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Twitter Account Recovery: How To Regain Your Status on X


March 7, 2024 | 9 min read

X, formerly called Twitter, is an integral tool for connecting people worldwide. However, users often find themselves locked out of their accounts for different reasons. Anyone can find themself in this predicament. Luckily, a Twitter account recovery can get everything back on track and allow you to connect to your audience.

If you cannot access your account, it is time to get help. You may have issues because you use the wrong login credentials or someone locked you out. Whatever the reason, there is an easy solution. This guide explains the steps to use various Twitter recovery account channels.

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How To Restore Twitter Account After Deactivation

Sometimes, Twitter, aka X users, voluntarily deactivate their accounts for reasons best known to them. After deactivation, the platform temporarily removes the account. However, the user has a 30-day ultimatum to restore the Twitter account before permanent deletion. Luckily, the steps to reactivate a deactivated X account are easy.

Here is how to do it in four steps:

  1. Launch the X mobile app or go to the website.
  2. Enter your account Login Credentials (registered email address or phone number and password).
  3. Once you have entered these details, select Sign In. A pop-up message asking you to confirm the account reactivation will appear.
  4. Choose Reactivate to restore your account. This action will take you to your Home timeline.

You have completed the steps to recover your Twitter account. However, you may notice that your followers, likes, posts, etc., are unavailable. It would be best to give it time; the account may take a while to restore fully.

A close-up view of a sign that says “Recovery.”

How To Retrieve Twitter Account Without Your Login Details

Your Twitter, aka X login credentials, is essential for accessing your account. Forgetting any detail will keep you out of your account. Fortunately, the social platform allows you to regain your login details and recover your Twitter account. Let’s explore how to retrieve a Twitter account when you forget your details.

1. How To Retrieve Your Account Through Twitter Account Recovery Email

You must have entered a valid email address during X, a.k .a. Twitter account registration. Over time, the platform uses this email to send notifications about activities on your account. However, your email address can help recover your account. You only need to access your Twitter account recovery email for this.

This would allow you to reset your Twitter password. Resetting your password comes in handy when you have forgotten your login details. This action will enable you to access your account with a new detail. 

It is achievable in six steps:

  1. Go to Twitter, now X login page on any device.
  2. Click the Forgot Password link on the page.
  3. Enter your registered email or Twitter username. You will receive a password reset email in your inbox.
  4. Open the message to access a link to reset your password.
  5. Click on the link and follow the prompt to set a new password. Make sure to use a strong and secure password you can easily remember.
  6. Next, return to the login page and log into your account with the new password.

2. How To Recover Your Twitter Account With Your Phone Number

Many people have multiple email addresses, so forgetting the one connected to their X account is easy. Notwithstanding, recovering an account with the registered phone number and password is possible. In this case, you will enter your number during the login process.

However, passwords are also easily forgettable. So, how do you recover your account without an email and password? Well, it is easy if you still have your registered phone number. You can reset your Twitter password with your phone number to create a new login detail.

Here’s how to recover your X account with your phone number:

  1. Go to the login page on any device.
  2. Select Forgot Password, then enter your Twitter username.
  3. Next, enter your phone number and select Search. After this, a notification showing Send text code to my phone ending in [XX] will appear.
  4. Click Continue to receive a password reset code. You will receive a six-digit code that will be valid for 60 minutes.
  5. Enter the code you received and proceed to reset your password.
  6. Click Submit to confirm your settings.
  7. Log into your account using the new password.

3. How To Retrieve Your Account Without Your Email or Phone Number

You have limited options to recover your account if you don’t have your email or phone number. The only solution is to contact Twitter, now X, for help to access your account. The platform will assist you with the account recovery process.

Follow these four simple steps to get help to recover your account:

  1. Go to the X Help Center.
  2. Select the I Forgot my Password option.
  3. Fill in the required password reset form and provide additional information about your account.
  4. The support team will review your request and may contact you to assist you with the password reset process.
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Can You Perform a Hacked Twitter Account Recovery?

Yes, you can recover a hacked X account. While a third party may have entered your account, it doesn’t mean you lost. Twitter, now X, provides several ways to execute a hacked Twitter account recovery. You can execute the operation from inside your account or with external methods.

As long as you are the rightful owner, you have all the keys to retrieving your account. In this case, the keys are the registered details like email addresses and phone numbers. You will surely get positive results since you are the only one with access to this information.

How To Get My Twitter Account Back From a Hacker

Hackers keep searching for new ways to steal information from social media accounts. They use these accounts for activities that may tarnish the owner’s image. Thus, it is best to know how to get your Twitter account back before they use it for malicious activities. We have explained the different methods to recover a Twitter account.

1. Change Your Password

If you can still access your account after noticing irregular activities, it is advisable to reset your password. This will prevent the hacker from accessing your account without the new password. Next time, the system will ask them to enter a new password to log into your account.

Here is how to achieve it in seven steps:

  1. Log into your account on the X mobile app or website
  2. Click the More button on the left sidebar in the website interface. Tap the profile picture at the app’s top-left corner and select Settings and Support.
  3. Next, select Settings and Privacy, then choose Your Account.
  4. Select Change Your Password on the account settings option.
  5. Enter your current password, then a new password twice,
  6. Click Save to confirm your settings.
  7. Log into your account again with the login details. Make sure to keep this new detail safe from external parties.

2. Use the Twitter Account Password Recovery

If someone hacked your account, there is a possibility that they will change the password. This way, the person will fully control all the account functions. But don’t let this bother you; you can perform a Twitter account password recovery from outside your account. This would help your Twitter recovery account operations.

Here is how it works in six simple steps:

  1. Click Forgot Password on the login page.
  2. Enter your registered phone number, email, or username, and click Search.
  3. Choose the method of account recovery you want and click Next.
  4. Enter the verification code sent to your recovery channel, then click Verify.
  5. Enter your new password twice in the provided spaces and click Reset Password.
  6. Log in with your new details and gain full control of your account.

After this, you can set up an X Two-factor authentication to protect your account.

3. Use the Password Reset Form

Apart from the previous method, there is another way to set a new Twitter password. The platform provides a quick-access form to locate a hacked account. This method also works when users can’t remember their password. Except for the easy-access page, it is similar to the previous method.

You only need X’s password reset form to request an email message. Once you receive the password reset email, follow the prompt. Make sure to use a strong password that you can remember. Also, avoid using the same password for multiple social accounts. If this method doesn’t work, you can try other alternatives.

4. Report the Situation

If you still can’t access your account, the last resort is to report the situation. Reporting to X support allows you to explore various options to retrieve your hacked account. 

This is achievable in six steps:

  1. Go to the platform’s official support page.
  2. Select the Problems With Account Access option.
  3. Select the How Can We Help You option to access a drop-down menu.
  4. Choose the I Need to Regain access to my Account option.
  5. Next, click the drop-down arrow in the second tab to select the Hacked or Compromised Account option.
  6. Follow the message prompt that appears on the screen.

The support team will help you gain access to your account.

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Know Why X Suspended Your Account

A user can intentionally deactivate their account, or someone may hack it. But these are not the only reasons they can’t access the account. Sometimes, the social platform suspends an account for various reasons. Nonetheless, the major reason is to protect its users from threats.

X can temporarily suspend an account due to suspicious activities. This happens when hackers gain access to an account to perform malicious activities. The platform suspends the account to prevent further activities. In this case, the rightful owner can recover their account after adequate verification.

Another reason a user may lose access to their account is when there are traces of spammy behavior. Spamming on X falls under the high-risk category. Therefore, the platform will suspend suspected accounts. Spammy activities include aggressive following and unfollowing, incomplete profile, aggressive liking, and sending multiple similar messages.

If the system mistakes your account as spammy, you can quickly verify your identity for a Twitter account recovery. Not every suspended user is guilty, but their account activities give the system the wrong impression. If you find yourself with implicating posts, it is best to delete them from your account.

Fortunately, TweetEraser has made the process easier by creating a web-based application that deletes posts in bulk. This tool loads and removes posts from your Twitter archive with simple steps. So, start filtering and cleaning your Twitter timeline today!

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