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How To Save Your Tweets: Downloading Tweets To Your Device

Ochai Emmanuel

June 20, 2023 | 10 min read

Although tweets would remain available if they remained untouched, many Twitter users are inclined to save their posts. This could be a backup in case they lose or deactivate their accounts. Now, as a tweep, you may have questions regarding how to save your tweets. There are several aspects to saving a tweet. For instance, several techniques allow users to save their Twitter posts to their camera roll, save other users’ tweets, and save Twitter threads.

Saving your Twitter archive could be arguably the most popular option, but it does not allow users to isolate posts. For this reason, users needing to save isolated tweets and threads could still be curious about the correct process. Well, it is also an essential aspect of how to save your tweets. Therefore, this guide talks about that in detail. 

An illustration of multiple blue boxes with Twitter logos scattered on one another.

How To Save a Tweet to Your Camera Roll: Saving Images of Your Tweets

Instead of downloading tweets to Twitter archives, other users try to save tweets to their camera rolls. This could involve saving snapshots of tweets to their devices. These snapshots help quote tweets in articles, blogs, newsletters, and reposts. Luckily, there are several tools on the platform that permit this action. So, if you’ve ever wondered how to save a tweet to your camera roll, you’ll find this section helpful.

A screenshot of a computer screen displaying someone’s Twitter homepage.

How To Save Your Tweets to Your Camera Roll With Pikaso

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Pikaso, a web tool, generates images from single Twitter posts. It is a popular option if you’re contemplating how to save your tweets. On your personal computer, there is an option to install a Chrome extension. This extension includes an option to save the screenshot of a tweet right on the social media website. You can use the app for free if you don’t mind a watermark on the screenshot. However, you would have to purchase a plan to remove the watermark. 

The app offers a monthly Pro plan that costs €9.99, allowing up to 500 screenshots every month. The app also offers a monthly business plan for €199.99 with the addition of API access to the premium features. These plans also provide access to Zapier, allowing users to grow their brands on other platforms with Twitter content. This works by automatically saving screenshots of tweets and sharing them to other platforms, including Instagram and Pinterest. 

Pikas offers over a dozen layouts, allowing users to choose their preferred screenshot patterns. This way, you can always choose an outlook for the occasion. You can also pick a desired size for your screenshot. 

Besides using Pikaso’s Google Chrome extension, you can use the application on any device, including your mobile phone. First, follow Pikaso’s Twitter account, then reply to the tweet you wish to screenshot with “@pikaso_me screenshot this.” The app will reply with a screenshot of the tweet, allowing you to save it to your camera rolls. Fortunately, this application works for your tweets as well as that of others. 

How To Save Your Tweets to Your Camera Roll Using Tweetpik

Tweetpik is another third-party Twitter application for saving your tweets to your device as images. It is one of the most useful apps if you’re concerned about how to save your tweets. It lets users take screenshots, tweak the images, and save them to their camera rolls. It also allows users to manipulate the outlook of screenshots, changing them to a light-themed or dark-themed outlook. 

While saving tweets to your camera roll using Tweetpik, the app permits users to add or remove elements. You can add or remove items like the time posted, number of likes, and number of replies and adjust the text width. This app also lets users create videos from tweets, permitting them to post them later on other platforms. Tweetpik offers plans billed at $12 per month for monthly payments and $9 per month for an annual subscription. 

Although you can use the Google Chrome Extension of Tweetpik, you can also use it in the mobile app. To use the Chrome Extension, visit the Chrome extension and install it on your browser. Next, go back to the Twitter website. There, you’d see the option below the tweets to save them. Well, this web app does not only work on your tweets but also other users’ tweets.

How To Save Other People’s Tweets: Keeping Others’ Twitter Posts for Reference

Besides saving your tweets, you may be concerned with how to save other people’s tweets. Luckily, there are several techniques for performing this action. For one, Twitter allows users to mark other users’ tweets for future reference. Also, specific database applications allow tweeps to save other users; tweets. These are essential actions besides how to save your tweets. Let’s dive into that.

A picture of a smartphone with Twitter’s blue welcome screen in a blurry background.

How To Save Tweets Using the Twitter Bookmarks Feature

There are many interesting articles, videos, GIFs, threads, and pictures on Twitter. So, it is sometimes tricky to follow up on them. Because of this, Twitter allows users to bookmark other users’ tweets so that they can explore them later. Besides understanding how to save your tweets, this is an important way of saving posts from others for subsequent access. 

To use this feature, tap the share icon under the tweet that catches your interest; several sharing options will appear. Tap the “Bookmark” option, and Twitter will immediately save that particular tweet to your account. You can access your bookmarks from the options on the left sidebar that appears when you tap your profile icon. The fourth option on that list takes you to your bookmarks.

Removing tweets from your bookmarks is as easy as adding them. You can always visit your bookmarks and tap that bookmark button to undo the action. 

How To Save Tweets Using Zapier’s Airtable

A third-party option for saving other users’ tweets is Zapier’s Airtable. The Zapier application easily saves tweets into the Airtable base of users, allowing them to organize, sort, and filter them. This option comes in handy if your concern is how to save your tweets and those of others. This app works by creating triggers that initiate specific actions.

For instance, you can set Zapier’s Airtable to save all your tweets, liked tweets, search mentions, and tweets in lists. This way, you can always return to the app and access all these tweets at your convenience. However, Airtable’s free plan offered several limitations, allowing only 1,2000 records per base. The app also offers a $12 monthly Plus plan, a $20 Pro plan, and an enterprise plan. The Airtable offers improved convenience for Twitter users because it gathers data in a central location. 

How To Save a Twitter Video on iPhone: Quickly Downloading Videos to Your Mobile

Apart from understanding how to save your tweets, downloading Twitter videos to your devices is also as important. Fortunately, there are many apps for downloading Twitter videos. Thus, users who access the platform with their iPhones sometimes need to download videos. There are several helpful options for people thinking about how to save a Twitter video on iPhone. 

A picture of someone making a video of a landscape with an iPhone and a hoister.

How To Save Your Tweet Videos on an iPhone Using TweetSave

TweetSave, an iOS application, lets users download videos from Twitter without a fuss. Although this app does not tackle the issue regarding how to save your tweets, it is straightforward to save video files from the social media application.

To use the app, visit the Apple App Store and install it from there. Return to Twitter, find the video you want to download, and copy the tweet link. Go back to TweetSave; the app will automatically detect the link from your clipboard. 

Once the app detects the video, it will display it on the screen. Immediately, you can save the video to your device. Luckily, TweetSave does not only save videos; you can use it for images and GIFs.

How To Save Your Tweet Videos on an iPhone With TW Save

TW Save is also an iOS application for downloading Twitter videos to your iPhone. Its use exceeds saving videos, although that’s its most popular role. To make use of this app, first install it from the App Store. Then open your Twitter app and copy the link to the tweet containing your video. Return to TW Save and paste the link in the search bar you’ll find.

Tap the “Save” button, and the app will immediately download that video to your device. Apart from downloading Twitter videos, the application allows users to organize their Twitter links. The app lets users add usernames, links, and tags and share them subsequently. 

The free option for this application includes ads that pop up when you use it. However, buying a subscription plan removes these ads. Well, this app is not helpful if you’re considering how to save your tweets. However, it is an extensive video downloader for the iPhone. 

How To Save Your Tweet Videos With TwSaver

TwSaver is a paid application for downloading Twitter videos with your iPhone. Besides offering five downloads per day on the free plan, it places other limits that encourage plan purchases. To use this application, visit the App Store and install it. Next, open Twitter and copy the link to the tweet of interest.

Go back to TwSaver and paste the link. The iOS app will immediately process the link and allow a quick download. The app offers a 30-day free trial, allowing users to enjoy premium features before migrating to the paid plans. Again this app does not answer the question of how to save your tweets; it focuses on saving videos. 

How To Save Twitter Thread: Downloading Full Twitter Discussions

Apart from saving tweets and videos, there are questions about how to save Twitter threads. This is a valid inquiry because, in some instances, single tweets may not capture the entire story. Following up with these threads is sometimes crucial to keep the whole discussion. But how can one do this?

A photograph of a phone with Twitter’s welcome page displayed beside a teacup on a table.

How To Save Your Tweet Threads With Readwise

Readwise is a popular service for saving Twitter threads. Well, it offers monthly subscription plans for usage. However, it allows people to save threads across several services, including Pocket, Kindle, and Instapaper. It allows users to save quick-to-view threads into their “Notion” or “Roam” feature. 

This application can also highlight text in tweets for better clarity. To use it for saving your thread, visit the thread you’re interested in, and reply with “@readwiseio save.” The app will send a reply, allowing you to download a PDF of that thread. Readwise provides an option for you if you’re concerned with how to save your tweets, but in threads.

How To Save Your Tweet Threads With PingThread

PingThread, another Twitter bot application, allows users to save Twitter threads. It also allows here’s to create threads without breaking the bank. To save your thread with this app, first, follow PingThread on Twitter. Then, go to the thread you’re interested in and reply, “@PingThread unroll.” 

The app will automatically reply to you, providing an option to download the PDF of that thread. It is an excellent option if you’re looking for how to save your tweets but in threads. At TweetEraser, we’ve created an easy-to-use web application that filters and deletes tweets in large numbers. This app imports and loads Twitter archives, helping with special deletion operations. It is ideal for users trying to clear their Twitter timelines and start over. Start filtering and cleaning your Twitter timeline today!

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