organization.

Here is an additional tip for the yellow vs. blue checkmark on Twitter. When you apply for a yellow checkmark subscription, the platform will ask for authentication. The social media network may also ask for additional details to verify the account. What happens if your Twitter account doesn’t belong to an organization and you apply for the yellow checkmark? The social media network reserves the right to cancel the subscription and not refund the amount.

Twitter Verification for Yellow Checkmark

The Twitter verification process is different for the blue checkmark. This is essential to know as it shows the contrast between the yellow vs. blue checkmark on Twitter. Given below are the various requirements you need to fulfill to receive the blue tick from Twitter:

  • All details in your profile are complete. There is a profile photo and display name in your account.
  • You’ve been using your account for the last 30 days. In other words, the account is active on the platform.
  • Your account is at least 30 days old.
  • You provided and verified the phone number as requested.
  • You didn’t change the display name, username and profile photo in the last three days. 
  • There is no sign of your account manipulating the platform or spreading spam.
  • Your account never tried to deceive other users on the social media network.

Yellow vs. Blue Checkmark Twitter: What Features Do You Get?

Looking at the features you get explains the differences between the yellow vs. blue checkmark on Twitter. These subscription packages aim to improve your experience on the platform. Here’s a table highlighting the features of blue and yellow checkmarks. Go to the next section to understand these features in detail.

FeaturesBlue CheckmarkYellow Checkmark
Twitter BlueOnly Twitter Blue’s features are available.Along with Twitter Blue, you get additional exclusive features.
Customer SupportAccounts with blue ticks get the same priority as accounts without Twitter Blue.Priority support if you have any yellow checkmarks or impersonation-related issues.
Account ManagementApp or Web.Web only.
LimitsOnly an increase in character limit from 280 to 10,000.Higher limits for the number of daily tweets, replies and media uploads. The character limit is also 10,000 per tweet.
Profile IdentifiersBlue tick on the profile page. However, the avatar can become a hexagon if you use NFT as your profile photo.You get a square avatar and a yellow tick on the profile page. Affiliate accounts will also have a small profile photo of the organization. 

Twitter Blue Check Features

What do you get opting in for the Twitter Blue check? These features differ due to who enrolls for the subscription service. Learning more about the features makes comparing the yellow vs. blue checkmark on Twitter easier.

  • Two-Factor Authentication – You can enable SMS two-factor authentication to protect your Twitter account. This way, only you will have access to your account. Bad actors cannot log in without the verification code the platform sends to their devices via SMS.
  • Edit and Undo Tweets – The edit and undo features are handy if you post your tweets and want to make changes. The platform gives you a limited period to modify your tweets. You have up to a minute to retract the post for the undo feature. The edit feature is available for one hour after you publish your tweet. Remember, you cannot edit or undo the post once these windows expire.
  • Format Texts – You can emphasize certain words and phrases by formatting them in bold or italics
  • 50% Ad Reduction – Twitter reduces the number of ads in the Following and ForYou section by 50%. However, the 50% reduction doesn’t apply in the following areas:
    • Promoted accounts in the Who to Follow section
    • Promoted events and trends under the Explore section
    • Ads that appear in profiles and replies
  • Higher Character Limit – The platform extends the character limit for tweets, replies, and quote tweets from 280 to 10,000. 
  • Upload Longer Videos – You get to upload videos that are 8 GB in size or two hours long. Currently, only web and iOS users can do so. You can only upload videos for up to 10 minutes on the Android app. 
  • Priority in Conversations and Search – When you reply to tweets or when people use Twitter search, your posts rank higher.  

Twitter Yellow Checkmark Features

When you get the Twitter yellow checkmark, you also get blue tick features. The social media network also provides additional resources beneficial to businesses. Here’s what you need to know about the yellow vs. blue checkmark Twitter:

  • Add and Remove Affiliates – You can access the Verified Organizations portal when you sign up for the yellow checkmark subscription. You can send invites to individual accounts to mark them as affiliates. If they accept, they’ll get the blue checkmark. Also, there’s a miniature of the organization’s profile photo next to the blue tick. People can click on this mini badge, redirecting them to the organization’s main Twitter account.
  • Priority Support – If you’re facing issues with your yellow checkmark subscription, you get priority support. The platform will try to resolve these issues or escalate them to the right team. Also, you can contact them if you find any accounts trying to impersonate you or your affiliates.
  • Protection Against Impersonation – The social media network is always on the lookout for accounts attempting to impersonate your business. Any time a user changes their display name, profile photo, or username, the platform reviews them. If they resemble your organization, they will take a closer look and take action if necessary.
  • Straightforward Recognition – Everyone will know if you belong to Twitter’s verified organizations. You get the yellow checkmark, and your profile photo’s avatar changes to a square. There’s also a new tab on your profile showing all the affiliated accounts. 
  • Fewer Limits – Twitter increases the limits for direct messages, media uploads and tweets. You can now post more frequently and reply to your followers without thinking about hitting the platform’s limitations.

Yellow vs. Blue Checkmark Twitter: Pricing

The pricing for yellow vs. blue checkmark Twitter is different. If you subscribe to Twitter Blue from the web, it’s $8 a month. From the official app, Android or iOS, the subscription cost is $11. There is an increase in the pricing to account for the commission the app stores take for in-app purchases.

The organization needs to pay $1000 a month for the yellow checkmark. It’s $50 extra for every additional affiliate. However, the platform doesn’t charge these fees to the top 10,000 organizations with the highest follower counts. The same rules apply to the top 500 advertisers on the social media network.

If you want to run ads on Twitter, you need the blue or yellow checkmark. You get the yellow tick when you spend over $1,000 monthly and your account belongs to an organization.

During the review process for the yellow checkmark, you won’t see the tick on your profile. Only after account authentication and verification does the platform provide the yellow tick. In other words, you need the yellow checkmark to add affiliate Twitter accounts. However, you can still use Twitter Blue’s features until the verification process is complete. 

10 one US dollar bills spread around on a white surface.

Yellow vs. Blue Checkmark Twitter: Account Management

The last section is managing your accounts concerning yellow vs. blue checkmark Twitter. If you’re a yellow checkmark subscriber, use the website via a desktop browser. For example, if you want to remove affiliates, you can’t do this on the official mobile app. To make this change, log in to your Twitter account from a desktop browser.

You can manage your account from the official app if you have a blue checkmark or an affiliation badge. Or, you can change the settings from the desktop browser. 
Is Twitter rejecting your blue or yellow checkmark subscription because of hundreds of older tweets? It is quite a pain to remove each one manually. TweetEraser makes it straightforward to delete thousands of tweets in one go. Also, you can set up auto-delete to ensure there are no policy-breaking posts. Use TweetEraser today to ensure your Twitter account is never at risk of losing the blue or yellow checkmark!

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