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Twitter Account Analysis: Tracking Your Performance on X


April 4, 2024 | 10 min read

When running campaigns on Twitter as an individual or a brand, it is important to track your progress. This would involve running a Twitter account analysis to understand your follower growth, engagement rate, reach, and overall growth. But how can you follow up on these metrics on your account?

The platform’s analytics feature provides a valid option to analyze your account. You can also use some third-party options to determine how your account is performing. Analyzing your account allows you to see how well your strategy works. You can also make changes to your strategy to get better results. So, discover how to analyze a Twitter account.

A person in front of a laptop holds a phone displaying the Twitter logo.

Using the Twitter Analytics Dashboard To Analyze Your Account

The Twitter or X analytics feature offers a convenient way of analyzing your account. This feature allows you to figure out how effective your strategy is. It provides important information to evaluate your performance and determine the changes and improvements you need.

Using the Twitter analytics dashboard, you can make sharp decisions regarding your content. The social media platform has added this feature to its overall system to support easier use. From this dashboard, you can see your performance in terms of impressions and followers.

You can also track your tweet analytics, like engagement, replies, reposts, and link clicks. The information from your analytics dashboard provides a picture of who interacts with your posts. While you may know your performance, these analytics provide numerical info.

The social media platform offers each account access to the analytics dashboard. You can better access it on a desktop browser, so here is how: 

  1. Launch a web browser on your desktop or laptop computer and open the Twitter analytics page.
  2. Tap the Sign in with X button, and the site will redirect you to the Twitter login page. 
  3. Sign in to the analytics page with your Twitter login credentials. 
  4. The site will immediately display your analytics information. You’ll first see an overview of your account’s performance over the past month.
  5. If you scroll down, you’ll also see a monthly overview of your performance. You’ll see your top post, top mention, and top follower. 
  6. Besides that information, you’ll see your activity summary. This would include your number of posts, profile visits, tweet impressions, and new followers.

Overall, this dashboard helps you track your account metrics. It provides a comprehensive array of information you’ll find useful when growing your account.

A person holds a phone and wears a watch displaying the Twitter logo.

How To Check Your Twitter Reach Analytics

Your reach on Twitter or X is a pretty important metric that describes your growth. If your posts get to more people, your chances of getting more engagement increases. But what is your Twitter reach analytics, and how can you access it?

Your reach on Twitter refers to the number of unique users who have seen your posts. While many people mistake this metric for impressions, they are different. But unlike other social media platforms, checking your reach on X is quite tricky. 

You cannot find this number in your native Twitter analytics. You may have to calculate your reach manually if you wish to understand the figure. Follow these steps to calculate the figure:

  1. Find your total number of impressions from your analytics information. Also, figure out your Twitter follower count from your profile.
  2. Divide your total impressions by the number of followers you have. 
  3. Multiply the result you get by 100. The figure you come up with is usually your reach. 

For example, if you have 10,000 followers and have garnered 800 impressions, you have an 8% reach. You’ll get this figure by dividing 800 impressions by 10,000 followers before multiplying the result by 100. 

You can also understand the scope of your reach by checking your hashtag information. If more people share your hashtags and use them in conversations, you’ll know that your reach has expanded. 

But again, you must still consider your impressions. Of course, they do not give the exact number of people who have seen your posts. However, you can still get a solid idea about the scope of your reach.

How To Check Your Twitter Engagement Rate

Your Twitter engagement rate shows the percentage of people interacting with your post after seeing it. This rate considers all the engagement metrics, including likes, reposts, replies, and quotes. It also factors in your total impressions. Now, how can you check your engagement rates?

You can manually calculate your engagement rate or employ web tools to help you. Manually calculating this rate involves adding all your engagements. This would include the number of likes, reposts, replies, video views, URL clicks, hashtag clicks, and profile clicks. 

The next step would be dividing the resulting number by your total impressions. Adding these numbers together and manually calculating the rate can be quite challenging. So, consider using Twitter’s native analytics tool to check the rate. 

The Tweets section of your Twitter analytics page displays this information very clearly. You can find the engagement rate tab after the impressions and engagements tab under your tweet activity. By default, the rate covers the past 28 days. But you can adjust the date to fit your requirements. 

However, besides using the Twitter analytics feature, you can also use some third-party sites. Sites like Hootsuite and Sprout Social offer valid options for calculating your engagement rates on Twitter. 

Your engagement rate on Twitter provides a lot of helpful information about your account. You can determine your account’s health and your followers’ activity. If more people interact with your posts, you can know which practices to continue or discontinue. 

If your engagement rate decreases, you can also know how to attract more attention. Good engagement is also crucial for individuals and influencers. However, brands and companies target higher rates to maximize conversions and sales.

A person analyzes a graph on a table with a tablet showing a Twitter logo.

Using a Twitter Follower Checker To Analyze Your Account

Your followers are the baseline of your account on social platforms like Twitter or X. If you’re looking to grow or build influence on the app, you must first attract followers. But how can you tell when your followers are growing? Also, how do you check the quality of your followers?

A Twitter follower checker offers a convenient avenue for analyzing your follower growth on the platform. It also helps you keep up with other users’ follower information. While checkers offer different features, some help you keep up with unfollowers and perform various tasks. 

Here are some options you should consider:

1. FollowerAudit Lets You Check for Follower Quality

FollowerAudit is one of the most popular follower checkers for Twitter. This website lets you check for fake followers on your profile and any other public account. The site also allows you to check for inactive followers. 

To use FollowerAudit, you can quickly visit the site and sign in with your Twitter account. Then, you can search your account in the search bar provided. The site immediately displays your account information. It also shows the percentage of fake, inactive, and active followers you have. 

2. Discover Your Account’s Health With TwitterAudit

TwitterAudit analyzes Twitter bots and fake followers among your audience. Although it offers some analytics features, you can quickly check your follower quality. The site offers a percentage score, showing the overall quality of your followers.

Visit the site and log in by authenticating with your Twitter or X account. After that, enter your account’s username in the search bar and hit enter. The site will immediately display results showing the percentage quality of your followers. 

TwitterAudit shows the percentage of high-quality, normal, low-quality, and bad or fake followers. It also displays an overall score that describes your account’s health. 

3. Circleboom Checks for Inactive and Fake Followers

Circleboom’s Twitter follower checker lets you find inactive and fake followers on your profile. It helps you discover the number of fake followers on your profile. It also shows what percentage of your followers are inactive. 

Since fake and inactive Twitter followers are usually detrimental to your account, Circleboom also helps remove them. As a result, this tool helps secure your profile. Removing inactive and fake followers raises your engagement rate, boosting your reach. 

How To Check Your Impressions on Twitter

Your impressions represent the number of times people have viewed your post on Twitter. People sometimes mistake impressions for reach. While similar, they are also different in a big way. If someone views your post more than once, it counts as an impression all those times. 

Now, how can you check your impressions on Twitter? The Twitter analytics page allows you to check your posts’ impressions. Your impression count is visible when you log into your account and open the analytics page. 

Besides showing the number of impressions on your analytics page, Twitter offers another option. You can see this information on each post you share from the app or website. This change is one of the many that accompanied Twitter’s rebrand to X

This information is visible in the engagement tab even to other users. The impression count is visible in the same way you can see your likes, reposts, and comments. These changes have also come with an increasing importance, which the company has attributed to impressions. 

Checking and managing your impressions has become increasingly crucial for some reasons. For instance, you can only join the ads revenue sharing program if you have at least five million impressions. But besides that, more impressions usually translate to a higher reach.

A person uses a phone displaying the X logo with other floating capsules.

Why a Twitter Account Analysis Tool Is Important

X or Twitter analytics is quite helpful for analyzing your account and keeping up with your growth. However, its features are limited, and it only provides information about user accounts. For this reason, you may need a Twitter account analysis tool. 

Many third-party account analysis tools provide information about Twitter accounts. These tools allow you to understand better how your campaigns perform on the app. You can make informed decisions based on the information you’ll find on these web tools.

Understanding the bigger picture helps you discover strategies that work and those that do not. This way, you can better implement working techniques while discarding those that do not create the desired results. Tools like Hootsuite help in this regard. 

After Analyzing, Clean Your Twitter Account With TweetEraser

After you’ve analyzed your profile and discovered which strategies work, consider cleaning your profile. While you may not be sure, some posts cause more damage than your profile. As a result, TweetEraser offers an excellent avenue for performing this task.

This third-party app provides an advanced filtering feature to help you choose which posts to remove. You can also upload your Twitter archive to access your full collection of posts. The app lets you remove bulk posts with a few clicks. You can set up automatic tasks with TweetEraser to ease the process.

At TweetEraser, we have designed a straightforward web tool for filtering and removing your tweets in bulk. After your Twitter account analysis, the tool imports and loads your archive, setting you up for a new start. So, start filtering and cleaning your timeline on Twitter now!

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