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May 15, 2017 | 3 min read

Do you know at which social media networks are you member of? Well if yes, you are lucky. But if not you maybe want to use a tool to find out where you are member of. Well, there is a site out there which can help you to get an overview of your social media networks. Give it a try at Nameche_k.



Just enter your user name into the search field and hit enter. After the website has been finished with searching you’ll probably get something like the above image. All icons of the social media sites where Nameche_k has found your user name will get a dark grey background. Click on it you’ll be forwarded to the related social media network.

Unfortunately there are some issues. At least with my current tries it was not possible to use it with e.g. my first and last name containing an empty space like “firstname lastname” nor was it possible to use an email address as search term.  For user names it seems not to be possible to use any kind of special character next to a-z – like the hyphen – which is used on several sites as a name separator.

However, I think you should spend some minutes tracking down that networks where you possibly member of. But keep in mind, even if you found some social networks with a given username, that doesn’t meant its you. In particular at social networks which are not counted to the – lets say big 10 – it might be possible that other people are using the same user name as you at other networks. Depending on how many handles you’ve used over the years you should turn over one rock or two.

Anyway – it will give you at least an overview of the social media networks which maybe belongs to you. After you found, maybe even networks you completely forgot about, you could visit them and possibly delete your membership. If you don’t know how, could be an option to find more information about deleting your membership at that network.

Last but not least at Nameche_k you can download your search results as a CSV file formatted like this example:


username status url
Username projectstage unavailable
Username projectstage available


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Bulk delete past tweets with one click
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Bulk delete past tweets with one click
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