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Download Tweets Using Twitter and Other Online Tools

Ochai Emmanuel

June 13, 2023 | 11 min read

A huge benefit of cloud interaction is preventing lost information. Cloud-based software provides a secure interaction that keeps your information safe. 

The same is true with Twitter. However, even though Twitter archives all your tweets and interactions, that content becomes inaccessible when it exceeds the 3,200 tweet threshold. As a result, many users prefer to download tweets into their devices periodically. 

You may also want to download other users’ tweets for analysis. Whether yours or others, you can download all tweets —  for free. 

If you’re not particularly tech-savvy, don’t worry. We’ll give you all the details and guide you to do this effectively. 

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Learn How to Download All Tweets From a User

Collecting and analyzing data from popular and successful Twitter users can teach you effective strategies for growing your account. One easy way to collect this data is by downloading tweets from the user. 

Although you can download tweets from any public Twitter account, you can’t  do this on Twitter. On Twitter web and the Twitter app, you can only download your own data. So, how do you download all tweets from a user? You can download tweets from a user with various web-data collection tools. Below are some popular options and how to use them. 

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Download Tweets Using Vicinitas

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Vicinitas is a popular Twitter analytics tool for tracking and analyzing historical and current tweet data. This tool tracks users’ tweets and hashtags to inform you of current trends on the media platform. In addition, you can download tweets from and export them to Excel for offline analysis. 

To use this online tool, visit and create an account. Then, select “Sign in” from the top right corner and click “Sign up” from the drop menu to create your account. Once you add your password and username, Vicinitas takes a little while to authorize your account. Afterward, log into your Vicinitas account to download tweets. 

Once signed in, select the “User Tweets” option on the homepage. Next, type the Twitter account’s username (username beginning with @) on the search bar below to download the tweets. Your download begins when you click “Search,” downloading the last 3,200 tweets from the user. Once the download completes, an “Export to Excel” option becomes visible. Click this to convert the downloaded tweets into Excel format and save a copy on your device. 

The exported Excel file provides a detailed breakdown of the tweets’ information. From the document, you can analyze the tweet type, text pattern, content and levels of engagement. You can also sort your downloaded tweets according to publication dates and levels of engagement. 

Further, the Excel file allows you to filter tweets with rich content for analysis. This way, you can learn the type of tweets and time of publication that receives the most engagement. 

Ever Been to the Apify Store? Download Tweets Using Apify’s Twitter URL Scraper

With Apify tools, you can automate any manual browser action, especially web-data extraction. The Apify Twitter URL Scraper downloads tweets by automatically copying and pasting tweets from a specific URL to a document. In addition, this tool is easy to use and does not require a Twitter account. However, you can only scrape user tweets from public accounts, doing so carefully to respect copyright regulations. 

To use this tool, get a Twitter URL Scraper from the Apify store and sign up for an Apify account. You’ll only need a GitHub account, email and a strong password to sign up. Once signed up, select a suitable subscription plan to access your scraper on Apify. 

On your Apify account, select a Twitter URL Scraper as your actor. Next, go to Twitter and copy the URL you intend to scrape, and paste it into the URL field. Then, select the number of tweets you desire to download and ensure to toggle “Add user information.” Next, click “Start and Save” on the green highlight and allow the tool to run until the status shows “Succeeded.” Once done, go to the “Storage tab” above and select “Export” to download the scraped tweets. The export section provides numerous formats from which you can download tweets. 

You can usually only download a user’s most recent 3,200 tweets. However, with Apify’s Twitter Scrape, you can work around that limit. You can gather and download over 3,200 tweets by splitting and starting the user’s URL with time slices

How to Download Tweets With Multiple Videos When Analyzing Rich Media Tweets

Research shows that tweets with rich media content drive the most engagement. Therefore, when gathering user data, it is also a good idea to download tweets with videos and photos. Data from such tweets give you insight into the kind, quality and amount of content on a tweet that attracts better engagement. However, you can only download videos individually on Twitter and not the entire tweets. 

Nevertheless, using web tools, you can download tweets with multiple videos using web tools like any other tweet. With tools like Vicinitas, you can easily filter a user’s tweet to highlight only tweets with multiple videos. However, you can only use these tools to download such tweets for analysis and not the media content. You’ll need another web tool to download multiple videos from a tweet.  

A photograph of someone opening the Twitter app on a smartphone.

Downloading Multiple Videos With TwitterVid

Thus far, many intermediary apps and online tools can help you download tweet videos. However, these tools only download videos one at a time and may require copying and pasting individual links for each video. Still, other apps can download multiple videos seamlessly from a single tweet using the tweet URL. 

I recommend TwitterVid for downloading multiple videos from a tweet. It’s a free and simple online tool for Twitter video downloads. To download multiple videos from a tweet with this tool, simply copy the tweet URL containing the videos. Next, go to TwitterVid and paste it into the tweet URL box. Then, click “Load Videos” below. The system will take a few minutes to retrieve all videos in the tweet. 

Afterward, select your preferred video quality and click “Download.” This action automatically saves your video on an Android device. On an iOS device, a drop menu will appear. Click “Save Video” to complete the download on your device. 

Download Tweet Videos Using RedKetchup Twitter Downloader

You can also download multiple videos from a tweet using RedKetchup Twitter Downloader. Like TwitterVid, this tool is also free and downloads multiple videos from a single tweet URL. 

To use RedKetchup, copy and paste the tweet URL in the URL field on the website. Next, click the Twitter icon on the URL field to retrieve the tweet videos. When the videos appear, choose your download format and select “Download All in a Zip” to save all the videos. Once done, you can access the videos in a zip file from your download folder. 

These tools not only download videos but also  GIFs. RedKetchup Twitter Downloader can convert your Twitter GIFs to animated GIFs before downloading. Also, you can download videos and GIFs simultaneously using either tool. 

How to Download All Your Tweets to Your Device

It’s great that Twitter archives all your tweets and activities on its platform. However, knowing that you can only access your most recent 3,200 tweets is depressing. Moreover, the unending increase in Twitter’s user population raises the chances of technical errors due to overwhelmed servers. This may lead to a sudden loss of information from the platform. Whatever your reason, it’s always a good idea to download all your tweets to keep them accessible. 

You can download your tweets from the Twitter app and Twitter web with intermediary apps and online tools. You only need to input your username in the search box when using online tools like the ones discussed above. Then, follow the same steps for downloading other users’ tweets. 

Now, let’s briefly discuss how to download all your tweets from the Twitter app and Twitter Web. 

A photograph of someone navigating the Twitter profile menu on their phone.

Using Twitter Web? Download Your Tweets in 4 Simple Steps

Using Twitter Web on a web browser is an excellent alternative to the Twitter app. Twitter Web is easy to use and offers numerous features that make the media space exciting and fun. Beyond the excitement, the functionality is also worth a mention. You can download your tweets from Twitter Web with a few simple steps; 

  • To begin, go to your Menu and open the “More” section.
  • Next, click “Settings and Privacy” and tap “Your Account.”
  • Once opened, tap on “Download an Archive of Your Data.” 
  • Then click “Request Data.”

Afterward, Twitter prepares your archive and sends you a link to download it in your mail. Note that this may take up to 24 hours or more. 

Need a More Secure Option? Download Your Tweets From Twitter

The Twitter app provides the most secure way to download tweets from your account, and the process is easy and uncomplicated. It’s similar to downloading your tweets from Twitter Web, with just a few variations. 

The process begins at your profile menu. From here, open the “Settings and Privacy” section and click “Account.” Next, navigate to “Data and Permissions” and select “Your Twitter data.” After this, Twitter will require verification by sending a code to your email or mobile number. Type in the code you receive to access the next page. (You can also verify your identity from your account information page.) Once opened, select “Download Your Data” and click “Request Data.” Twitter then prepares your download and sends you a push notification or email when it’s ready. 

The process continues in your Twitter settings when your download is ready. Select “Download Your Data from your settings and click “Download Archive.” You’ll immediately receive an email with a secure download link to your tweets. 

Note: Both methods only allow you to download your most recent 3,200 tweets. You’ll need an intermediary app or online tool to download tweets beyond this maximum limit. 

How to Download All Tweets From a User for Free

While it is legal to download tweets from other users, Twitter doesn’t offer this feature on its channels. However, many developers have created online tools that perform this task efficiently, but for a price. How, then, can you download all tweets from a user for free? Thus far, the only legal way is by leveraging the free trials some developers offer. 

Download Tweets for Free With Apify Twitter URL Scraper

The Twitter URL Scraper is one of the easiest and most effective tools for downloading tweets. Remember that you need an Apify account to use the Twitter URL Scraper. Once you get an Apify account with the guide above, you can download tweets for free using this tool.  

Log into your Apify account and select a Twitter URL Scraper as your actor. Next, click “Try for Free” in the green highlight on the right side to access the tool for free. Then, go to Twitter and copy the URL you intend to scrape, and paste it into the URL field. Next, select the number of tweets you want to download and ensure to toggle “Add User Information.” 

Click “Start & Save” on the green highlight, and allow the tool to run until the status shows “Succeeded.” Once done, go to the “Storage Tab” above and select “Export” to download the scraped tweets. The export section provides numerous formats from which you can download tweets. 

Free tools can be invaluable for one-time tasks. However, when you need to carry out such actions routinely and in bulk, you’ll need a more reliable tool. One of these is Tweet Eraser, a cost-effective and efficient Twitter maintenance tool. Tweet Eraser is an exciting web tool for maintaining and growing your Twitter account. It supplements the limited functionality of the Twitter app, allowing you to perform a wide range of functions seamlessly. For example, you can mass-delete your tweets and likes or even upload your entire Twitter archive with a single click. So why not start filtering and cleaning your Twitter timeline today?

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