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What to Post on Twitter: Great Content To Share on X

Ochai Emmanuel

October 10, 2023 | 10 min read

Over time, social media platforms like X, formerly known as Twitter, have become the hub for conversation and discussions. These platforms host conversations on a wide range of topics, also supporting various business, education, entertainment, and many other activities. But in many cases, people can be indecisive about what to post on Twitter. This indecision could be a major issue for brand owners and even people who use the app for personal purposes.

Since its inception, Twitter has always steered toward text-based messaging, conversations, and content. Despite the recent ownership change, which has implemented several integrations on the app, it still moderates millions of conversations daily. Still, many users may be unsure when to join these talks for lack of what to say. Therefore, this article provides helpful ideas about what to post on Twitter, providing many recommendations.

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What to Post on Twitter To Get Followers: What Content Attracts an Audience on X?

Generally, what you share on your Twitter or X profile should always correlate with what you stand for. But when targeting more Twitter followers with your content, you must incorporate specific strategies into your posting schedule. For one, the type of content you share forms a big part of your strategy. But in this case, what to post on Twitter to get followers could be a problem. So, what is the recommended content for attracting a larger audience on the social media platform?

Add Trending Content and Hashtags When Posting on X

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Sharing trending content is one of the most effective ways of gathering followers on Twitter, now called X. Consider these contents, which could include Twitter trending hashtags, images, and videos when finding materials that boost your popularity. Trending content helps to effectively draw attention to your profile when people search the content and your posts appear.

In addition, simply replying or quoting a post on Twitter could attract serious attention to your profile. This is because people could share your replies to these hot posts and topics, offering you a wider reach. As more people view your posts, more will follow you, provided they resonate with your ideas. Always use different tweet variations to create more interest when sharing trending content.

Include Visual Content in Your Twitter or X Post

X reports that 97% of users pay more attention to visuals when scrolling through their feeds. In return, posts with this content receive more likes, replies, reposts, and overall engagement than those without. Therefore, add different types of visual content when posting on Twitter to attract more followers. Twitter videos, images, and GIFs are good ways to draw people’s attention on social media.

You should consider adding this point to your Twitter marketing strategy. While text-based tweets do not always produce below-par results, visuals may give you the necessary exposure. Visuals are partly effective because they can catch passive scrollers in their tracks, pushing them to take another look. 

Here are a few ideas for your visual content:

  1. Design infographics and fact sheets. 
  2. Mark quick text posts into images with editing software like Adobe Spark and Canva.
  3. Adapt how-to posts, long-form text content, snippets, and hellos into short video tweets. 
  4. GIFs and image macros are good for posting attachments when appropriate.

Overall, this content adds more appeal and memorability to your posts. Results like a viral photo or a high-performing Twitter video could dramatically surge your popularity, boosting your follower count.

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Post Memes When Looking for What to Post on Twitter

People always crave a quick laugh here and there, and they’d surely follow you if you provided that. Memes are an excellent way to throw relatable jokes and interact with others. While their popularity peaked due to that platform’s limited character limit, they have remained popular past the limit’s upgrade.

Although memes are effective placeholders when there is a pause in the conversation, meme posting on Twitter attracts a larger audience. For instance, the company’s owner, Elon Musk, has always been a big-time meme enthusiast on social media. But just like him, you’ll likely gather a flurry of fans and foes due to your activities.

Create Threads When Posting on Twitter

Threads are super useful features on X, formerly Twitter. This feature allows users to publish and link several blocks of posts in a single chain. Threads help dish out complex thoughts and extended discussions on the social media platform. This feature was most useful when the platform still had a highly-limited character limit. However, its use has dwindled with the rollout of the new extended character limit on Twitter.

So, sharing threads when posting on Twitter is an excellent way to boost your reach and followers. Of course, these comprehensive posts draw more attention than regular posts. In addition, users can now attract people with common interests, increasing the chances of obtaining and retaining followers.

Highlight Controversial Topics in Your Twitter Posts

You must take some risks to enjoy high degrees of success on most social media platforms, including X, formerly Twitter. Chirping in on controversial topics is one way of doing that when you target success on the platform. Of course, it helps when you try to remain within bounds even when these controversies are on the table.

Your stance on issues will mostly depend on your side of the political and social divide. Nonetheless, you must remain logical even when conversations get intense. This way, you can maintain your integrity and relevance on the platform. Many people have gathered large audiences, building influence on Twitter, aka X, by being purely controversial. Besides getting a larger audience, these strategies help garner more responses on the platform.

Of course, several techniques, besides sharing posts, help users obtain more engagements on Twitter, aka X. For instance, you can use Twitter chats, communities, ads, and the premium subscription to boost your reach and engagement on the social media service.

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What to Post on Twitter for Business Brands: What Content Promotes Your Establishment on X?

Besides sharing posts to garner more followers on X, aka Twitter, brands and businesses target conversion and sales. This does not mean followers are an unimportant metric; these brands key in the different stakes at play. When posting for your brand, you must share content that promotes your brand and promotes its awareness. But again, there are questions about what to post on Twitter for business establishments and brands.

Share Your Services and Products When Posting on Twitter

This is one of the most important things to post on Twitter when you’re trying to promote your business. This activity forms a significant base for your brand. Of course, telling people what your business is all about creates more awareness, driving sales and profit down the line. This element should remain at the center of your Twitter marketing strategy.

However, while posting your services and products, remember to share other content. Using singly on your brand and product promotion isn’t entirely healthy. Always share a mix of valuable content that also entertains and informs your audience on X.

Share Important News About Your Industry

Securing your space as a reputable figure in your industry is one way to boost trust for your brand dramatically. As you may have figured, most social media brands have their base on trust from true customers. One way to achieve this is by sharing important industry updates when posting on Twitter. It doesn’t have to be something extraordinary.

For instance, posting about Google core updates as a blogging brand increases your pedigree among your followers. Besides industry news, sharing news about your brand also goes a long way. For example, you can share posts highlighting promos, launches, flash sales, and other relevant pieces of information.

Share Helpful Tips When You Post on Twitter

As a brand owner, you should regularly share tips and tricks your audience may find helpful. This is a helpful idea for educating and informing your followers and customers. Consider sharing tips about your brand’s services or products. Also, sharing relevant tips and ideas on your industry could be helpful. 

For example, auto brands can post videos or threads describing how to replace a car’s fuel pump at home. Of course, always go for processes within your scope and skill.

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Promote Your Blog Content When Posting

Like many reputable brands, you can share your blog content daily on X, formerly Twitter. Besides boosting visits and views on your blog, this practice keeps your timeline alive while promoting your brand’s awareness. This practice positively impacts your earnings for monetized blogs due to the increased traffic you’ll enjoy.

While you can’t always be sure of the response rate, it is worth trying. Again, it would help if you tried out this technique while implementing your marketing strategy. For example, avoid sharing bare links without their background information added to the post. Also, utilize pictures and shortened links to make your post on Twitter more interesting and alive.

Share Your Customer Reviews When You Post on X

Another excellent way to boost your authenticity is to share reviews and testimonials from your customers. Many potential customers may be skeptical of buying your product or service. Seeing these reviews prompts them to try your brand out, especially when you post on Twitter. The eventual satisfaction then retains them for good.

A study by the NASDAQ-listed e-commerce platform BigCommerce showed that testimonials increase marketers’ revenue by 62%. While all kinds of testimonials and reviews do the trick, consider incorporating their video variations into your strategy. These are far more effective in convincing potential customers about the authenticity of your services and products. 

Collect Ideas From Your Audience Using Polls on Twitter or X

Twitter’s poll feature allows businesses and brands to collect feedback and gather ideas from their audiences. Polls on the platform permit users to pick one item from multiple options with one tap. Due to their efficiency, this feature is one of the easiest ways of collecting information from your audience.

For example, you can run polls asking your audience if they prefer a shirt’s black or burgundy design. You can also use polls to make decisions. This way, you can effectively involve your customers in your brand’s management and decision-making activities.

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What Is the Best Time to Post on Twitter? The Optimal Publishing Windows for Different Brands

Besides the question of what to post on Twitter, other concerns exist around publishing content on the platform. These ideas all stem from the content strategy you’ve employed to fast-track your growth and boost performance on the site. For instance, there has been some buzz about the best time to post on Twitter.

Many social media experts have stressed the importance of timing posts on X, formerly called Twitter. These ideas arise from the different dynamics associated with the activities of users.

However, each account has a different audience, so it is sometimes necessary to study yours before concluding. But again, several generalizations also produce results to a limited extent. For instance, Sprout Social conducted a study where it determined the best times for different brands to post on X.

  1. It determined that posts from media brands perform best from 10 AM to 1 PM on Tuesdays. This window also covers 11 AM to 1 PM on Wednesdays and 10 AM to 2 PM on Thursdays. 
  2. It marked travel brands from 9 AM to 2 PM on Wednesdays, 10 AM on Thursdays, and noon on Fridays. 
  3. Posts from restaurants perform better at 11 PM on Thursdays.
  4. For hospitals, target 2 PM on Mondays, 8 PM on Tuesdays, and 8 to 11 AM on Thursdays.

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