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How To Make Money on Twitter: All the Valid Options You Need

Ochai Emmanuel

January 23, 2024 | 10 min read

Over time, the use of social media has moved past basic interactions and connections with friends and family. Besides their newer important features, these platforms have grown, creating avenues for users to earn some income. Twitter does not fall outside of this scope as it has continued to add useful ways for users to earn. However, many questions exist about how to make money on Twitter, now called X. 

Users have always been able to make money from Twitter. Affiliate marketing, influencing, sale of products, and sponsored posts have always been goldmines for generating income on the microblogging platform. Recently, the app has added features allowing users to profit from the ads’ revenue and subscriptions. Well, this post discusses how to generate revenue from this site.

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How to Monetize Twitter in 2023: 6 Effective Ways To Consider

Most people use Twitter or X for fun; chances are you aren’t different. However, you can always generate good money while you surf this social media app. The newer features accompanying the app’s rebranding to X have made it more possible. While this sounds good, most people do not understand how to monetize Twitter. There are several monetization options you should explore.

Monetize Your Twitter or X Account With Subscriptions

Subscriptions help creators make a monthly income by allowing their followers to pay for access to exclusive content. Followers can sign up to access their bonus posts, interact with them exclusively, and receive badges that show their status. The social media platform has allowed creators to place a fee on their subscriptions by choosing price points. 

Individuals and organizations must meet the requirements to earn from Twitte or X subscriptions. To be eligible, you must complete and secure your profile by enabling two-factor authentication. Your profile must also be authentic and not a fake identity or impersonation of others. Then, you must verify their email address and purchase the Twitter verification checkmark. 

In addition, users must have at least 500 followers and must be active within the last 30 days. As soon as you fulfill all these requirements, the social media platform allows you to activate and earn from subscriptions.

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Monetize Twitter or X Through Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate marketing has remained one of the most viable methods of making money off social media platforms, including X. It involves promoting services and affiliate products to your audience through affiliate programs and receiving commissions from sales. Twitter or X affiliate marketing was one of people’s earliest methods to make money on the app. 

To use this format on this social platform, find a legit affiliate program that fits your specific audience. Once you’ve found a suitable affiliate program and signed up, you’ll receive a unique link for your promotional posts. If a customer clicks your link and makes a purchase, you’ll get your commission. 

The key here is studying your target audience and finding products that interest them. But before then, you must build your profile, gain more followers, build your relevance, and foster your integrity.

How To Make Money on Twitter Ads Revenue Sharing

Due to the latest buzz that took over the Twitter landscape, people are asking questions about its recent programs. For instance, there are many concerns about how to make money on Twitter ads revenue sharing.

X’s ad revenue sharing program is one of the latest additions to Twitter monetization methods. This program allows creators to generate revenue from the organic impressions of verified users on ads in their post replies. The company first rolled out this ads revenue sharing program in July 2023 and has continued to pay since then.

You must buy an X Premium or Verified Organizations subscription to be eligible for this program. Within the past three months, you must also accrue at least five million organic impressions on their posts. Finally, you must have at least 500 followers. After being eligible, you must create a Stripe account and ensure that you adhere to the platform’s rules and policy.

Next, head to the monetization section of the social media app from the side menu on the left. Hit the “Join and set up payouts” option, and the app will redirect you to Stripe, where you’ll arrange your account. Once you’ve opted in, you’ll receive frequent payouts if you generate more than the $10 threshold. 

Making Money on X by Running Sponsored Posts

Another common way of making money on Twitter is by sharing sponsored posts on your Twitter account. These sponsored posts mostly aim at employing your audience to sell services and products for different brands. Of course, you’ll have to use your Twitter content in these cases to attract customers for the items you promote.

While this may appear similar to affiliate marketing, it isn’t the same. Unlike affiliate marketing, individuals and organizations pay you to share posts about their products. Of course, the results matter in the long run. However, you’re receiving your payment before you even publish a post.

Having a pretty extensive audience to generate money from sponsored posts would be best. Brands and individuals often consider metrics that transcend the number of followers. For instance, they often look at your past conversion rate and the number of email leads and clicks you generate. But overall, you must create a professional profile and grow your audience while focusing on a particular niche. Avoid the urge to buy followers when targeting this method of earning from X. Buying followers sets you up since you’ll have many inactive followers on your Twitter profile.

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Sell Your Products and Services on Twitter

Despite being a traditionally text-based platform, X provides an effective avenue to sell products and services. While people sometimes think that making sales on X is an extremely challenging venture, this is not always the case. The most important consideration here is to find products and services that appeal to your type of audience.

For instance, you can choose to sell Twitter-related products like guides and e-books that teach people how to build followers. To maximize this strategy, you must first understand and identify unique issues that affect your target audience before fostering solutions.

After creating products with good selling potential, promote them by posting links to the sales pages. Besides that, create interesting Twitter content around these products, highlighting their advantages to drive sales. Of course, being a popular figure on the platform puts you at an advantage when engaging in Twitter marketing.

Build an Email List From Your Twitter Audience

X, formerly called Twitter, has amassed a significant user base since its launch in 2006. Per reports, this microblogging platform accrued over 550 million active monthly users in 2023. This phenomenon makes the platform an attractive location for building an email list. The good thing about using this platform is that it works well regardless of your marketing model.

To do this, include links in your posts, prompting others to subscribe to your email. You can use your list to run an email marketing campaign from there. This way, you can personalize messages to your subscribers, sharing your company news, blog posts, sales promotions, and product launches.

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How To Be Eligible for Twitter Monetization: All the Requirements To Consider

Many people do not always understand that earning from social media platforms like X, aka Twitter, isn’t a myth. So, while news of people generating revenue from the app may be everywhere, it is a far-fetched occurrence to many users. However, the major issue for most is the lack of understanding of how to be eligible for Twitter monetization. But how can someone scale these requirements?

Different monetization techniques on Twitter or X have different requirements. For instance, platform-based techniques like creator subscriptions and ad revenue sharing have specific requirements for users to earn from. These strategies require users to have at least 500 followers, maintain their activity for three months, and purchase premium subscriptions. 

On the other hand, these additional strategies do not have clear-cut requirements for monetization. Instead, users must build their accounts to the levels to which they’ll be able to profit from their audiences. In these cases, users must seek to grow their accounts as much as possible. 

High follower counts matter for money-making strategies like making sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, and selling products and services. Besides striving to grow your followers on X, targeting relevant audiences that fit your purpose is essential. In these cases, prioritize content that attracts your target demographic and those that promise effective conversions.

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How Many Followers Do You Need To Make Money on Twitter?

People often misconstrue the importance of followers in earning money on social media platforms like X. But does this matter, and how many followers do you need to make money on Twitter? Of course, it is essential to grow a reliable audience before you can make something substantial on the app. However, getting millions and millions of followers is not always necessary before you can begin. 

For instance, to earn from creator subscriptions and the ads revenue sharing, you must have at least 500 followers. Well, users with higher followers generally earn more because of the increased traffic on their profiles. That notwithstanding, smaller accounts can also generate some revenue from these programs. 

However, followers are quite crucial when it comes to the more platform-unrelated methods of earning on the app. For example, for someone to hire you to promote their product, they must see your ability to pull numbers. This greatly depends on the volume and quality of your followers. 

The quality of followers depends on their overall activity and how much they interact with your content. Your followers matter when selling products on X since you can boost sales by reaching more people. So, overall, try getting as many followers as possible when considering monetizing your Twitter or X account.

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How To Turn Off Monetization on Twitter: 3 Quick Steps To Follow

While many users are initially excited about monetizing their accounts on X, they do not always get the desired results. Some users may prefer switching off these features and strategizing before resuming. Because of this, many questions have sprung up about how to turn off monetization on Twitter.

Follow these steps to turn off monetization on this social media app:

  1. Open the X app or website on your mobile device or personal computer and log into your account. 
  2. From the homepage, head to the “Monetization” section on the menu on the left side of your screen.
  3. Choose the monetization option you wish to deactivate, follow the prompts, and deactivate it. Well, this function primarily works for creator subscriptions.

While this option may not work for the ads revenue sharing program, the company recommends a quick solution. You can contact X Paid Support and notify them to turn off payouts on your account. Understanding how to make money on Twitter can help you earn while you browse your favorite app.

When monetizing your account, it is essential to keep to the platform’s rules and policies and keep your profile clean. This is why TweetEraser allows users to delete their X or Twitter posts in bulk. The third-party service deletes even older posts from archives easily and in a few steps. Since it does not spread promotions, consider cleaning your Twitter timeline today!

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