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Twitter Shadowban Test: Check for Account Invisibility


March 25, 2024 | 9 min read

At some point, you must have felt your content on Twitter or X is not getting enough visibility. This feeling comes when you don’t get enough engagement and followers. It could happen when the platform shadowbans your account. Therefore, taking a Twitter shadowban test to confirm your suspicion is best.

For some reason, the platform’s algorithm can blacklist your account and hide your posts from others. Anyone could be a victim, but only a few people notice this problem because everything seems normal. Fortunately, a Twitter shadowban tester can give you a heads-up. This blog post explains the different ways to test for shadowban.

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What Is Shadowbanned?

Shadowbanned is a term used to describe when a social media company restricts the visibility of a user’s account. You must have heard this word for a while and wondered what a shadowbanned is. It happens when a social media account no longer gets an organic reach on the platform.

Other names for this situation include stealth bans or ghost bans. As the names imply, it ghosts or secretly puts a social account off the radar without the user exiting the platform. The user will only notice a significant drop in engagement and stagnant or less follower growth.

It is common to find yourself in this situation on any social media platform, including Twitter. If you think your Twitter account may be shadowbanned, you can confirm with an X shadowban tester. But, it is best first to understand why you may be in this situation and what happens afterward.

Understanding the Meaning of a Twitter Shadowban

Twitter shadowban, aka ghost ban, is a situation where the platform reduces the visibility of your posts and account. Shadow hides your posts, reposts, and replies from the search bar, news feed, and any other place. The account will remain active, and you can publish posts, but these actions seem like ghosts.

Shadowbanning on Twitter can result from violating the platform’s policies or community guidelines. Behaviors considered spam, posting offensive content, and demeaning posts and replies are other reasons that may cause a shadowban. However, an error in the platform’s algorithm can mistakenly put you in this situation.

Violations are detectable through Twitter’s algorithm and AI. Other Twitter, aka X users, can also report your account for spam, harassment, and other violations. Twitter’s AI technology ghost bans an account as a preventive action against spamming on X and other policy violations.

A shadowbanned user often notices nothing because they still interact normally with the network. They receive no notification that the platform is penalizing them for anything. Thus, performing a shadowban Twitter test to know their position is best. We’ll get to that part later; let’s first explore the types of shadowban on X.

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Types of Shadowban on Twitter

Although Twitter, now X, may not completely restrict violators, users may experience various visibility limitations.

These include:

  • Search ban: This type happens when a user’s posts don’t appear in search results. Search bans hide these posts even during exact Twitter keyword or hashtag searches.
  • Timeline ban: This is when a user’s posts don’t appear in their follower’s timeline or news feed. This post invisibility restricts the user from reaching their existing audience.
  • Thread ban: This situation restricts a user’s post visibility in threads, especially in post replies. Their reply’s invisibility limits their interaction with other users.
  • Search suggestion ban: A search suggestion ban hides a user’s profile from search results.
  • Reply barrier ban: This is when the platform believes a user exhibits harmful behavior. This ban will hide the person’s replies and only show them when others click Show More Replies.
  • Autocomplete ban: This is a situation where a user’s handle or username doesn’t appear in autocomplete suggestions during search bar entries. This means the person’s account won’t appear in suggestions when others type related keywords in the search box.

Am I Shadowbanned on Twitter?

You are shadowbanned on Twitter if you notice your account doesn’t appear in search results and there is a drop in engagement. Based on previous explanations, it is normal to ask, “Am I shadowbanned on Twitter?” To ask this question, you must have compared your account activities to the implications of ghost banning.

Well, you can never conclude the platform has shadowbanned you. Sometimes, using the wrong Twitter trending hashtags can limit your visibility. Other times, you may have fewer followers to engage your post, or your replies may disappear among the multitude.

So, a shadowban is not always the reason for less visibility on Twitter, aka X. Notwithstanding, it could happen without you noticing. Thus, using a shadowban tester to confirm your account’s status on the platform is best.

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How To Take a Twitter Shadowban Test

Determining a shadowban status on Twitter is challenging because the platform doesn’t notify affected users. However, there are a few tricks to investigate your visibility status. You can perform an internal test using the features on the platform or third-party tools. These methods are straightforward for everyone.

1. Search for Your Post To Check Visibility

The easiest way to confirm your account visibility is to run a search query for your posts. If your posts don’t show up in the results, it could indicate that you were shadowbanned.

Here is how to do it in three steps:

  1. Click the search bar in your X account.
  2. Next, type your username or recently used hashtags or keywords.
  3. Run the search query to get results for your account.

Alternatively, you can run a search query from a different account. If your posts are public, they will appear on the results. However, they won’t appear if you are currently ghost-banned.

Here is how to run this check in three steps:

  1. Log out of your account and create a different one.
  2. Enter the search term in the format From: Username in the search box. Enter your Twitter handle as the username.
  3. Your account will pop up if the platform hasn’t hidden your post’s visibility.

2. Check for Your Reply Visibility

Another easy way to confirm your visibility status is to check your replies in people’s posts.

This is achievable in three steps:

  1. Find a popular thread from an account you can identify.
  2. Next, post a reply under the thread. Alternatively, you can reply to posts from your non-followers or friends.
  3. Log into another account or ask your friend or user to check the post for your reply.

If they see your reply to the posts, your replies will still be visible on the platform.

3. Review Your Stats and Engagement

A noticeable decrease in engagement and interaction with your posts may indicate a shadowban. This is the most likely cause, especially if no obvious reason exists for the decline. You can review your post’s statistics to get insights on your engagement. Your statistics are accessible through Twitter, a.k .a. X analytics.

Your Twitter analytics provides a data dashboard that provides insights into your account’s performance. Here, you can evaluate a decline in your engagement rate on X.

Here is how to achieve it in two steps:

  1. Go to the X analytics website and log in with your credentials using a web browser. Locate your posts and tap the statistics icon under them if you are using the mobile app.
  2. You will get information about your engagement. Compare the analytical data for significant decline.
TweetEraser’s screenshot of the Circleboom Twitter management tool homepage on a desktop.

4. Use Circleboom Shadowban Tester

Circleboom Twitter is an effective account management tool. This tool offers several features to help manage your X account. Part of this is a shadowban tester to check an account’s status.

Here is how to use the tester in five steps:

  1. Go to Circleboom’s X shadowban tester website on a browser.
  2. Log in with your Twitter credentials and authorize the tool. This will take you to your dashboard.
  3. Locate Search on the left navigation tab. Click on it to see a drop-down menu.
  4. Select Shadowban Test on the menu and enter the target username. It could be your username or someone else’s.
  5. Click Search to run a query.

Circleboom will show you the status of your account.

TweetEraser’s screenshot of Hisubway’s homepage on a desktop.

5. Use Hisubway Shadowban Tester

Hisubway shadowban tester is a web-based tool that checks an X account’s shadowban status. This tool typically checks the visibility of your posts and replies in searches. It gives you a result for your account’s existence and various Twitter bans. 

This is how the tool works in three steps:

  1. Go to Hisubway’s shadowban tester on a browser.
  2. Enter your or someone else’s X username in the search box.
  3. Click Search to run a query.

The tool will provide results for the account’s shadowban status.

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How to End Shadowban on Twitter

Although a ghost ban punishes violators, users can end it themselves. If your ban test is positive, keeping account activities to a minimum is best. Avoid taking further actions on your profile for some days. However, you can appeal it if you think it was an error or the platform’s wrong decision.

Contact the help center and check with them. The platform will reverse its decision if it was a mistake. Alternatively, you can use a more drastic solution by deleting posts that violate the platform’s policies. The system will likely shadowban accounts for violations like spamming, harmful content, and Twitter bot-like posts.

Deleting posts that will make the system suspect you or others to report you is best. This will keep your account clean and end the shadowban period faster. Unfortunately, deleting multiple posts requires you to repeat the process on the platform.

However, TweetEraser can quickly clear suspicious posts immediately after getting a positive result for the Twitter shadowban test. TweetEraser has created an effective online tool that bulk deletes posts from any account. This tool uploads your account’s archive to remove unwanted posts. It allows you to rid your profile of suspicious activities simultaneously. So, start filtering and clearing your X timeline today!

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