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How To Recover Twitter Account Without Username: Can You?


July 20, 2023 | 12 min read

You seldom log out once logged in to Twitter on your device. Many simply close the Twitter app or page after browsing Twitter and return to it another time. This way, you needn’t log in with your account details whenever you want to browse Twitter. While this makes things a lot easier, it also makes it easy to forget your account details. That is true, especially with so many social media usernames and passwords across many platforms to remember. Consequently, many continue to search “how to recover Twitter account without username.” 

If you’ve lost or broken your device and gotten a new one, you must log in to Twitter again. That can be difficult if you forget your username and maybe password. It is worse if you don’t have an active device to search for your username. Therefore, you’ll need to learn how to recover Twitter account without username. Rest assured; it is a straightforward process that this post outlines in simple steps. The guide highlights alternative ways to log into Twitter without your username. 

A photo of Twitter’s blue symbol showing the Twitter bird depicted on a white background.

How To Recover Twitter Account Without Username: Your First or Last Resort?

What comes to your mind when you need to log in but have forgotten your Twitter username? Do you quickly search for how to recover Twitter account without username? That is a good call, but it should not be your first. There are numerous ways to find your Twitter username and recover your account that you should first attempt.  

You can start by calling a close friend who follows you on Twitter to find and forward your username. Remember, your Twitter username is your Twitter handle accompanying all your Twitter engagements. Therefore, it’ll be easy for any follower in your user base to find and share your username. Moreover, all users can access your profile page and share your Twitter handle. You can also think of any user who tagged you in a recent tweet and ask them for your username. 

Nevertheless, other options do not require external assistance if you don’t want to bother anyone. You can leverage the internet to find your Twitter username and recover your account. However, these options are only effective if you remember your Twitter display name. The first method is to view Twitter without an account and search for the account you want to recover. TwitterWeb allows you to browse Twitter and view users’ engagement and profiles without logging in. 

To do this, open a web browser and search“user’s display name.” For example, opens Tweet Eraser’s profile page. You’ll find the username below the display name prefixed by the “at” (@) symbol on the profile page. 

Another way is to search the display name on any web browser directly and open the hit from Twitter. Unfortunately, this method is less accurate. 

A closeup phonograph of a mobile screen emphasizing the Twitter application.

How To Recover Twitter Account Without Username: Alternative Ways to Log in 

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Your Twitter username is your unique account identifier and a key requirement when logging into your account. So, losing or forgetting your Twitter username is almost as good as losing your Twitter account. Fortunately, your username is not the only account identifier for logging into Twitter. Thus, if you’re looking for how to recover Twitter account without username, there are other alternatives you can explore. That, however, depends on how much personal information you can remember about the account. 

The first option is to log in using the registered email in the Twitter account. If you remember your password, recovering your account without the username is easier. Simply type the email address in the username field on the signup page and log in with the account’s password. Twitter will accept your email since it is also a unique account identifier. That is because no two accounts can have the same registered email.

Another option is to use your registered mobile number for the account. Like the first option, you’ll also need the current password for the account to use this method. These methods are much more feasible with a universal password for all social media accounts, which are hard to forget. Type the mobile number in the username field when signing in, and you can log in with the account’s password. 

Twitter still allows account recovery with mobile numbers, even though up to ten accounts can use the same phone number. It is because the system can easily match a phone number and a user’s unique password to recover an account. Therefore, if you can still access your Twitter account, confirm the personal information for your account from your settings. That is how to recover Twitter account without username.

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How To Recover Twitter Account Without Username And  Password: Is This Possible?

After going on a long Twitter break, are you ready to return to this space? Maybe you have more time now or learned how to use Twitter to promote your brand better. But what if you’ve forgotten your username and password? Should you just open another account? Not necessarily! You only need to learn how to recover Twitter account without username and password. 

You can recover Twitter accounts without a username and password through the registered email or phone number and password recovery. That sounds like a lot, but it is not. You only need access to the account’s email when learning how to recover Twitter account without username. Once you know the account’s registered email or phone number, password recovery only requires a few steps. 

Here are eight simple steps for a successful account recovery:

  1. Open Twitter on a webpage or the mobile app and click “Log in.” 
  2. On the login page, choose “Forgot password?”
  3. This option redirects you to the password recovery page. 
  4. Type your email or phone number in the vacant field and click “Next.”
  5. The next page will require you to select a mode of verification.
    Each option carries the destination contact, an email address for mail, and a phone number for sms.
  6. Choose your preferred option and select “Next.” 
  7. When you receive the verification code, type it into the field on the next page and tap “Verify.”
  8. After verification, select a new password, confirm it and click “Reset Password.”

Once done, you can use the same email or phone number and the new password to recover your account. After logging in, you can find your username on your profile page

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How To Recover Your Twitter Account Without the Registered Email, Phone Number, or Password

Recovering your account username is simple if you can access the registered email or phone number. The email and phone number verification are important to ensure no intruder can reset your account without your knowledge. However, Twitter acknowledges that some users trying to reset their passwords cannot access their email and phone number. That is especially true when they have abandoned Twitter for a long time. But how can you recover it now?

Steps for Recovering Your Account Without the Contact Details or Password

Your account isn’t necessarily lost forever if you do not have the registered email, phone number, or password. Twitter allows users to recover their accounts by providing new emails for verification. Here, the email will aid you in receiving instructions to help you recover your account by resetting your password. After learning how to recover Twitter account username, you can attempt this process. 

So, here’s how to recover your Twitter account without the registered email or mobile number in seven steps:

  1. Open Twitter from your mobile app or TwitterWeb on a webpage and select “Log in.” 
  2. Click “Forgot password?” on the login page to open the password recovery page. 
  3. Type your account email or mobile number on the new page and tap “Next.”
  4. The next page will request you to choose a mode of verification. Click “I do not have access to this information.”
  5. Then choose “I forgot my password” from the drop menu requesting more information.
  6. Type in your account Username and the email you can access. You’ll also need briefly describe the details of your login issues. Afterward, tap “Submit.” 
  7. Twitter will then send you an email instructing you to reset your password and re-access your account. 

Note that this process may take between 24 to 48 hours to complete. 

How To Reset Forgotten Password on Twitter When Logged in Without Registered Email and Phone Number

While it is good practice to always log out of your account after browsing Twitter, many users seldom do this. The modern practice is to stay logged on even after exiting Twitter, at least to keep receiving notifications. Although this makes it easier for frequent users to access Twitter, it also makes it easier to forget your password. 

Unfortunately, you may not realize you’ve forgotten your password until you want to log into another device. If this happens, you don’t need to learn how to recover Twitter account without username and password. You can reset your password while logged in. Generally, this requires email or phone number verification. However, you can still reset the password if you can’t access any of this information for the account. 

Follow these eight steps to reset your Twitter password without the account email or phone number while already logged into Twitter.

  1. Open the Twitter menu through your profile icon on the page’s top left corner. 
  2. Tap “Settings and Security” from the list and select “Settings and Privacy” from the additional options. 
  3. Click “Your account” and choose “Change your password.”
  4. Tap “Forgot password?” on the new page to open the password reset link. 
  5. On the next page requesting a mode of verification, click “I do not have access to this information.”
  6. Then choose “I forgot my password” from the drop menu requesting more information.
  7. Write your account Username and the email you can access. Then briefly describe the details of your login problems. Afterward, tap “Submit.”
  8. Twitter will then send you an email instructing you how to reset your password.

You can immediately use the new password to log into your Twitter account on another device. 

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How To Recover Twitter Account Without Username From a Deactivated Account

After deactivating your Twitter account, Twitter reserves your identifiers, tying them to your account for about a month. This window period allows users to retrace their steps and return to Twitter with the same account. The process is simple if you also deactivated your account and wish to activate it within this period. However, it becomes a hassle when you forget the username. 

Nevertheless, you can learn how to recover Twitter account without username even when deactivated. You only need to provide and access the account’s registered email or phone number. It’ll be best to reactivate your account within the 30-day period when Twitter still ties all credentials to it. Beyond this time, you may find it difficult to recover the account, especially if someone else takes your identifier. 

If you recall the password for your deactivated account, you can simply reactivate it on Twitter’s login page. The next four steps will guide you:

  1. Open Twitter and click “Log in.” 
  2. Next, type your email or phone number in the username field with your password and tap “Log in.” 
  3. A notification will appear asking you to confirm if you want to reactivate your account. Once you accept, Twitter logs you back into your account. 
  4. Once logged in, you can find your Twitter username on your profile page. 

The short process above describes how to recover Twitter account without username from a deactivated account. However, while an account reactivation occurs immediately, it may take a while to fully restore records of your previous engagements. 

A picture of a red stop sign mounted on a metal road blockade.

How To Recover Twitter Account Without Username From a Suspended Account

After following a deactivated account, you may wish to return to Twitter or find your previous username for reference purposes. That is no herculean task This section covers how to recover Twitter account without username—even from a suspended account. 

First, go to Twitter and attempt logging into the account with the registered email and password. Twitter will immediately notify you with your username, reminding you that the account is under suspension.  

Nevertheless, you can go further to recover your Twitter account too. After learning how to recover Twitter account without username despite a suspension, you should try recovering the account.

Below are six steps for recovering a suspended account:

  1. Log into the suspended Twitter account on your device.
  2. Next, go to Twitter’s “Help Center” and navigate to the “Appeal a suspended account” section. 
  3. Then click “Get help logging in.” 
  4. Afterward, mention your device and describe your problem briefly. 
  5. Next, Twitter will request your full name, username, email, and phone number. 
  6. Once submitted, you’ll receive a notification to confirm your submission. Then wait for a Twitter email and follow the instructions to complete the account’s restoration. 

If Twitter suspends you for violating their terms of use, you should clear your Tweets and restart after restoration. With many tweets in your timeline, your best bet would be to automate this process. TweetEraser is an ideal tool for people trying to restart their Twitter journeys. It is a convenient tool that helps filter and remove tweets in large numbers. With this tool, you can easily load and import your tweets into your archive, erasing them from your timeline. Start filtering and cleaning your Twitter timeline today!

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