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Recover Deleted Tweets: Regaining Removed Twitter Posts

Ochai Emmanuel

June 20, 2023 | 10 min read

Although composing tweets may seem simple, it could also take much creativity and energy. Even at that, it is easy to delete the wrong tweets; this can be inconvenient. Many Twitter users have seen themselves in situations like these. Therefore, many questions arise in these circumstances, with people inquiring about the possibility of regaining removed tweets. There are also questions about how to recover deleted tweets.

Several ways to recover deleted tweets work differently in different situations. For instance, while the Twitter archive works to recover your tweets, you would need the Wayback Machine for others’ tweets. Also, several other techniques on the web allow users to recover recently removed Twitter posts. Well, this guide talks about all of that in depth.

Can You Recover Deleted Tweets? How Possible Is This?

There’s a chance that we have all deleted social media posts we didn’t mean to remove. Here, we may have hoped for a way to recover those posts. These situations also occur on Twitter. There is the possibility of always reposting such tweets, but you may still not recall the precise language you used. So, can you recover deleted tweets? 

A closeup picture of a smartphone's screen displaying several apps, including Twitter.

Yes, you can recover deleted tweets. However, this does not entail that you can regain and return them to your Twitter profile. The Internet offers several techniques and tools that allow users to view their removed tweets. It also allows tweeps to save these tweets as images or web pages. Still, that’s where it ends because as soon as you delete a tweet, it disappears from your profile. 

Your Twitter archive provides an efficient way of recovering your tweets. It contains your Twitter information and retains it even after deletion. Therefore, people who regularly save their archives are at an advantage when they need to recover tweets.

A picture of a person going through Twitter feeds on an iPhone.

Another way to recover your removed tweets involves using archival tools on the Internet. These tools mostly save web pages, retaining them even if people eventually remove them. For example, the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine saves snips of web pages, including pages from social media websites. Users can visit this Internet archive and request specific profile pages which contain removed tweets. 

There are also other helpful techniques for accessing freshly removed Twitter posts. For example, you can use the cache feature on different internet browsers to recover deleted tweets for viewing. This feature allows people to access recent versions of webpages, including posts from social media websites like Twitter. However, the short-term memory cache does not save these posts for long. 

A picture of someone holding an Android phone with Twitter’s blue screen open.

How To Recover Deleted Tweets: Getting Your Tweets and Others’

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There are two aspects to accessing deleted tweets: accessing your tweets and getting someone else’s. Accessing your removed tweets could be a bit easier due to the advantage the Twitter archive provides. On the other hand, accessing someone else’s removed tweets could involve using third-party apps and several other techniques. Overall, here are the options to consider if you’re concerned about how to recover deleted tweets. 

A picture of a smartphone on a brown cardboard box with Twitter’s blue screen displayed on the screen.

How To Recover Deleted Tweets From Your Twitter Archive

Downloading the Twitter archive should be the first step for someone trying to recover deleted tweets from their account. Your Twitter archive contains all the data about your account, including your tweets, messages, retweets, and likes. Therefore, you should obtain copies of your Twitter archive from time to time as backups against tweets or account loss. But first, you must understand how to request and download your archive on the platform.

You can download your Twitter archive from the mobile application and the internet browser. But first, open the app or website and log into your account. Head to the sidebar by the left and choose “Settings and Support.” Next, choose “Settings and Privacy” before “Your account.” Choose the fourth option from the list you’ll see, “Download an archive of your data.” 

An image of someone beside large stacks of paper archives.

Twitter will ask you to re-enter your password and verify your identity with a code sent to your phone. Complete this request and return it to your homepage. It takes a day to a few days for Twitter to prepare your archive for download. But when it is ready, you will receive an in-app or email notification. Return to your “Your account” page and tap the option to download an archive of your data. You will see a “Download Archive” button; tap the button to save your archive to your device. 

The archive contains all your Twitter information, allowing you to recover deleted tweets from your account. The file you download will be a zipped file containing the HTML and JSON versions of your archive. Therefore, you can browse these files on a web browser and a spreadsheet application. Finally, open the files and navigate to your tweets before searching for your deleted post.

A picture of someone entering Google search parameters on a personal computer with a phone on the side.

How To Recover Deleted Tweets From Google Searches

Google searches offer an effective way of getting access to shots of tweets from other Twitter users. However, there is no assurance that this will work for people that aren’t too popular. This is because controversial tweets from public figures enjoy the bulk of the attention. Thus, news outlets and gossip blogs only repost newsworthy tweets from famous individuals.

Despite being a limited way to recover deleted tweets, it is still worth a shot. You may find a screenshot of what you’re looking for. To do this, open the homepage on your web browser and search for the individual’s username and keywords in the tweet. Including the phrase “Twitter” in the search would also work better. The results will contain all the blog posts that wrote about such tweets. 

Therefore, you can see screenshots of the tweets while browsing the articles. Again, there is no assurance that you’d find your results. But the effectiveness of this strategy depends on the post author’s popularity and how controversial the tweet is. So, if it doesn’t bring desired results, there are other techniques that you should try.

How To Recover Tweets From Deleted Accounts: Going Back in Time

In some instances, the goal is not just to recover deleted tweets but to recover tweets from deleted accounts. Although this could be a tricky task to complete, several options help. For instance, archive tools on the Internet, such as the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, could save the day. On the other hand, you could use your search engine’s cache feature to recover tweets from recently erased accounts. Well, let’s go right in.

 A photograph of a smartphone with the Twitter profile of Netflix UK & Ireland on its screen.

Recovering Tweets From a Deleted Account With the Wayback Machine 

The Wayback Machine remains one of the most prominent internet tools for archiving web pages. It crawls the Internet and takes snapshots of different web pages, including social media pages like Twitter. It does this repeatedly, saving different versions of these pages within undefined intervals. It provides a perfect avenue to recover deleted tweets from individual and organizational Twitter accounts for viewing. 

Thus, consider this option if your subject has removed their account from the platform. The web application provides an immersive view of the webpage and not just a screenshot image. However, it does not allow users to access Twitter’s full features. Fortunately, this internet archive platform is straightforward to use. 

A picture of a person holding a smartphone displaying Twitter's blue welcome page.

First, obtain the full link to the Twitter account of interest. This may be tricky since you’re dealing with a deleted account. Nonetheless, you must find their @[username] and add it as a suffix to the link This should form the link:[username]. Next, visit the Wayback Machine’s website, paste this link in the central search bar, and hit the enter key. 

If the web app has saved snapshots of that user’s Twitter profile, it will display a calendar. This calendar would show dates by years, months, and days. The calendar would highlight the specific days on which the machine took page snapshots, also showing how many times. Here, find and click the date the user made the tweet you’re trying to recover.

The Wayback Machine will show you a screenshot of the user’s Twitter page as it was on that day. You can scroll down a little to see a limited number of tweets on the profile. Therefore, you should find the tweet you’re interested in.

A closeup picture of Google’s homepage on a browser.

How To Recover Deleted Tweets From Deleted Accounts With Google Cache

The Google cache offers another option for recovering tweets from deleted accounts. However, this option is limited because it only draws tweets from recently deleted accounts. This is because of the short-term nature of the cache memory. Nonetheless, it is still useful, especially to people trying to recover deleted tweets from accounts they interact with.

To use their feature, open your web browser and search for the account’s username with the phrase “Twitter.” The results would contain broken links to the deleted account that do not lead anywhere. Still, you can access the cached versions by looking for tiny green arrows beside the results. These green arrows indicate that there are cached versions of the tweets. 

Click the green arrow and click on the “Cached” button that will appear. Your browser will redirect you to a cached version of that page. This version would contain all the media files previously attached to the tweet. Although this technique could work for accounts just deleted recently, there are no assurances of its effectiveness. 

An image of an Android phone beside the green mascot, Bugdroid, with the word "android' on its screen.

How To Recover Deleted Tweets on Android 

People use Twitter on different devices, including their personal computers, iPhones, and Android phones. These devices offer almost all the features associated with the social media service. However, third-party functionalities are pretty tricky to integrate on all these devices, especially on mobile phones. For instance, while it is effective to recover deleted tweets on desktop browsers, your mobile apps may pose some limitations. That notwithstanding, users may show concerns about how to recover deleted tweets on Android. 

Most techniques for recovering deleted tweets on web browsers also work on Android devices. However, the downside would be the speed and efficiency of the processes. For instance, you can download your Twitter archive from your mobile Twitter application. Afterward, you can browse the archive in your mobile browser and spreadsheet app. The screen size and the app’s limited features could cause this process to be less smooth than the desktop browser’s. It still works. 

A photograph of someone holding a smartphone with Google’s homepage displayed.

Also, you can use the Wayback Machine in your Android phone’s browser. Although the limited features associated with the browser on your phone could cause some lagging, it still works well. On the other hand, you can also use Google Cache to draw out deleted posts and tweets from deleted accounts. This specific technique works effectively even on mobile browsers. 

Overall, you can still recover deleted tweets on your Android device efficiently. Fortunately, these processes apply to iPhones as well. At TweetEraser, we’ve created a straightforward, high-efficient web application for filtering and deleting tweets in large numbers. This app assists users in importing, loading, and performing complex deletion operations in a few steps. This tool is the go-to for people trying to clean their Twitter profiles because it does not push promotional content. Start filtering and cleaning your Twitter timeline today!

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