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Looking for more ways to clean up your Twitter timeline? Discover how to regain control of your online presence and safeguard your X, formerly Twitter, profile with Tweet Eraser’s blog articles.

Twitter Account Suspended: Discover All the Details

How To Make Twitter Account Private: Limiting Viewer Access

Due to privacy concerns, there have been many questions about how to make Twitter account private. This article discusses the process in length.

How to Bookmark a Tweet: 3 Free Hacks To Save Trending Posts

Due to the sheer number of Twitter posts, learning how to bookmark a tweet is useful. Use it to save interesting posts and read them later.

How To Delete Twitter Account: Closing Twitter for Good

Twitter users looking to exit the platform are often confused about how to delete Twitter accounts. This guide discusses the entire process.

Twitter Yellow Checkmark: Avoid Scams, Find Real Businesses

Wondering why you’re seeing the yellow Twitter checkmark on various accounts? Find out the meaning of the gold tick and more from this article.

How to Reactivate Twitter: Recovering Deactivated Accounts

Deactivate Twitter Temporarily: A Guide to a Short Break

It is best to deactivate Twitter temporarily if you want a break from social media. This article addresses that and more.

Delete Twitter Archive: Protect Your Online Privacy for Free

What Happens When You Deactivate Twitter: The Entire Facts

Before going on a hiatus, users often wonder what happens when you deactivate Twitter accounts. This guide covers the fate of tweets, followers, and DMs.

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