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Do Hashtags Work on Twitter? The Truth About This Feature


September 11, 2023 | 10 min read

Hashtags first resurfaced on Twitter as elements for grouping tweets. The aim was to link posts and conversations surrounding specific topics, allowing people to track and follow those topics easily. While these tags have retained their initial use, there have been additions and improvements to their functions. Due to their diversifying use, people are beginning to ask questions like do hashtags work on Twitter, now X?

Hashtags have grown past simply classifying posts and conversations together. Recently, these tags have become important elements for brand growth and features to boost engagement on the platform. However, people often wonder how hashtags work on private accounts, Twitter replies, and sensitive content. Here is your ultimate guide for how hashtags work on X, formerly Twitter.

An illustration of the Twitter logo, a hashtag symbol, and the retweet symbol.

How Do Hashtags Work on Twitter? Knowing the Complete Functionality of This Feature

While many people use hashtags on the X platform, most do not know exactly how this feature works. Hashtags are words or conjoined phrases with the hash symbol before the text. Hashtags could consist of one or several words with no spaces between them. To make things clearer, you can only separate these words with underscores. But generally, how do hashtags work on Twitter?

Do Hashtags Work on Twitter as Designated?

Ideally, Twitter hashtags aim to link tweets and other content related to specific topics. These elements tag content relating to specific topics and discussions like the name. Still, people are quite in the dark about their functions and often wonder if they work as designated. Well, hashtags are quite effective because they provide context for tweets, giving valuable insight into the discussion.

Again, X or Twitter hashtags link content and provide an avenue for users to take a look at the wider picture. Here, users can follow the hashtag links, access other posts with the tag, and browse the complete discussion. At the same time, users can search hashtags in the in-app search bar and click the tag on a post.

You needn’t worry if you have questions like “Do hashtags work on Twitter?” This is because these tags work as portrayed. But they perform roles that exceed simply linking posts. Hashtags are essential features for aiding growth on Twitter if employed correctly. Generally, some hashtags make content visible among a wide pool, drawing more attention and boosting growth.

Do Hashtags Work on Twitter for Social Media Growth?

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People often ask, “How do hashtags work on Twitter for social media growth?” Although hashtags have remained an essential element in the general discourse on Twitter, their use does not end there. These tags are essential in building social media brands and gathering more engagement. They form an important part of almost every social media marketing strategy, especially on Twitter.

For one, using popular hashtags in your tweets sets you up for more visibility on the platform. The advantage manifests when you chip into trending Twitter hashtags, using tags to indicate your involvement in the discussion. Subsequently, when people search hashtags such as these to interact with them, they’d access your content, interacting with it.

With this singular action, you can boost your engagement and followers on the social media network. In return, this engagement translates into growth for your brand, which could also boost conversion and sales. This could be why posts with hashtags generally draw more engagement than those without them.

A picture of neon lights forming the hashtag symbol in a dark area.

How Do Hashtags Work on Twitter for Online Brands?

Besides linking posts under a specific topic, hashtags are critical elements in brand growth on social media. They help users build online communities, promote businesses, push sales, and create awareness. However, most people are oblivious to their importance to the owners of these brands. This phenomenon prompts the question, how do hashtags work on Twitter for online organizations?

Hashtags Put Your Twitter Brand in the Top Leagues

Certain brands have cemented their spots in the A-list category in their industry. When running an internet brand, your aim should be to grow your brand, pushing it into an elite company. But again, you would need a growth strategy to propel you into the limelight. So, if you’ve asked, “How do hashtags work on Twitter” for online brands, consider optimizing hashtags.

To employ hashtags this way, you must first attempt connecting with major names in your industry. For instance, your brand may be about the movie industry. If so, use tags that point to major companies like Universal, Disney, and Marvel Studios. Again, this technique helps because these tags draw more interest and engagement.

Hashtags Connect Brands and Customers via Popular Culture

Hashtags around popular culture are some of the most influential tags on the platform. The popular hashtags in this category serve as links between businesses and the population. Because many people have an interest in these topics, there are higher chances of pushing your brand to wider audiences. This idea offers valid options for people with questions about using hashtags for building online brands.

Regarding pop culture, people can always consider the arts, fashion, entertainment, sports, and theater. When paying attention to pop culture, you should employ hashtags around current events. Examples are events like the Grammys, Oscars, and World Cup when it applies. Overall, this culture helps develop more relevant links with their customers, retaining their relevance on the social media platform.

Do Hashtags Work on Twitter To Secure Your Spot in Your Industry?

People often wonder if hashtags work on Twitter to create and hold your space on social. Another essential function of X, formerly Twitter, hashtags is to secure your dedicated spot on the social network. While you use hashtags that relate to other brands, you must also create hashtags that represent your brand. This strategy helps to boost and tailor the conversation surrounding your online brand. It also allows people to keep up with trends and discussions about you easily.

For instance, you can create unique hashtags from scratch when you run discounts or organize specials. Also, you can employ a hashtag generator to help out if you’re out of ideas. This way, you can better advertise your promotions, specials, and brand in return. Again, this strategy helps track your content and the responses you receive over time.

A photo of a concrete block with the hashtag shape in a shipping container.

Do Hashtags Work on Private Twitter, Now X? How About These Tags in Locked Accounts?

Although Twitter originally set every account to public, many users who seek to protect their information switch to private mode. When users make their Twitter accounts private, only they and their confirmed followers can view their posts and profile information. So, users are often confused about using hashtags on these profiles. So, do hashtags work on private Twitter?

How Hashtags Work on Twitter, Now X, Accounts With Privacy Activated

Users often wonder, “Do hashtags work on Twitter accounts in private mode?” First, when sharing tweets, any X or Twitter user can include any hashtag. Well, users with private accounts can also use hashtags in their tweets, now posts. While hashtags in protected tweets work the regular way, the account limits also affect them. For instance, confirmed followers of private accounts can browse tagged tweets, including those from locked accounts.

However, users who aren’t following private accounts will be unable to view their hashtagged tweets even by searching the hashtags. In itself, privacy on X, formerly Twitter, does not limit other user functions. It only provides control to users, allowing them to moderate their audience and tailor their viewers.

How To View Hashtags From Private Twitter Accounts

Besides questions like “Do hashtags work on Twitter accounts in private mode,” users are often concerned with viewing them. But generally, X or Twitter hashtags are universal on the social platform. When someone searches for a hashtag on the social platform, they can view all the tweets covered. However, limits exist when it comes to private accounts. Well, you can also view hashtags from these locked accounts.

One important way to view hashtags from locked accounts is to send them a follow request. When you wish to follow a locked Twitter account, the platform allows you to send a request. When the user gets your request notification, they can accept or decline the following request. As soon as they accept your follow request, you can immediately access the tags on their profile.

A picture of a notebook with a large hashtag symbol and a pen on an open page.

Do Hashtags Work on Sensitive Content Twitter? Will the Tags Work on Explicit Material?

Generally, hashtags focus on specific topics that prompt discussions on X aka Twitter. In most instances, people use hashtags on various topics around entertainment, sports, politics, food, and others. Well, X allows users also to share sensitive content within preset boundaries. Therefore, there are often questions about whether users can employ tags for this content. So, do hashtags work on sensitive content on Twitter material?

Sensitive content on X, formerly Twitter, includes graphic content and violence. It also includes material containing adult nudity and sexual behavior. So, hashtags that describe or accompany this kind of content fall within the realm of sensitive material. So, if you’re asking, “How do hashtags work on Twitter when it comes to sensitive content,” here is your answer.

Hashtags that involve sensitive content on X work just like other regular tags. However, the social media platform places the same limits on sensitive content. For instance, during a hashtag search, the platform only displays such content to users that have permitted it. Conversely, hashtag searches do not bring results that contain sensitive material for users who have disabled viewing them. You can always turn off sensitive content in your Twitter settings.

Apart from that, the social platform does not recommend hashtags relating to sensitive content. This is why you’d hardly see such content in your feed. You’d also not see these kinds of content in your trending topics.

If your aim is brand growth, focusing hashtag usage on more transparent tweets could produce better results. Also, always optimize your hashtags, using a minimal number in a single post. Regarding the question, “Do hashtags work on Twitter concerning sensitive content,” this is all you should know.

A picture of some flowers, a pen, a keyboard, and hashtag symbols on a table.

Do Hashtags Work on Twitter Replies and Do They Count in the Comments?

Mostly, Twitter users add hashtags when making direct tweets. However, others consider using these hashtags in content other than tweets. For instance, there are questions about the usability of these tags in replies. Apart from that, the effectiveness of these tags in boosting visibility and creating links is also an arguable issue. So, do hashtags work on Twitter replies?

Of course, hashtags work on Twitter replies. Besides adding these tags to your replies, you can add them to the comments you add to quote tweets. Consequently, the social platform prioritizes tags from direct tweets when drawing search results for hashtags. Nonetheless, employing relevant hashtags in your replies does not pose harm, especially when the hashtags relate to the main topic.

When trying to grow an X account, people often use hashtags indiscriminately. For example, people share tweets, now posts, with many trending unrelated hashtags to draw more views and engagement. While this provides short-term results, building brands is not sustainable in the long run. People often read your account as spammy, not considering anything you share. Subsequently, it becomes necessary to clear such tweets from your profile, sometimes in bulk. For this action, TweetEraser offers the needed service.

TweetEraser, a third-party web service, allows users to filter their tweets conveniently, deleting the erring ones. This straightforward and highly-efficient web application allows users to load their Twitter archives and perform highly-specific deletion tasks. The web tool is the go-to option for people looking to clear their profiles because of its simplicity. So, start cleaning and filtering your Twitter timeline today!

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