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Twitter Games for Adults and Kids


April 24, 2024 | 9 min read

Would you like to make an exciting discovery? I bet you didn’t know that gaming brands have active Twitter accounts. Their online presence helps them expand their influence, as many of the app’s users engage in Twitter games. Games are fun and exciting, so lots of people love them.

If you’re a gamer, you’ll wonder what kind of games are available on Twitter, aka X. Well, almost every kind you could think of is available on X, including esports, sports, and word games. So, please keep reading to discover the most entertaining games on X, how to access them, and more.

A tic tac toe hearts game.

Fun Twitter Games in 2024

X is the place to go if you’re having a dull day and wish to spice it up. Of course, there are always intense conversations, but choose games if you wish for a more exciting activity. There are lots of fun Twitter games you can indulge in.

Below are three examples.

1. Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto is an exciting classic game. It has several series in which a player has to complete missions before advancing to new stages. The game’s plot revolves around villainous actors attempting to control power. 

So, the player has to take on a fighting role, which mainly involves driving around the city and shooting. The settings are suburban and resemble actual cities in the United States of America. 

If you like a life of action, investigative, and proactive roles, you’ll enjoy playing this game. It will expose you to crime and combat on screen. Moreover, it has different parts, so you can play from any series you choose.

You can engage with Grand Theft Auto pages and participate in their Twitter polls. Let your voice reverberate as an active player. It’ll be fun contributing to and bonding with the online community of fellow players.

Besides Grand Theft Auto, several video games have communities on Twitter. You can check out Fortnite, Roblox, and Legend of Zelda, to mention a few. Your fellow gamers can also recommend esports games for you to play.

2. Words With Friends 

This word game has a perfect interface and graphical design for kids and teenagers. It makes an excellent game for children to play during their leisure time. It is also an exciting method of broadening their vocabulary, as they’ll quickly learn new words.

When you visit their Twitter, aka X page, you’ll find scrambled words with pictorial backgrounds, which often serve as clues. If you’re interested, you can unscramble the words and leave your answers in the comment section. 

Alternatively, you can choose to participate in the word puzzle game. Finally, there are weekly challenges for players to compete in, so you can see that it’s an entertaining game.

3. Trivia Crack

Tribute Crack is one of the most intriguing games to play on Twitter. It’s insightful, and it challenges players to learn more. The concept of this game is a question-and-answer practice. It’s an educational game that can help you become versatile in knowledge while you surf the app. 

The game’s questions cover different fields of study, so you can acquire new knowledge as you play. Sometimes, the questions are pictures. However, other times, they are polls. Thus, you’ll either write your answer in the comment section or cast your vote. 

Interestingly, Trivia Crack allows you to enhance the game by helping to create questions for the public. Feel free to make your questions random or about important historical events. So, add toe flair and ask away!

 A person sits on a chair and plays video games.

Playing Twitter Games With Followers 

Do you want to discover which games have almost everyone’s attention on Twitter? Of course, a trending game will give you an out-of-this-world experience, so it’s worth trying. Let’s look at the Twitter games with followers and discover if you can draw a crowd while playing. 

There are several games to play on Twitter, but if you want growth, all your actions must be strategic. So, you can kill two birds with a stone rather than just playing a fun game. All you need to do is play a game with other fans. 

This act will position you to connect with like-minded people who can follow you, thereby growing your follower count. This occurrence will be a win-win for you as you grow your audience while having fun. Who knows? 

It may set you on the path to becoming a Twitter games influencer. Earning from Twitter is undoubtedly an exciting way to diversify your income streams. So, while exploring games that can help you broaden your portfolio, here is a list of five to check. Also, you’ll find their number of followers besides the games.

  1. Fortnite – 18.2 million followers
  2. Roblox – 7.4 million followers
  3. Minecraft – 7.3 million followers
  4. League of Legends – 5.2 million followers
  5. Call of Duty – 4.9 million followers

Now that you know a few games to play on Twitter, you can shake things up and gain visibility. Engage with posts from game channels to share your opinions and ideas. It’s a great way to publicize yourself and gain followers.

Interacting With Your Followers Through Games

Have you ever thought of bringing the sun to everybody? You may have several followers whose Twitter activities are monotonous. So, why not help them spice things up and increase your engagement rate on X? If you’re wondering how to do this, it’s easy.

There are several games you can initiate that’ll get people to comment and interact with your posts. For example, you could create and post “This or That” picture games. It’ll get people to talk about their preferences in the comment section.

Another popular game you can recreate is “Would you rather?” It’s a question game that compares two actions and asks which the player will choose. Moreover, you can also create polls. You can creatively create fun games so long as you don’t break Twitter’s terms of service. So feel free to ideate!

A Twitter and Whatsapp notification on a phone’s lock screen.

How To Watch Games on Twitter

Thanks to Twitter’s live stream feature, you can watch many exciting games as they happen. Watching games in real time is delightful. It makes you feel physically present on the pitch, especially when watching with people. You feel the thrill of every win and the lows of every loss. So, let’s see how to watch games on Twitter.

Live Streams From Accounts You Follow

Nothing compares to watching games in a cozy environment with family and friends. It’s thrilling, and that’s why sports lovers are on an all-time high whenever football and basketball are on.

You may not always be in the mood to play games, but watching others play is always thrilling. That said, it’s essential to learn to watch games on X. Tune in to recreational sports games by following their respective channels or handles on X.

If you choose sports as an interest when opening your account, X will send suggestions for sports pages to follow. But if you didn’t, here are three steps to follow a Twitter account:

  1. Open your Twitter app and tap the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of your screen.
  2. A search bar will appear. In it, you can type the username of the account you want to follow, such as “Sky Sports Football.”
  3. Please tap on the account from the options you see to open its profile, then click follow.

Other options are following from a post or scanning a QR code. Sports channels usually stream matches that appear as tweets on their accounts. So, to watch online gaming, you must follow such channels. That way, it’ll appear on your following feed whenever they post. 

If you don’t see their accounts, use Twitter’s search tab to find them and watch live streams. Alternatively, you can set push notifications on Twitter to inform you of live streams so you can watch. 

Another option is the Explore tab, which exposes you to videos from people you don’t follow. If Twitter’s algorithm detects your interest in sports, you’ll likely see game videos on your Explore tab.

Replays and Clips

Even those who miss live matches due to tight schedules can watch recorded videos or clips on Twitter, now X. But sadly, if you don’t know how, you’ll miss out on it all. Luckily, it’s easy to find short clips and videos on Twitter. Sports channels usually post replays of matches.

If you follow them, you can watch everything from their posts and catch up, but not in real time. Additionally, you can connect and watch games if you have an Amazon Fire TV, Xbox, or Apple TV. 

You can also get your Twitter friends to share videos with you. They only have to send you URLs through your Twitter DM. This way, you’ll never miss the latest sports trends, happenings, and news. Isn’t it great? You’ll be able to watch all sorts of games as they happen.

A monitor displays a video game.

Most Watched Games on Twitter Esports Chart

If you’re asking about the most watched games on Twitter, you’re interested in esports statistics. Interestingly, Twitter has reported that many gaming brands use the platform to reach their target audience

The reason is that 89% of gamers watch gaming activities and participate in Twitter conversations. Thus, this leads to a 75% surge in gaming tweets. You may wonder which esports games Twitter users watch the most. 

Twitter’s 2022 and 2023 esports charts have revealed that these five games are the most watched:

  1. League of legends
  2. Counter-Strike
  3. Mobile Legends Bang Bang
  4. PUBG Mobile
  5. Valorant

In 2022, League of Legends had a total watch time of 617.77 million, and its peak viewers numbered over 5.1 million. CS: GO came in second place with over 448 million watch hours. Finally, Mobile Legend Bang Bang amassed over 331 watch hours. 

Though PUBG didn’t make the top 5 in 2022, it displaced Dota in 2023. Valorant’s watch time was 283.4 million, with over 1.5 million peak viewers. There are many more popular Twitter esports games that you can engage in. But while at it, be sure to bridle your tongue.

Sports arouse emotions, and a heated argument can cause a foul exchange, often leading to a Twitter ban. So, while dialoguing about Twitter games, mind your words. However, quickly delete the post if you slip and use foul terms or sound violent. 

You can also check your past conversations to ensure a clean slate. Luckily, TweetEraser has a tool for that. We care about maintaining your online integrity, so we have created a cleaning tool to polish your Twitter timeline. This tool lets you load, import, filter, and delete unwanted Twitter posts and archives. So, start filtering and cleaning your timeline today!

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