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How To Pick a Good Twitter Handle: Everything To Consider


July 12, 2023 | 12 min read

Twitter users employ two different parameters as identifiers when creating platform accounts. The parameters, account names, and handles work to identify different users. But while there isn’t much attention on account names, handles are a big deal on the social media service. A handle is a user’s ID, the phrase that appears after the @ symbol. Due to its importance, users are often concerned about how to pick a good Twitter handle. 

Unlike Twitter account names, multiple users cannot have the same handle on the platform. Your handle determines your unique profile link and works as your specific identification metric. Therefore, Twitter does not allow it to coincide with other users. Several intending users may be unsure about what determines a good handle and how to pick one. This guide discusses all that, stressing how to pick a good Twitter handle.

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What Is a Good Twitter Handle? What Makes an Excellent Handle on the Social Media Service?

Twitter handles help users on the social media platform identify others. The handle describes the identity of each user; thus, it remains unique to each user. Therefore, if a user has already picked a specific handle, the platform does not allow others to use it. Besides understanding how to pick a good Twitter handle, users often ask, “What is a good Twitter handle?”

Apart from choosing a unique handle on Twitter, many factors come into play when finding one. For one, the purpose of your account is the first thing you should consider when picking a handle. This implies that you should consider if the account is for a business, brand, or personal use. Consequently, it would be best if you crafted your handle to fit that profile.

A good Twitter handle depicts the name people mostly know you for. For instance, your handle should carry your full name if you’re a public figure. Also, musicians and performers should use their stage names as their handles on the social media platform. With these, your followers believe that the account belongs to you. 

Tweeps (or Twitter’s users) should also consider that their handles form the last part of their unique Twitter URLs. Therefore, it is always better to use shorter versions of the ideas they have in mind. In this case, people can use their initials and abbreviations of their names instead of going for full spellings. 

On the other hand, you should avoid using numbers in your Twitter username. Also, use a memorable name that can stick and is not easy to forget. Finally, a good handle should coincide with your handles on other social media accounts. 

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3 Tips on How To Pick a Good Twitter Handle: Things You Should Do When Choosing One

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An excellent handle is essential for people looking to grow their accounts and influence on Twitter. Although it is easy to overlook this feature when creating a profile, it affects your account somewhat. For instance, social media experts offer username ideas with different handle formats for personal and business accounts. Here are dos on how to pick a good Twitter handle.

How To Pick a Good Twitter Handle by Using Your Name or Business Name

Your real name should be the next option if you’re indecisive about how to pick a good Twitter handle. This option is ideal for both personal accounts and business Twitter accounts. Combining your first and last names offers straightforward options that are mostly available for personal accounts. Nonetheless, social media users can always switch their names if those handles aren’t available. 

In the same way, tweeps can use their brand names when opening accounts for their businesses. This makes it easier for other users, potential customers, and business partners to identify and interact with the business. Conversely, users can add suffixes to handles that are already in use. For instance, you can add suffixes like “Inc” and “Pvt” if your brand name is already in use as a handle. 

Many individuals and organizations have employed this method to pick a good Twitter handle. Overall, it works well, especially for renowned people and brands. Business name ideas should always fit social handles.

How To Pick a Good Twitter Handle by Keeping Them Short and Concise 

Short is always better when you’re thinking about how to pick a good Twitter handle. The aim here should be to make your handle as remarkable as possible. This way, other users can remember your handle easily. Again, you can use your full name, first name, or last name. To be more concise, you can use your initials as your handle if your full name is lengthy or unavailable. 

This is another essential rule because the length of your handle partly determines the length of your personalized Twitter URL. If you intend to use your URL to promote your profile, minimize the characters in your handle. Also, your handle must fall between Twitter’s permitted limit.

How To Pick a Good Twitter Handle by Using Handles From Other Social Media Accounts 

Unifying your handles on all your social media accounts could be pretty advantageous. This is because fans and friends from other platforms could come searching for you.  Therefore, it would be easier to find you if your social media username coincides on all the different platforms. Using the same handle is something you shouldn’t forget if you’re concerned about how to pick a good Twitter handle. 

You will enjoy the desired effect if you have the same handle on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others. You should also use the same name on your website if you have one. This tip works for personal and business, and professional accounts on Twitter. For brands, this could even be more pivotal. That is because users could always search for you on all platforms. Again, it would be advantageous if they could find your brand on any of those platforms. 

On the other hand, unifying your brand’s social media handles can also make content creation easier. Now, users can use the same fliers and media on all these platforms without varying them. Again, it is a crucial itinerary for users thinking about how to pick a good Twitter handle. Users can also utilize secure username generators to create unique handles.

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2 Things To Avoid When Picking a Good Username: Don’ts of Choosing a Twitter Handle

Conversely, there are several things you must avoid when looking to pick a good Twitter handle. These practices may make your profile look spammy or difficult to remember. Here are some of these you should not do.

Do Not Include Numbers in Your Twitter Handle

Adding numbers to Twitter handles is the quick fix for many people when their intended handles are already in use. However, this could be a bad idea when you’re concerned with how to pick a good Twitter handle. This is because adding numbers, especially lengthy ones, to handles makes accounts appear like spam accounts and bots on Twitter. Many users will admit that this is the first thing they think of when they see accounts like these. 

Again, adding numbers to your Twitter handle erodes the authenticity of your account. At best, the account may appear like a parody of the original. Thus, it is best to tweak the phrase or switch your first and last names if you used both. Suppose you must use a number—placing the digits before the alphabet is better. Also, you can use a short, specific number instead of lengthy, random numbers. 

Do Not Use a Difficult Name When Picking a Username

An easy-to-remember Twitter handle is always better if you’re thinking of how to pick a good Twitter handle. This way, you can have other users mention your profile if there is a need for it. Also, an easy handle allows friends and other tweeps to tag you easily in tweets without much trouble. In situations like this, people can enter your handle without double-checking. Tagging may be to boost your visibility and increase your reach. 

If your full name is lengthy, you can shorten it by using an abbreviation or initials. On the other hand, you can use your first name and the rest of your initials. Also, you can use your last or middle name and the rest of your initials. These are good practices for users looking for pointers regarding how to pick a good Twitter handle. 

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How To Pick a Good Twitter Handle if Your Intended Handle Is Already in Use: 4 Useful Tricks

Twitter does not allow two or more users to have the same handle. After someone chooses a handle, someone else cannot choose that handle until that account exits the platform. It can get frustrating if you find out that your intended handle is in use when creating an account on Twitter. People often inquire about how to pick a good Twitter handle when this occurs.

How To Pick a Good Twitter Handle by Adding Initials

If you realize your intended Twitter handle is already in use, you can vary it by adding initials. For instance, adding your middle name’s initials to your full name is an excellent way to beat this problem. Fortunately, this method offers several options regarding how to pick a good Twitter handle. 

For one, adding an initial between your names produces the desired result. Also, it is permissible to add the initial either at the beginning or at the end of your handle. As far as the name makes some sense to a degree, you’re good to go. Don’t worry; you can change your Twitter handle and have your previous one available to someone else.

How To Pick a Good Twitter Handle by Using a Shortened Version of Your Name

Tweeps can always use shortened versions of their names as their Twitter handles. This option works best for users with long names and mostly applies to individuals. For example, someone with a name like “Anatasia Bellingham” can use a phrase like “AnaBell” as their handle. Again, this technique is useful for tweeps inquiring about how to pick a good Twitter handle. 

Another way to use the shortened version of names is to remove their vowels, using only the consonants. For example, you can write “Kristina” as “Krstn.” 

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How To Pick a Good Twitter Handle by Adding Suffixes and Prefixes

Suffixes are popular among tweeps in their handles. They are excellent varying additions that differentiate similar handles among individuals and brands. For instance, individuals can add prefixes like “I am,” “This is,” “The real,” and “Official.” On the other hand, brands can add “We are” to their handles to beat the similarity. These are helpful for individuals and brands concerned with how to pick a good Twitter handle.

Other suffixes and prefixes are also popular among brands on Twitter. For one, people can use “Get,” “Add,” and “Join” before the brand name to vary it. Brands also use the prefix “Ask” for their separate customer support an account. The suffix “HQ,” which stands for headquarters, is also a popularly used differentiator among the accounts of a single brand. You can use this phrase by adding it after the establishment’s name. 

However, this technique may constitute impersonation, violating Twitter’s policies when used wrongly. Therefore, it is a recommended course of action only when personal names coincide.

How To Pick a Good Twitter Handle With Underscores

Underscores are additional options for varying handles already in use. These come in handy, especially for tweeps using their full names. One practical method is inputting the underscore between your first and last name. Users can also add underscores before the text in their handles or after the text. You should consider how to pick a good Twitter handle.

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How To Pick a Twitter Name: Choosing a Display Name for Your Twitter Account

Apart from handles, Twitter names also play huge roles in identifying individuals and organizations on the social media platform. These display names appear next to the handles and are mutable. Twitter allows users to add spaces between characters in the name and permits more characters than handles. In the same way, users are often concerned with how to pick a Twitter name. 

When picking a Twitter name, you should also consider the same factors that affect the choice of handles. Nonetheless, remember that the rules guiding the choice of a Twitter name are not as stringent as those guiding handles. For instance, multiple users can use the same display name. Also, tweeps can add emojis and special characters to their Twitter names without penalty. 

When choosing display names, it is sometimes better for individuals to use full names since they can add spaces in between. Organizations and brands can also include their names on the profile with the kind of organizations highlighted. Overall, you may understand how to pick a good Twitter handle. Still, it is essential to pick an excellent accompanying display name. 

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