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Famous People on Twitter: Find and Follow Popular Users


February 20, 2024 | 10 min read

Like all social media platforms, your experience on Twitter, aka X, depends on your contacts and connections. The more people you connect with on X, the better your experience. Also, connecting with famous people on Twitter will help you enjoy a richer experience and grow faster on the platform. 

So, how do you find and connect with the most famous people on Twitter? Will they respond to your direct messages or even follow you back? This article provides a detailed guide for finding and interacting with famous people on X.

An illustration of a hand holding Twitter’s verified badges in an open palm.

Who Has the Most Followers on Twitter? 

Elon Musk, with the username @elonmusk, has the most followers on X. The current owner of Twitter leads the rank of most followed tweets with over 170 million followers. So, if you are exploring the list of famous people, Musk is the best place to start. 

It’s easy to assume that Musk earned his place at the top of the list because he owns the platform. However, that is not the case. Musk took time and reasonable effort to dethrone Barack Obama, who was previously the most followed.

Moreover, his rise to become the most followed user is courtesy of his social influence. Remember. He founded or co-founded about eight big and popular companies, including Tesla and Space X. 

Additionally, Musk regularly tweets on the platform and engages with his followers. His tweets are versatile, covering entrepreneurship, business, and social issues. Sometimes, he even shares entertaining tweets jesting about himself or other competitors. 

Nevertheless, who has the most followers on Twitter is not the only famous person on the platform. The list of most-followed people on X contains many famous people you can connect with or learn from. 

Below is a table showing the top 10 users with the most followers, beginning with the most followed:

S/NTwitter UserTwitter HandleNumber of Followers (Millions)
1.Elon Musk@elonmusk170.0
2.Barack Obama@BarackObama131.9
3.Justin Bieber@justinbieber111.4
4.Cristiano Ronaldo@Cristiano110.4
6.Katy Perry@katyperry106.9
7.Taylor Swift@taylorswift1394.9
8.Narendra Modi@narendramodi94.6
9.Donald Trump@realdonaldtrump87.4
10.Lady Gaga@ladygaga83.1
TweetEraser’s screenshot of Elon Musk’s profile page on Twitter.

How To Get Famous People To Follow You on Twitter

Getting a famous person to follow you on Twitter, now called X, is a big win. Besides being a bragging point, it’s an opportunity to grow your account. Your connection with famous users helps increase your visibility and possible engagements. It’s even more interesting when a handful of popular people follow you. 

Although this is every user’s dream, it seldom comes true. Popular users often have thousands, even millions of followers. Yet, these people only follow a handful of other users. They rarely go out of their way to follow other tweets, especially those who are not popular. 

That may cause you to wonder how to get famous people to follow you on Twitter. There are some things you can do to impress and attract their followership. This section outlines four tips to help. 

1. Engage With Their Tweets Positively and Conspicuously 

Famous people are always interested in their followers or what they say about them. Most closely monitor people’s responses to their tweets to study their followers’ sentiments. 

You can leverage this habit to gain their attention and attract them to follow you. That is possible when you engage their tweets continuously. When you do, aim to be positive and to stand. 

Remember, thousands of other followers also engage with their tweets, so make your engagements unique and appealing. For example, you can comment frequently with a unique style and pattern, always saying positive things about the user. Then, have others engage your comments to ensure they continuously stand out. 

You’ll attract famous Twitter users to follow when you offer continuous, unique, and positive engagement. He’ll likely reason that following you will motivate others to promote them on the platform. 

2. Tweet About Them in Your Timeline

Everybody loves proper and positive attention. Famous users will reward you with their followership when you draw positive and continuous attention to them. You can do this by mentioning them in your tweets. 

X allows you to mention other Twitter users, even those not following you, using their Twitter handle. When you mention someone in your tweet, Twitter immediately notifies the user. Then, they can check the post and engage it. 

When you frequently mention a popular tweet in engaging and positive posts, you can impress them to follow you. That is especially true when you quote their tweets and spice it up for your audience. They’ll consider you an asset to promote their account and give no second thought to following you. 

3. Interact With Them and Request a Follow

You can interact with famous people on Twitter and ask them to follow you. If you can convince them, many will readily follow you. It only takes a click to follow you. But you must convince them with an attractive offer.

Twitter allows you to message them directly, provided their settings allow it. So, you can reach them through Twitter DMs. Alternatively, you can interact with them through their tweets. You can spark a conversation in that direction by commenting on their tweet. 

You can also reach these people on other platforms and ask them to follow you on Twitter. Your success usually depends on your relationship with them or your offer. So, ensure to draft a nice offer before reaching out to them. 

4. Earn Their Approval Off The Platform

Famous people often have many people requesting their followership, and they seldom pay attention to the offers. So, you may not reach them on the platform even with a lucrative offer. 

However, you can reach and impress these people through other means. One way is through your profession. You can promote these famous people in your profession and publicize it. For example, an influencer on different platforms can post about them and make them trend. These can impress them and encourage them to follow you.

Barack Obama on the phone waving to people while sitting with some members of Congress.

Why Can’t I DM Famous People on Twitter? 

You likely can’t DM famous people because they set up their accounts not to receive messages from people they don’t follow. Ideally, you can only DM someone following you on Twitter or who messaged you previously. 

However, Twitter settings allow users to modify their accounts to accept direct messages from others. They could set it to receive direct messages from verified accounts only or even allow Everyone to send DMs. 

So, if you’re asking, “Why can’t I DM famous people on Twitter?” The answer is simple: they likely restricted their account from receiving direct messages from others. When the user turns on this setting, you’ll not see the direct message icon on their profile. That is if they don’t follow you. 

However, if you can see the DM icon on their profile, they’ll likely receive DMs from Everyone or verified accounts. When they allow verified accounts to DM them, the first message enters the message request inbox. The conversation will only continue from here if the famous person accepts the message request.

A black cup with the Twitter bird logo depicted on it in white.

Top 5 Famous People Who Follow Back on Twitter

It is not unusual to see famous users with millions of followers following only a few people. In fact, that is the standard. Famous people expect millions to keep following them on Twitter without returning the favor. 

Nevertheless, some famous Twitter users and celebrities do not subscribe to this culture. They readily follow back dedicated fans and followers who display love and support for them. 

If you want to expand your Twitter connections, it will help to get a popular X user to follow you. But how do you find famous people who follow back on Twitter? It’s quite simple: explore the list of famous users and discern those with a high following count. 

Famous users who follow many people on Twitter will most likely follow back if you can reach and impress them. Below is a list of 5 famous people with a high following count on X who’ll likely follow back: 

  1. Justin Beiber: currently following over 275 thousand people. 
  2. Britney Spears: following more than 347 thousand individuals.
  3. Lady Gaga: who follows more than 113 thousand people. 
  4. Cody Simpson: Currently following over 66 thousand people.
  5. Tom Cruise: following more than 48 thousand people.
A litter of blue cube badges bearing the Twitter bird icon.

How To Become Famous on Twitter

Fame on X, formerly Twitter, is not only for celebrities. Anyone can become famous on Twitter. Consider your local influencers; most were not famous until they grew popular on Twitter. You, too, can become famous on Twitter with the right guidance.

To become famous on X, you must earn many active Twitter followers. Then, when you become popular, your popularity will attract even more followers to consolidate your fame. Therefore, this section discusses X tips to help you gain followers and become famous on Twitter. 

1. Select a Niche and Post Authoritative Content 

You must choose a niche to build your identity when seeking fame on Twitter. Ask yourself, “What do I want people to know me for?” You must also consider the audience you want to reach. These will enable you to select a niche to reside and a target audience. 

Niching down on Twitter gives your campaign the necessary direction to succeed. After selecting a niche, the next step is posting authoritative content. 

You must display authority in any niche you choose, even though it is not competitive. Your content should give the impression that you’re a professional whom people can rely on. Simply churning copied content from other users is a poor strategy that won’t earn your audiences’ trust. 

2. Post and Engage Continuously With Your Audience

At the beginning of your campaign, your goal is to reach as many people as possible and rake up engagements. Unfortunately, you can’t achieve that with a single post. So, it is important to post continuously to reinforce your timeline. 

Additionally, engage with your followers on your tweet. Your engagement with them will keep them actively following you. It will also attract others to your posts and eventually to your account. 

3. Connect With Famous People and Influencers

It helps to partner with already famous people and influencers on X. Your connections with these people will enhance your credibility with your audience. They’ll come to trust you more since their favorites also trust you. 

Moreover, you’ll also learn how to grow your account from these successful people. Their lessons and guidance will help you become famous as well. 

However, famous people will only connect with you when you show reasonable prospects. They can discern this from your profile and its content. So, it is important to keep your profile clean to attract famous people on Twitter. 

TweetEraser can help you remove unwanted posts from your timeline with a single click. This X management tool allows bulk tweet deletion and importation. With TweetEraser, you can schedule tweet deletion to rid your account of accumulated old tweets, leaving it clean and attractive. The tool is affordable and easy to use. So, start filtering and cleaning your Twitter timeline today!

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